Transcript of extracts from WTM Members showing
how solving the human condition makes possible the
immediate transformation of every human’s life


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Pete Storey: Once you can have that chat with yourself and fully understand that, yes, this is the answer to all my problems, then it’s a world of unlimited possibility that opens up to you. And then that’s a vision that, as a conduit generation, we live off, and that’s what’s possible now and is happening in real time, in real life. Anything can happen, and it’s going to be good!


Genevieve Salter: You do really deeply connect with the fact that this information defends humans; it explains humans in a biological, logical way and it provides the defence for why we are the way we are; why we are so alienated, so insecure, so egocentric, and that means that we don’t have to be like that anymore. We don’t have to live out that existence anymore, and that is incredibly exciting.


James McPhedran: This transformed product is infinitely better than that old product. That old product is just horrible, it’s just a busted-arse, horror of a product that everyone had to buy because we didn’t have the information. But now that we’ve got the information there’s a new product and now that means there’s a market, and once this gets lift-off it [the old world] will just be completely over and done.


Tony Gowing: Finally, you will see how this is going to work. Because you can understand how instantly, like literally instantly, the human condition is going to be wiped off the face of the planet, because everyone just… you will feel it in yourself: ‘My God, yesterday I was living out all of this mad, mad, crazy, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think; don’t feel, don’t feeland today, it’s gone!’ And that is just, whoa, you know!!


Stacy Rodger: And Jeremy Griffith, on the back of all the science that has gone before him, has solved the human condition and I can’t tell you how unbelievably exciting that is. I know that humanity’s future is utterly glorious and I get so happy, all I want to do every day is just dance, because it has totally transformed my life.


Neil Duns: It’s the highest of highs no drug could deliver and it’s like electricity running through your brain when you see and you feel this. This is the most exciting time humans have ever experienced. This is the most exciting time humans have ever experienced!


Annie Williams: That is the meaningfulness and that is the wonder and the power and the incredible, incredible excitement that runs through your veins, and it’s almost unbearable at times because you know that every minute, even if you’re asleep, supporting this movement saves the world. Full stop.


Jοhn Bіggs: And it is just inspiring and you’re just liberated from that endless day-in, day-out struggle to validate yourself. You don’t care about who you are, you don’t care about where you came from, how much shit you’ve been through, how much pain and unhappiness you’ve suffered, that’s all irrelevant. You’re just instantly free from the psychological agony of your position, and I know that is a huge claim to make, but that is what happens when you let go of your resigned strategy and live through this information. Live through what this information could do for the world. It’s absolutely incredible.


Susan Armstrong: It really does transform your life from being an utterly preoccupied and selfish victim of the human condition to a person effectively free of the human condition, saturated in relief and excitement about myself, all humans and the absolutely fabulous future before us.


James West: This is knowledge about humans which, in generations to come, will allow humans to grow up free of insecurity and hurt and every other kind of suffering of the human condition. For my generation it boils down to an unbelievably exciting and fulfilling way of living, totally liberated from our prove-ourself, preoccupied state, and transformed from a state of paralysis to exploding empowerment.


Tony Miall: And that’s what happens, you get an appreciation for really how big this information is, that it really does end the human condition, it really does solve all the problems, it really will stop kids from dying inside themselves. It will just create bliss beyond our comprehension. We don’t know, we’ve got no idea what it’s going to be like.


Prue Westbrook: So the realisation is, ‘Let’s go! Let’s get out of here’ really is the war cry. Let’s build the new world finally. Now that we have the firm foundations of truth and honesty and all the answers and all the knowledge about ourselves to safely build it from. The absolute exultation from that discovery of just living for this, and seeing the potential of this, and having the full force of the beauty of this information just hit you, is captured in this picture by Genevieve Salter.


Image of rising sun created by Genevieve Salter


She drew this of the girl looking at the sun rising which is massive, and you can see the size of that compared to her, and it [the Transformed State] is like that.


Genevieve Salter: It is an amazing, exhilarating and truly exciting thing the Transformed State, and tapping into that, yeah, it is like a penny dropping.


Annie Williams: And how amazingly meaningful is that? What more could you ever ask for in your life? You’re given the most wonderful, glorious gift that you could ever be given! And so that’s why I’m a member of the World Transformation Movement!


Doug Lobban: The excitement that flows from that, that is quite amazing. You can’t sleep, I mean, I would go to bed thinking about this transformation process. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would think of is the transformation process and the excitement is relentless. I don’t know when it’s going to settle down, Pruey [Westbrook] could tell me probably.