WTM FAQ 9.1  How do you explain racism?


Biologist Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition explains that far from being the flawed, banishment-from-the-Garden-of-Eden-deserving, bad, even evil creatures we have for so long been portrayed as, humans are actually the heroes of the story of life on Earth. And moreover, the human race has always believed that one day it would find this redeeming understanding of ourselvesbut until we found that relieving insight the tragic reality was that we had no choice but to block out and deny any condemning truth about ourselves. We couldn’t accept any implication that we were bad when we didn’t believe we were bad!

And one of the most unbearably condemning truths we had no choice but to live in denial ofeven though it is an extremely obvious truthis that the more and/​or longer an individual human, or even a ‘race’ (ethnic group) of humans, was exposed to the great battle that humanity has been heroically waging against ignorance, the more they would suffer from the upset state of the angry, egocentric and alienated human condition.

The particular reason this truth has been unbearably condemning while we couldn’t explain, understand and heal our upset behaviour is that it left those more upset feeling, and even portrayed as, less worthwhile and inferior to those who weren’t as upset. With the upset state of the human condition now at last explained and defended in Video/​Freedom Essay 3 (and definitively in FREEDOM) we can see how unjustly condemning and dangerous this prejudice against upset has been because what is revealed is that while humans do vary in their degree of upset as a result of humanity’s heroic battle to find self-knowledge, ALL HUMANS ARE EQUALLY GOOD. Upset is not a bad, evil state, but a good, heroic one. But again, until we could explain this truth that all humans are equally good there was the dangeras has occurred all too often throughout historyof unfair and destructive racist prejudice and discrimination against the more upset, and also by the more upset towards the less upset for their either direct or implied condemnation of them. It is that prejudice by the more innocent against the more upset, and retaliation from the more upset, that is the cause of racism.

Knowing that our upset/​corrupted condition is a heroic state ends prejudice, and so brings an end to the agony and horror of racism.


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Read more about how understanding of the human condition ends all prejudices, like racism, forever, in Freedom Essay 28; or for a more comprehensive treatment, read chapters 8:16EF of FREEDOM.

And for a testimonial on the power of this information to end racism, we recommend watching/reading the presentation from Franklin Mukakanga, of Zambia, in Video/​Freedom Essay 8.