This explanation makes sense but so what?

One of the questions I get asked the most when I meet people who have read Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition is ‘yeah it makes sense, but so what? how does that effect me?’ and I actually love answering it because the answer always starts with a description and discussion of the Transformed Lifeforce State (Jeremy describes fully in Section 2:1 of Freedom: Expanded Book 2), which has the greatest personal and collective benefit  to the human species, and is the most exciting and fulfilling thing that can possibly happen to any human at this point in the whole human journey.

 Firstly, so what? it is a question I can relate to as I have asked it myself in the past and now see clearly that it is coming off a base of denial and alienation that just about all humans, have had to put in place in order to avoid the whole massively-confronting issue of the human condition. As R. D Laing said ‘…The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one’s mind, is the condition of the normal man [p.24] …between us and It [our true self or soul] there is a veil which is more like fifty feet of solid concrete [p.118] (The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise, 1967). Yes!, as adults we have had to become completely alienated from our true selves and the reality of the world that was so clear and obvious to us as children. We have had to block out the existence of the human condition and resign ourselves in our early teenage years to living in complete denial of the suicidally depressing issue of the starkly obvious but unexplainable upset in the world around us, and more depressingly ourselves. 

We have had to use this denial so strongly that we have not been able to see the bigger picture of what is actually going on around us and within us, we are completely bewildered, as R.D Laing said, we are completely ‘asleep’, ‘unconscious’ ‘out of [our] mind[s]. So when it comes to the point of having the human condition explained we still can’t see the bigger picture and see the significance of what has actually happened. We have been on a 2 million year journey to gather the knowledge needed to solve the human condition, but haven’t been able to admit that we were on that journey at all. So when the solution does come, which it now has, one last great challenge remains before humansto allow this soothing, redeeming, ameliorating, compassionate explanation of all our upset and madness to penetrate our well built, reinforced and maintained ‘veil’ of ‘fifty feet of solid concrete’ of denial which up until now has been absolutely essential to our mental well being but is threatening to relegate the entire human race to annihilation via terminal alienation. We are so exhausted and so spent from the journey that we can’t see that the mighty struggle within ourselves and our species is all over because we are explained and defended at a fundamental level, the human condition is solved! 

 HOWEVER, once the denial ‘veil’ is broken and you can see the bigger picture and see that the human condition was an inevitable part of the journey for our species and that our guilt ridden condition is not our fault you will realise that at last we are able to be honest about what has been really going on in the world and that now you can be effectively free from all of your upset, your insecurities, egocentricity, anger, and the all consuming preoccupation of defending your self worth and trying to prove that you are good and not bad. Because of this all-defending explanation you can now just let go of your upset strategy to life because it is defended and dealt with and now in fact obsolete, and from here your whole world will open up to the beauty and magnificence of this planet and extraordinarily exciting potential for the human race now and in the future. Where at one point we seemed to be doomed to a life of endless pain, insecurity, egocentricity, and alienation, now with this explanation we can over night turn that around and totally repair ourselves and our planet. You will become so excited for the future of the human species that it will burst out of you in uncontrollable happiness and energy, and you will do everything you can to ensure that this explanation gets out to the world because you don’t want any human to have to be living a life without it. As Jeremy explains:


“As for getting the TRANSFORMED STATE, it really isn’t that difficult. You simply need to allow your mind to see the opportunity clearlysee how dead the old world really is and how incredibly exciting letting all that go and living for the new world is. Notice how popular songs focused on the exciting potential of the human race, not on the extent of the devastation within us and around us, and they did that because it was the future of the human-condition-ameliorated world alone that was worth dreaming of and living for. Well that’s what the TRANSFORMED WAY OF LIVING does, it lives for the true world, not the old dead world, but the big difference now is that that true world has arrivedwe’re no longer just focusing forward on the dream of a fabulous future, but focusing forward on bringing that fabulous future into existence because it has now arrived, it is all now possible. With understanding of the human condition found and all our upsets defended, our dreams suddenly become reality. It is an astonishing situation, but it’s all true.” (Freedom: Expanded Book 2, Part 1:15, How can I become involved?)


We Are Free!

So as a resigned human it takes a bit of time for it to dawn on us what has actually been achieved by this explanation, and hence I urge you to continue on your journey with it because I can guarantee that if you follow it to it’s logical conclusion you will end up a free and happy human because this explanation will always be there and will never disappoint you.


This Blog Post was written by Doug on April 1, 2014


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