These Understandings are Confronting

If I am honest, and we can be now, completely, there are two things that really sum up my life under the duress of the human condition: incredible insecurity and incredible drive to succeed. Both of these elements are wrapped up in the way that I carry out my life day to day and really these are the two elements that I can see clearly in all the humans around me and also in the world in general. We humans use our talents to do the most unbelievable thingsfrom flying to the moon and back, to inventing jet aeroplanes (which still leave me shaking my head each time I see the monstrous things leave the ground), and achieving amazing acts of personal brilliance like climbing to the top of mountains without supplementary oxygen or rope. I even went to see Cirque Du Soleil the other day and spent the whole time repeating to myself, ‘that just isn’t humanly possible’but it is! And good on us, we have had to live off something while we waited for the real explanation of human worth to be found.

We all, myself included obviously, have been striving along this line ever since the human condition began. Trying to better ourselves and our achievements throughout our lives and then spend whatever time is left over, telling stories (embellished at the least and out-right lies at most) about what those achievements were. That was my weekworking 5x12 hour days and half a day at Saturday sport too, to try to achieve so-called brilliance, then spending what time was left over telling everybody who would listen about my supposed ‘achievements’.

But underneath all that bluster and fierce dedication to succeed, was quite obviously a young boy who was completely insecure about himself and completely unsure about the world. And it is very obvious that the adult person who is spending all his time trying to achieve brilliance, is still that little boy trying to prove to himself, and to everybody else, that he is a worthwhile human, that he is good and not bad. All the delusion and dedication towards success is driven from the insecurity, and the more insecure you are, or the more the ‘wins’ don’t come, the more you dream of them and the more you work for them. And even if the wins do come, you aren’t satisfied because you have never been able to reassure/validate yourself at the fundamental levelat the source of the fear, the chasm of depression which is the human condition. We’ve never even been able to admit to ourselves that we were fearful at all. And the problem is, the more insecure you are (and the more insecure the human race becomes) and the more desperate you are (and the more desperate the whole human race becomes), the more you (we) cut corners, the more you (we) can’t cope with negatives, and therefore, the more dysfunctional you (we) arecaught between the devil and the deep blue seadesperately needing wins for reinforcement and validation to prop up our insecure states, but fundamentally unable to get them because they don’t, at base, validate us, fundamentally establish why we are good and not bad, explain the good reason for our divisive, dysfunctional behaviour. And all the while we are so dedicated to winning and succeeding that we don’t fundamentally care about anything or anyone else‘to hell with it all, I don’t care if the world dies, I need my wins’. Many recent news reports refer to the growing endemic of powerpaths/ psychopaths/ narcissists in societythe truth is, we are all narcissists, albeit at different stages of the spectrum depending on the lives we’ve endured. It’s confronting but I’m sure nearly everyone, if they are honest, can relate to a number of the criteria listed on the ‘psychopath checklist’ (by Professor Robert Hare, reproduced here) including: superficiality, inflated self-worth, takes risks, gets bored easily, lies, manipulates, remorseless, shallow, lacks empathy, promiscuous sexual behaviour, bullying. Jeremy explains the power addicted narcissistic state in Freedom: Expanded Book 1 in the part called “The dysfunctional ‘Power Addicted’ state.


The dysfunctional power-addicted state


You can see it running through everything we humans do once you can be honest about the human condition. It’s massively, massively confronting. (Read about just how upset and dysfunctional the human race has become in Part 7 of Freedom: Expanded Book 1.)

But this information changes all that, the desperate boy inside me that needed constant reinforcement can now be given the accountable explanation about the world, it can be explained to him the reason why he is good, why he thinks that he isn’t and why he is so dedicated to proving his worth. He can be told that dysfunction and insecurity are simply glorious battle scars from the most courageous battle ever to take place on Earth. He can now understand what is right and wrong, what is short-cutting and what is systemising. He now has a hard edge to work with, where the future of the world and the future of himself are completely safe under the umbrella of these explanations. Yes, from one point of view, it is a very difficult thing to do, to have the truth of this information in your life and to see clearly just how dysfunctional, angry, selfish, obsessive and down-right crazy you are, and initially it is thunder crashing and lightening striking and the so-called fear of God runs through you. It doesn’t make any difference how you try to explain or rationalise it to yourself, if you are honest, you will see that not only are you incredibly hurt and scarred by your experience of growing up under the duress of the human condition, but you will have to stomach seeing all the incredible dysfunction and selfishness (that you have always deluded yourself isn’t there) that comes from that pain and insecurity. Whoa!!!!

But really our generation’s job is not to think or worry too much about our upset or the atrocities that we have committed, our task is to simply move onto take up what is now on offer, because any and all the dysfunction and madness in our lives really pales into tiny insignificant oblivion when we see where these explanations can take the world and can take all human lives. You don’t need to dedicate yourself to obtaining wins anymore, you simply dedicate yourself to fulfilling all the efforts of all the humans that have ever lived and bring this information to a whole generation of children and free them before they enter the cave of denial, delusion and insecurity of hell that just about all of us have had to live in for the last many, many thousands of years.

Honestly, it is as simple as that, these explanations take the world and each individual to such an exciting, wonderful, compassionate, loving, peaceful and totally and utterly free placeso far beyond cheap wins and worries about our self worththat they are simply not worth concerning yourself with anymore. We just get on with the goodness. Let’s Go!

Tony Gowing

This Blog Post was written by Tony Gowing on March 14, 2013


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