Interactive Webinars to Commence Shortly


DO NOT MISS the upcoming webinar series, featuring discussion of the exciting new paradigm that opens up, now that understanding of the human condition is at last found.

Jeremy Griffith discussing the human condition during a webinar


The World Transformation Movement will be running live, interactive webinars, where Jeremy Griffith author of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, or one of our facilitators will discuss the insights presented in Griffith’s summa masterpiece, along with the far-reaching and incredibly exciting implications that these world-saving insights provide.


The webinars are free and will be streamed live, with participants encouraged to engage in the discussion by texting in questions or through live interactive engagement via their webcam.


As stated on the registration page (

‘With explanation of the human condition at last found, a whole new, incredibly exciting, transformed world opens up for the human race so join the discussion and interaction!’

So if you haven’t already, make sure you register your details so we can notify you when these exciting new webinars are taking place.


With the most critical issue facing the world being the understanding of the human condition,


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