The world now has such a bright future to look forward to

These understandings give me such a home, a safe place to be reassured when the world around me appears so desperate. As your appreciation of this information grows, your eyes become more and more open to the pain and suffering and unhappiness in the world, and you also begin to see the selfishness and dysfunction within yourself. But this information never lets you down because whenever you see the pain in the world around you or within yourself, instead of having no understanding of why it all occurs, you are able to not only understand it, but love and appreciate why things are as they are. We are all in a big mess, but humanity’s journey has been full of immense courage and hope and that has paid off by getting us to where we are today, which is with these understandings in the world. And because this information heals the world and relieves humans from their psychosis, the unhappiness in the world now has such a bright future.


Genevieves Sun


We can be honest about our predicament because now we can do something about it, something real that will end all the suffering forever. And that gives me somewhere meaningful to direct my energies because if we look after this information, it looks after the world, and that is such a truly meaningful existence for all humans. Something that I love that immediately connects me to how lucky we are and captures the excitement of this time in the world is an extract from Doug Lobban’s affirmation when he wrote ‘I am just so excited, I can’t sleep, I am about to burst. I was in the shower and a hook on the curtain had fallen off so I put it back on and got an amazing feeling of meaning and I got out of the shower and just looked around for something else I could fix because that is what we get to do now, fix the world, and I just can’t believe that after eons of generations we are the ones who actually get to participate in fixing the world up. It’s just unbelievable, there is so much to do I can’t wait to get into it.’ (Freedom: Expanded Book 2 Section 3:4).


This Blog Post was written by Polly on November 27, 2012


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