WTM FAQ 3.10  Does the WTM offer personal advice?


No. The WTM is a non-profit organisation dedicated to disseminating understanding of the human condition to the worldit is not an organisation designed to help people with their specific personal or practical situations. In fact, we are seeking people’s involvement to help take this critical information to the world.

Our task is to deal with the human condition on a global scale and to put forward the Transformed Way of Living solution to the human-condition-afflicted state as a whole, and it’s only on that broad, general level that we’re able to comment and offer direction to people.

Of course, this is not to say that these understandings of all aspects of the human condition aren’t able to help people with their particular personal experiences with the human condition. They most certainly can; but we are simply not a large enough organisation yet to be able to immerse ourselves in, and focus on, anyone’s personal situation. We can talk about how these understandings apply to various aspects and manifestations of the human condition, but we haven’t the resources to look deeply into someone’s personal experience of the human condition.


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