Read an amazing saga of intrigue as 'Freedom: Expanded Book 1' uncovers the truth about the history of dishonest biological theories

Read Jeremy Griffith’s full account of all the dishonest biological theories that are presented in Parts 4:12C to 4:12J. It is such an amazing saga of intrigue and counter-intrigue that you may actually want to read it, just as you would a high-drama, high-stakes crime noveland a crime novel it certainly is, for there is just so much unavoidable dishonesty involved, and on such an all-important issue as the biology of human nature! The dishonesty was unavoidable as Griffith explains in Part 4:2: ‘Upset humans couldn’t be faced with the issue of the human condition until it could be solved because if they were such an encounter could lead to suicidal depression. As a result, Aristotle developed the discipline of denial-complying, human-condition-avoiding, focus-down-on-the-details-not-up-at-the-unbearable-whole-view, so-called ‘mechanistic’ or ‘reductionist’ science.’

Read the 153 year history of dishonest biology (from when Darwin published his idea of natural selection in 1859 till now) in Part 4:12 of Freedom: Expanded Book 1 titled The great denials in biology of Social Darwinism, Sociobiology, Evolutionary Psychology, Multilevel Selection and Eusociality.

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