We get the Truth up and we move on

I’ve been around the explanation of the human condition for a long time now and said to a friend recently that ‘the longer I’m around these ideas the simpler it gets’. What I meant by that was that as we are adjusting to the truth of the human condition, personally and in the world around us, it can be destabilising to a degree because of the confrontation the penetrating truthfulness can bring, along with the simple reality that we humans don’t adjust to change well. But as the truth and the compassionate defence of our upset both filter into our human-condition-denying brains and allow us to see just how rational and logical (and in fact incredibly all-out exciting!) the changes that understanding brings to our lives are, the more we are able to embrace them and allow them to sink in and they soon become second nature.

Just to briefly background…When I was young I knew there had to be some truth out there because I simply couldn’t accept that the world as I was seeing it was the way things were supposed to be. When I first came across the information I knew instantly that it was the answer to all the unanswered questions I had been asking, it was massively relieving but at the same time a bit unnerving. The vault where I had locked away all of the feelings and hopes I’d decided to repress when I was young had been unlocked. (Jeremy Griffith identifies this phenomenon teenagers go through as ‘Resignation’ see The anguish of Resignation in Freedom: Expanded Book 1.) The overriding feeling I had through this time was that regardless of any personal upheaval, the big picture was that humanity had a future and that it would one day be free of the human condition because of these understandings. Nevertheless, I was still caught in what we call the Mexican standoff where, as described by Jeremy Griffith:

“You can be overwhelmed trying to relate this new world to your present life. In particular, you can be overwhelmed by having your ego castle, that you have been carefully constructing with you as its centrepiece, replaced by the new, truthful, human-condition-resolved, ego-castle-building-obsoleted world, a situation I referred to earlier that we call being stuck in The Mexican Standoff’. (Another term we have for this state is ‘Procrastinationville’, the ‘town’ where some people steadfastly remain in their old ego castle despite the availability of an infinitely better place to live that not only defends your position but also saves the worldas opposed to your old ego castle means of defence that was destroying the world.)”

Luckily the Transformed Lifeforce State did become clear to me as the way forward personally and for humanity as a whole. It definitely is ‘an infinitely better place to live that not only defends your position but also saves the world’. Understanding allows honesty about our situations, about the pain and upset in our lives. It’s honesty that is the key to leaving behind the strategies we picked up at Resignation and the only reason we can do this now is because the cause of it all is compassionately explained. The day you allow this information to defend you is the day your life will be filled with more freedom, relief and excitement all together than you will believe possible. In truth, that is the day when you realise that your life has been taken up 100% by fighting against the unfair criticism that the human condition has placed on all humans, forever trying to prove that we were good and not bad. The Transformed State is leaving this battle behind and entering a whole new world of understanding of the human condition that doesn’t criticise, but rather explains and dignifies our upset and allows it to end. Once you have overcome the initial deaf effect that discussion of the human condition causes (because of the depression that broaching the subject of the human condition, without the explanation of it, brought on, we trained our minds never to go anywhere near any talk of the human condition) it is not hard to see that Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation is trueis logical, rational and fully accountable. All that is left at that point is supporting it so it can save the human race.

Viewing the situation honestly allows us to see the bigger picture, sure without the bigger picture we were left to try to carve out a micro life for ourselves, just trying to personally do something that was worthwhile and made us feel better, but with the bigger picture now available eventually you can see that our massively heroic but massively corrupted selves really have very little to offer this world in comparison to the contribution we can all make through the support we give these explanations. That’s a pretty confronting statement, but it is the truthhumanity is now free of the oppression and suffering the human condition has caused, we simply don’t have to live through the past anymore. History is exactly that, it’s history, it’s gone finished, redundant, obsolete. The point now is to live for the future not wallow in the past. It’s incredibly simple, as Jeremy so beautifully says We get the truth up and we move on!and what about this drawing he did of the bigger picture titled Humanity’s Journey to Enlightenmentgo the power and freedom of the denial-free unresigned mind!

Humanity's Journey to Enlightenment
Tony Miall portrait

This Blog Post was written by Tony M on June 14, 2013


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