Transcript of WTM Melbourne Centre
co-founder Sam Akritidis talking about how
FREEDOM is a ‘triumph for science’


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Sam Akritidis speaking at the 2017 WTM Global Conference


My name is Sam Akritidis, and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.


I first became aware of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s thesis on the human condition in 2005. From that time on, there has not been a day that I haven’t feasted on all the incredible life-changing explanations captured in Jeremy’s work. It simply, rationally and logically gets to the bottom of every aspect of our behaviour, and provides an unbelievably exciting transforming potential for all of human kind.

I know from experience that the human condition is an incredibly difficult and confronting subject and has been completely off-limits since time immemorial, but there really is nothing to be scared of. The more you work your way into Jeremy’s explanations, the more you see how relieving, redeeming and uplifting understanding the human condition is.

What an incredible scientific breakthrough Jeremy Griffith has presented. For me his latest book FREEDOM is the bedrock on which humanity’s now optimistic, exciting and free future will be based.

Nothing provides greater benefit to an individual more than this biological understanding of the causes of oppression, pain and upset, and more importantly, nothing else resolves the psychosis-inducing conflict that has been crippling humans for an extremely long time.

The biological work being presented by the WTM on its website at is a triumph for science and for the whole of humanity, and it’s bloody exciting.