Understanding the World of Men

From the very first time I heard about this explanation of the human condition by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith, one particular aspect that has been a powerful and humbling experience for me was to begin to appreciate the world of men and the role they have played in humanity’s story of life on Earth. Coming from a position of having no understanding of men (or myself and women in general for that matter) to embarking on this journey of understanding the human condition has meant I have gained a REAL love for and appreciation of the colossal responsibility they have had to endure on behalf of all of life on Earth over the last two million years, and that has been a life changing experience.

There is a full biological explanation of men and women and the different but equally important roles they have played in Jeremy Griffith’s book Freedom: Expanded that will give you the most honest and insightful explanation of the relationship between men and women that you will ever come across. It is an incredible story and another monumental package of understanding that Jeremy Griffith has managed to give to the world through his finding of understanding of the human condition. So, if you want the truth about this powerful partnership; the deeper story of love and meaning that exists despite the immense suffering that the war between the sexes has caused, and then the most exciting answers, reconciliation and liberation that are now possible from all of the agonising pain and confusion in our lives which has been continually playing itself out since consciousness emerged, then this is where you will find it!

As this quote points out, ‘…it is the lack of understanding that has existed between men and women that has caused some of the deepest wounds in human life. Enormous energy has been spent in the struggles that have taken place in relationships between men and women. The bitterness, heartache, suffering and the hurt to children has been immense. There are so many questions about the relationship between men and women that need answering and with understanding of the human condition it is now at last possible to answer all of these questions’ (A Species in Denial – Bringing Peace to the War Between the Sexes). Now that I can understand what men have been doing on Earth and why they have become so angry, egocentric and competitive, I don’t feel the frustration, anger and confusion I once felt, and what most women understandably feel towards them. I now understand, through Jeremy’s unevasive explanation of humanity’s ancestral past, that some two million years ago, it was men who took on the job of protecting our species from the threat of ignorance and shouldered the responsibility of championing our intellect. They did this despite having to suffer massive self-corruption in order to shelter women from this soul-destroying task, therefore allowing us to focus on the priority role of nurturing our species. This knowledge is so deeply humbling for me as I can now see that this is the most glorious and noble act of courage the world has ever seen and yet the world of men has been so horribly unacknowledged and completely misunderstood. Men have been condemned, portrayed as monsters, when in fact they are the heroes of life on Earth!

As Jeremy goes on to explain so compassionately in Freedom, ‘Men have had a horrible job: they have had to be strong enough, in effect, to kill soul! They have had to be strong enough to “fly off course” in search of knowledge and defy our beautiful, cooperatively orientated, original instinctive self or soul!’‘It has been an astronomically difficult job being a man. They have had to be tough enough to defy innocence, have the whole world criticise them and never be able to explain themselves; even their womenfolk considered them monsters, just useless, immensely destructive blights on Earth… Now, at last, the world of men can be understood and through that understanding the battle between the sexes can finally be brought to an end–but not artificially through dogmatic feminist demands that men disown their masculinity and wash the dishes, etc, but rather through men being able to say, “This is why I am upset, there was a good reason for my upset, I happen to be good, in fact, not just good but an absolute legend, the hero of the story of life on Earth! And I have had the most horrific job that wasn’t made any easier by you women criticising me.” And for their part women can respond with, “I understand that now, but our job was to keep the soulful true world alive as much as possible and to nurture a fresh generation which wasn’t made any easier by you men being so egocentric and self-preoccupied”’ (Freedom: Expanded Part 7:1 The Battle of the Sexes). So, with dialogue now possible between men and women, the war between the sexes can finally come to an end. Men and women have been through so much, we have all been so courageous in fulfilling our roles as best we could without having the reconciling understanding of those differing roles. Thank Goodness, with rational biological explanation of our human condition finally found, reconciliation is now possible in the most profoundly honest way leaving no stone unturned in this massive journey that has taken place between men and women.

This is a short extract from Part 7 of the Introductory Video Series where Jeremy is explaining men and women.



Naturally, because we’ve had to live without this reconciling understanding, discussion of the battle between the sexes can be a sensitive subject as it brings up a lot of historic defensiveness from both sides, so we need to be mindful of that when we first hear this explanation. Also, this is first principle, biological explanation and it does take time to fully absorb and digest all that is being said but I think the following quote is an undeniable example of its penetrating clarity:


“The desire for an end to the so-called ‘war between the sexes’ could not have been greater, but the fundamental requirement to bring peace to any human situation is the removal of the criticisms that cause the upset. The containment of upset through criticism, restraining attitudes, cultural convention, rules, laws or the threat of punishment, offers no real solution. What is causing the corrupt behaviour has to be explained and understood. Upset has to be loved not despised to be healed and permanently changed and the ultimate form of love is understanding. It follows that in order to resolve the war between the sexes and enable men and women to finally live in peaceful harmony, the source criticism involved in the battle that men were bad, even evil, for being so divisively behaved had to be removed. While in dogmatically imposing an ideal situation where men and women treat each other indifferently, as the politically correct culture attempts to do, upset could be contained and disguised, but it could not be removed. Only understanding the world of men, and why they have been so divisively behaved, could subside the anger, alienation and egocentricity that caused them to victimise virtually everything they encountered. The boot that was screwing men into the dirt had to be lifted for the horrible war between men and women to end. And an all-out war it has been, lived to the full extent of what was possible under the limitation that men and women were forced to coexist if they were to reproduce and nurture a new generation. In finding the liberating understanding of why men have been divisively behaved it is revealed that men are the heroes of the whole human journey. They were carrying out the crucial work of defeating ignorance and this task was made almost unbearably difficult because they were having to apply themselves in a world that had no appreciation and thus sympathy for what they were doing. From being thought of as the villains on Earth one day, they become the absolute heroes the next. This turn of events is long overdue” (A Species in Denial – Bringing Peace to the War Between the Sexes).


Personally, I am forever humbly grateful for the enormous help this information has given me through understanding the human condition. Being able to see through the upset, denial and insecurity that currently underlies all human behaviour is life-changing beyond all fathomable comparisons. I simply live for the future that is now fast arriving where every human on this planet fully understands the predicament that all humans have been living in, where the symptoms that we are all suffering from can subside, the time when children right across the world can grow up knowing what a wonderful species the human race is, as well as being able to finallyafter two million years of having to live at odds with itfeel part of this wonderful, unconditionally loving, integrative, soulful, inspiring place that we have all intuitively known this planet to be. And excitingly, especially for all us romantics, men and women are finally able to live happily ever afterthe greatest love story ever known has come to fruition just as we have hoped and dreamed it would!


This Blog Post was written by Prudie on November 11, 2013


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