Structure of the WTM


  • The World Transformation Movement was founded in 1983 as the Centre For Humanity’s Adulthood to develop and promote understanding of the human condition.
  • The incorporation of its structure in 1990 was the initiative of a number of Sydney lawyers and paved the way for the WTM to become a registered charity in 1991.
  • From 1991 to 2009, the WTM was known as the Foundation For Humanity’s Adulthood.


  • A company limited by guarantee ACN 003 930 023.
  • A not-for-profit organisation and a registered Australian charity.
  • Holds an Authority to Fundraise for Charitable Purposes No CFN 13531.
  • Operates in accordance with its Constitution.
  • Audited annually by an independent registered company auditor.
  • Three directors – unremunerated positions.
Group Discussion


  • The WTM pursues the objectives set out in its Constitution, which include to advance study of, research into and analysis of the human condition and the biologicial and psychological development of the human race with the aims of understanding the origin and causes of the human condition and ameliorating that condition.