Transcript of WTM Austria Centre founder Stefan Rössler talking about how FREEDOM solves all the problems on Earth


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Stefan Rossler speaking at the 2017 WTM Global Conference


Hi, my name is Stefan Rössler, I’m 31 years old and I’m from Austria.


About seven months ago I did a Google search for “Human Conditioning” because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since I’ve read this term in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. And that’s how I came across the information Jeremy and the World Transformation Movement are promoting.

I was as sceptical as anyone could be, but everything I read just made so much sense. So I kept on reading. I couldn’t believe itI had finally found what I was looking for all of my life. That is, an explanation for why everything in this world is so fucked up. But not just thatit was an explanation that defends us humans, which was so critical to me because I always knew that no one who has ever lived on this planet was really bad. And as it turns out, the reason for our seemingly bad behaviour was a psychological one. We’re not bad, but man, we’re all completely mad and we’re getting crazier and crazier by the minute. But now, with Jeremy’s explanation, we can finally understand why this wasand still ishappening to us. And best of all, we can stop it right now!

This is the most wonderful experience I have ever had in my life. Seeing the amazing transforming effects this understanding of the human condition has on people when they digest its significancehow it leads to an integrated, secure state, both within a person and between peopleis the ultimate proof that this new world Jeremy has been talking about for more than 40 years is really possible! And it’s the most precious experience someone like me could have ever hoped for.

For all of my life I refused to take pride in anything I did and so it’s for the first time ever that I can say that I’m proud of what I’m doing.

I never dared to even think about something like this, and I can totally understand everyone who thinks this is crazy, but I’m finally able to tell you with 100% clarity that this explanation of human nature is true. Jeremy Griffith has solved the human condition and by doing so we are now in a position to SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM ON EARTH. And not only can I know this with my heart, I can know it with my mind, because what Jeremy has to offer is an explanation and not an idea, or a theory or even a religion. No, this is true and I can feel it with all of my mind AND heart and I cannot wait to fly back home and share this feeling with everyone I know.

It’s on now. We can finally be free and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or do anything other than be a part of this most wonderful thing in the worldthe World Transformation Movement.