WTM FAQ 1.19  A caution about the danger of over-exposure / Advice for people with mental health issues


When the reconciling and redeeming, psychosis-addressing-and-solving, real explanation of the human condition arrives, as it has (see biologist Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, or Video/​Freedom Essay 3), it needs to be remembered that the immense amount of denial that the human race has had to employ to cope with the injustice of being unfairly condemned as bad when we were not, is suddenly exposed. That exposureparticularly of the extent of our accumulated upsetcannot come as anything other than a tremendous shock.

So how are we meant to cope with this problem of exposure? The simple answer is that we don’t try to confront all the truth about our corrupted condition. Once we have investigated these understandings sufficiently to know that they have explained the human condition, we don’t actually need to know any more than that to take up a life where we direct all our thoughts and energies into supporting these understandings, and to the repair of the world that they finally make possible. We don’t need to know the full extent of the truth that this information reveals about the upset state of humanity; and we particularly don’t need to know how it explains and reveals everything about our own human-condition-afflicted life.

The danger is that if we study this information beyond what our particular level of soundness and security of self can cope with we risk becoming overly confronted by the extent of our corrupted condition and dangerously depressed. So, if it does become apparent that the information is starting to overly confront, depress and destabilise you, then you should slow down, or even stop, studying the information. The human race has coped thus far by maintaining extreme levels of denial of many, many truths, so obviously we can’t hope to dismantle that edifice of denial overnight. Humans typically take months, if not years, to adjust to big changes in our lives, so given this massive paradigm shift takes us from a position where we didn’t face any truth about our corrupted condition, to facing the prospect of having all the truth about it exposed, we have to accept that it will be a process that will take generations, but, as explained in chapter 9.7 of FREEDOM, that doesn’t mean we each can’t support the truth while this adaption, and the digestion and healing that goes with it, takes place. We simply can’t hope to, and mustn’t, overly confront the truth while this generational process of adjustment takes place, and, according to each person’s level of upset, there will be a limit to how much truth each person can cope with; there will be a limit to how much they can listen to, read about and study these human-condition-confronting understandings. It is particularly dangerous for people with a history of psychological instability to study these understandings, and so they especially must be responsible and manage their exposure. Accordingly, it needs to be emphasised that we urge people with a history of serious mental health issues or psychological instability to seek the ongoing support and assistance of professional counsellors for their particular condition. At this early stage of its development, the WTM does not have the resources to provide such support and assistance, and any information we do provide should not be used as, or as a substitute for, professional counselling. But, again, that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t immediately access and live in support of these human-race-liberating understandings. Freedom from the human condition is only a decision away now for all humans.


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For further analysis of the exposure that the arrival of the explanation of the human condition brings, read Freedom Essay 40, and, as mentioned, the very important chapter in FREEDOM to read about the difficulty of confronting the truth about the human condition and how to manage it, is chapter 9:7 ‘But how does the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living solve the problem of the unbearable, ‘judgment day’ exposure that understanding of the human condition unavoidably brings?’.