Transcript of WTM member Christine talking to WTM founding members Genevieve and Prue in August 2012


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Part 1 How does the Transformed State work?


WTM member Christine on Skype Call with WTM founding members Genevieve and Prue


Christine: My first question about the Transformed State is, what happens, how does it all work? Is it just kind of like the penny drops and it’s all on or…?


Genevieve: Yes! It is like that. I think it’s like that when you come across these ideas in the first place. They make so much sense and it’s as Jeremy describes it, like you’re stumbling around in a dark room and suddenly somebody turns the light on and you can see everything, you can see where the furniture is and there is a context for where you are and where everything else is in the room. It’s so like that, it’s such a powerful time that time of discovery, you can suddenly understand the things around you. But you don’t necessarily apply that to yourself and you don’t necessarily deeply take on the implications of what that means. It’s all very fascinating and new and exciting and powerful what you can explain, but there is another deeper element to that which is that this actually solves the human condition. Actually connecting with the truth of that is another kind of ‘yeah’penny droppingand that is an amazing journey to go on. You do really deeply connect with the logic that this information defends humans. It explains humans in a biological, logical way and it provides the defence for why we are the way we arewhy we are so alienated, so insecure, so egocentric, and that means we don’t have to be like that anymore. We don’t have to live out that existence anymore and that realisation is incredibly exciting. For me it’s like rather than living over here metaphorically, where I’m living for myself, I’m preoccupied with proving my self-worth, with getting attention and reinforcement from men and I’m feeling insecure and defensive, I can suddenly understand all of that and now I don’t have to live there. I can live over here, where I’m supporting this information and these ideas and my real self has a chance to grow and develop and I can utilise that in such a fabulous way to support these ideas and get them out there. So it’s an amazing and exhilarating and truly exciting thing, the TRANSFORMED STATE and tapping into that is like a penny dropping.


Part 2 This makes sense but so what?

Genevieve: The thing is, when you resign you fully resign to a false framework so you bury your real self and you live in denial of the truth and all you care about is feeling good and distracting yourself from the realities of the human condition I suppose. So when I came across these ideas while it was very, as I said a powerful and amazing time, you’re still trying to live through your old framework and you’re still trying to live an egocentric, selfish existence, and you don’t want to go anywhere near the implications of this and what that means. I suppose for me I had to do my sums pretty quickly with this information where I worked out that if this information really was true and I really did want to support it then I couldn’t do bothI couldn’t live out my old, selfish existence; and that was pointless anyway to do that when there was this incredible option now to take up support of this information, and that provides me with so much meaning and purpose in my life, it’s just such a better way to live, why would you stay living in that old framework? That became very clear to me very early on I think where I just decided that this information is so worthy of my support and it’s so exciting so yeah, why stay in an effectively dead state when you can start to live for the first time. It’s just a wonderful, kind of alive place to be.


Part 3 How do you apply this information to your life?

Christine: How do you get on when you are out in the big wide world? You guys know this information, you know how people work and you understand it obviously very, very well and you understand yourselves very, very well, but how do you get on when you are out in the big wide world and you see people behaving like they do, blokes with their egos and women kind of prancing around trying to get fellas’ attention and all of that stuff that happens on a day to day basis. Do you feel like smashing your head against the wall or what’s the deal?


Genevieve: I don’t think so at all, because the thing is that this information is so compassionate, it explains why we are the way we are and you feel that wherever you go, you’re just applying this information to every situation. It helps so much when you’re talking to people out in the world because we’ve got the inside knowledge on what’s going on and that makes life and interactions and relationships and everything, working relationships, just so much easier because you know where everyone’s coming from. We’re all basically the same, we’re all suffering from the same insecurities and we’re all doing the same thing, just trying to cope with this human condition. So it gives you a lot of compassion I think for people and situations. I mean, I think also it probably does motivate you, it motivates me, to just keep trying to get these ideas out there because it’s just so needed and yeah, you go out into the world and it’s horrifying, it’s scary how much pain and suffering is out there in the world if you really tune into it. You only have to turn on the TV, the world is desperate for answers and we have them so it is an incredibly motivating thing to want to keep doing what you can to support this project and that is all sorts of different things, depending on where you are and what your circumstances are.


Part 4 Conquer your past

Prue: Yeah, I think Christine with that question you asked about talking to other people about these ideas. I mean, the overwhelming thing I suppose in the Transformed State is that you’ve discovered this incredible opportunity that Genevieve talked about, this wonderful way to live that’s free of burdens and the agony of proving yourself and all the reasons for why people live egocentrically. So the overwhelming thing for me is telling others about this Transformed State, telling others about how we can live now and sharing that with them which is why we are developing these videos that explain the Transformed State and having these discussions because really it is on, so to speak. We can actually get out of there. So I certainly don’t look at people and want to smash my head against the wall. I say, ‘Oh, I want to share this absolutely extraordinary discovery with you’, and soon everyone will be able to share in that which is incredibly exciting and I suppose that’s the vision of it.

Going back to your original question of how do you reach the Transformed State, how does everybody come across that? Does the light go on, what happens? I guess for me it was that the logic won out in the end. If I think about what actually happened, what connects me most is this quote that Jeremy uses in FREEDOM from Bono’s song Love Rescue Me. It says, ‘I’ve conquered my past the future is here at last’, I get [emotional], the words are just amazing. ‘I stand at the entrance to a new world I can see, ruins to the right of me will soon have lost sight of me.’ That to me summarises what happens.


Part 5 How do you get the new world to happen?

Prue: Humans are finally in the position where we’re explained and loved and understood. ‘The future is here at last’, here, after two million years of hoping and dreaming and having faith and keeping on going through all the bewilderness and darkness of having no answers, the human race finally has the answers, the future is here at last. ‘I stand at the entrance to a new world I can see’, after so many years of being in the dark we’re standing at this entrance, and the thing is we’re so habituated to life with the human condition now and these answers, while they do dignify us and understand us, they are just so incredibly confronting. So we’re standing at the entrance to the new world but we’ve got these two things: we’re so habituated to our current way of living, to getting wins, to living selfishly in a preoccupied way, proving ourselves as we’ve had to; and it’s also very confronting, the truths this brings up. To get a new world to happen we need to get the truth up but it’s very difficult to confront how alienated, how far from our true selves we’ve become now. So we stand at the entrance to the new world but what do we do? And I suppose for me, despite the difficulties of coping with the truth when it arrives we have to find a way to support this information because it’s going to save the world. If we can get these answers to the next generation it will actually save the world. So there’s a decision, there’s something that has to happen there in order for us to be able to do that, so ‘ruins to the right of me’ really means that we can leave that way of living behind as understood and defended and loved, put it in a suitcase and say, that’s all been explained. We can’t look too closely at all those truths but we can know fundamentally we are lovable, worthwhile humans after all.


Part 6 What will the future look like?

Genevieve: The thing is so incredible about the Transformed State is that it opens up the possibility of what the world can be like without the human condition and that is so incredibly motivating and inspiring for me, where we’re headed and this is, I mean we are so corpse-like as Jeremy says, we’re so utterly seared and so utterly corrupted by this two-million-year journey humanity has been on. To expect us to not still be attached to those ways of gaining reinforcement and security and self-worth is unrealistic but what we’re talking about doing is accepting those realities but living for a future that is free of the human condition. I look at those faces of the little Hare Krishna girls in Freedom Expanded: Book 1 and, as Jeremy says, they’re just the most beautiful faces, not because they’re aesthetically beautiful but because there’s so much purity and freedom in them and that’s because obviously they’ve been relatively sheltered from the human condition living in that little community that they’ve got, but that’s what little girls in the future are going to look like, you know. They are going to be really free in themselves. It’s just horrendous that women have to grow up, little girls have to grow up, with so much focus placed on their physical beauty and little boys having to prove themselves to their egocentric fathers and grow up to be power addicts themselves, or crippled as a result of it. [See Freedom Essay 26 & 27 on the roles men and women have taken up under the duress of the human condition, and the impact it had on their relationship.] It’s just all so painful, but imagine a little girl not having to go through that and the freedom that she would have in herself and the love she would have for herself and the knowledge that she’d have access to, how wonderful that’s going to be. That connects me so quickly to what we’re doing and why I do what I do every day. It realigns me with that vision of where we’re trying to get to with this, which is away from all of that desperate need and sort of empty existence. Because that’s all it is. But yeah, we’re still, we have to be realistic about that as a conduit generation for this information. It’s not going to change overnight but the thing is once this Transformed State catches on the excitement of living that way is going to be, that’s going to take off.


Part 7 Do I need to live in Sydney to support?

Christine: I just wanted to check, can I access the Transformed State and continue with the development of these ideas and things from anywhere? Can I be in New Zealand or Canada or Japan or anywhere or do I have to be in Sydney to do that?


Genevieve: No, absolutely not is the answer. What we’re trying to do is establish this online community where wherever you are you can be a part of this. So that’s what we’re trying to cultivate, this online community. So definitely not, you don’t have to be in Sydney, but you do have to be plugged-in to what’s happening here and that’s what we’re trying to do with these online videos.


Part 8 The building of a new world

Christine: The internet is so full of garbage, it’s really relieving to have a website that’s actually got something real and solid and something that means something and that you can use in your everyday life and that’s going to make things remarkably better, it’s really exciting to have that.


Genevieve: It’s a relief, yeah.


Prue: Yeah, absolutely. It’s part of building the new world where we’ll have all these videos being produced explaining different aspects of the human condition. I’ve heard Jeremy say it will be so wonderful once the truth can actually be spread, not all the alienation that is being spread now. People will be able to tune in and listen to music, music is going to sound different and videos and our own TV station and things like that, it’s all part of building a new world.


Part 9 How can I support from where I live?

Prue: You certainly don’t have to be in Sydney to become a member or develop the Transformed State. In terms of going to the information and really understanding the impact it has, that it’s ended the human condition after two million years, if you can understand that and accept that we did resign and there is a new way to live and all that, you can access the Transformed State from wherever you are.


Part 10 Don’t be selfish with these world-saving insights

Genevieve: I mean you can just take this information and apply it to your life and live an effective life and just leave it at that. That’s what we call ‘pocketing the win’ where you use the information to sort of improve your life. But if it’s as good as we’re saying it is, and it is, then you want to get out there and sell it, you know, you want everybody to benefit from it and that then creates a movement and a state that we all kind of end up living in, this excited Lifeforce State where you’ve experienced the benefit of this so much yourself that you’re just so inspired to get it out to the world.

The information on its own though is just mind-blowing. I mean, every day I come across new things or just a depth to things that I hadn’t sort of realised before, it is so powerful.