Some day, some where, some time…

We recently planted a row of sunflowers in the garden from seed and watched them grow to a magnificent height. It is the first time we have grown sunflowers and the effect they are having on me is unexpected. Brilliantly yellow and strikingly black, with sun-like blooms, standing so impressively bold and tall, full of optimism and hope, and oh so beautifully happy. They represent so much of the magnificent world that is now on offer with Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition.


Although we have learnt to, and in fact had no choice but to, fiercely deny and ignore the issue of the human condition in order to get up each day and face the world, we have intuitively known that there is purpose and meaning to it all and always deep in our hearts clung to the belief that somewhere, some time, meaning, understanding and defence of our disintegrative state would show up and save the day. In the meantime, living with the human condition has been an agonising reality for us all and the state of the planet and the suffering, pain and unhappiness that is happening to humans all over the world is undeniable evidence that something is wrong, and something has to change, and incredibly NOW IT CAN!!!

As Tim Macartney-Snape says in his Introduction to the WTM ‘So, knowledge, specifically self-knowledge, is what the human race has been tirelessly working towards since the dawn of consciousness in the hope that some day, some where, some time someone standing completely upright would truthfully and boldly walk right through the middle of all the confusion and seeming madness of our human situation and make sense of it all’ (Freedom: Expanded Book 1, Part 2:1 Introduction, by Tim Macartney-Snape AM OAM’, And Jeremy follows by saying “Believe it or not, this ‘somewhere’ and ‘some time’ and ‘some place’ when ‘a growing knowledge of human nature’–science, in fact–would make possible reconciling, redeeming, healing and transforming understanding of ourselves–when, as Professor Prosen said, ‘the psychological rehabilitation of the human race’ could begin–is happening right now” (Freedom: Expanded Book 1, Part 2:3 ‘A joy without limit’, by Jeremy Griffith’,

What exciting times we are living in. No longer do we need to deny the human condition within ourselves, we can now embrace completely uninhibited by our past insecurities, our capacity for immense love and sensitivity, and we can truthfully yet compassionately defend and end all our immense selfishness, cruelty and greed. We can now all knowingly participate in the human race’s final march to freedom from the agony of the human condition, and experience all the extraordinary transformative flow on effects of that.

So while our beautiful sunflowers were planted purely for aesthetic purposes, they have transcended their initial purpose and become a wonderfully vivid reminder of the magnificence and profundity of having this liberating and world saving information in the world now and particularly in my life.


This Blog Post was written by Polly on May 17, 2014


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