WTM FAQ 1.35  Does this heal anxiety?


Jeremy Griffith’s response:

Myself and others at the World Transformation Movement (WTM) are working on a book titled Therapy For The Human Condition about how understanding of the human condition makes possible the real therapy of human psychosis. (Since mentioning that we were writing Therapy For The Human Condition so many people have been asking for it that we decided to make the book’s early chapters available on our website, as they are virtually completed. As more of the book is written, more will be added to the website.) Basically, now that we can understand the origins of the human race’s psychologically upset or corrupted condition (the ‘instinct vs intellect’ clashsee FAQ 1.3), we are, for the first time ever, in a position to explore human psychosis from the safety of this foundational insight into the overall psychosis in all humans.

Not only that, we can now safely understand our own particular experience of humanity’s psychologically upset condition; for example, in chapter 8:16C of FREEDOM, I explain how nurturing is all-important to our mental well-being, but that no mother has been able to adequately nurture her offspring under the duress of the human condition in the world today; and chapter 8:16D explains how we can now understand how our fathers’ preoccupation with having to champion our conscious self or ego over the ignorance of our instinctive self or soul has crippled their ability to adequately reinforce us with unconditional love during our childhood.

And now that we can safely admit that the human race did once live in a state of all-loving and all-sensitive innocence, we can finally understand that children are born instinctively expecting to encounter this all-loving and all-sensitive world, and therefore understand how extremely bewildering and upsetting the astronomically upset world we now live in must be for children. In fact, we can now understand that children are born so extremely innocent and trusting that the only conclusion they can come to when they don’t receive the unconditional love their instincts expect is that they must be at fault, that they must have somehow caused or deserved the seeming ill-treatment. And that is such a horrifically painful conclusion to reach that they have no choice but to block out and split from that unbearable conclusionbut underneath that block-out, within their child’s mind, exists this horrible misreading that they are unworthy, even evil, beings, and for the rest of their life this childhood misreading is always there to well up and cause them extreme unease and even full blown anxiety attacks (see, for example, paragraphs 988 and 1005 of FREEDOM). Distress and anxiety coming from the hurt inner child is such an enormous issue in the lives of nearly all humans that therapising it with understanding will be the main activity in the personal lives of humans in the new human-condition-resolved world. It’s the truthful understanding that we can finally bring to the misreadings of the inner child that makes real therapy at last possible.

So there are many insights in FREEDOM that bring relieving understanding to the anxiety that all humans variously suffer from now after humanity’s 2 million year journey to find this liberating understanding. And these are also some of the insights about the anxiety attacks and psychosis that everyone is increasingly suffering from that are being further explained in Therapy For The Human Condition. (See also my ‘Effective Psychological Therapy’ presentation in Freedom Essay 64.)

It does need to be stressed however, that the WTM is not in a position to provide personal counselling because at this stage we have to remain focused upon bringing understanding to the overall situation of the human racesee (see FAQ 3.10). For personal support we recommend people seek assistance from specialist health professionals and counsellors or organisations. In fact, we caution people about the unavoidably confronting nature of the subject of the human condition (see our FAQ 1.19), which is something everyone needs to be mindful of, especially those who have a history of psychological instability.


Please also see FAQ 1.34 because it has further valuable discussion about understanding the human condition and mental illness.

As mentioned, Jeremy Griffith is currently writing a book titled Therapy For The Human Condition, which is being made available on our website as each part is written.