WTM FAQ 8.1  How does the explanation of the human condition reconcile men and women?


The biological explanation of the human condition that is presented in biologist Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition (see Video/​Freedom Essay 3) allows us to finally understand the different roles men and women have historically taken up under the duress of the human condition, and bring peace to the war between the sexes.

With understanding of the human condition it can now be appreciated that when the ignorance of our instinctive self of our conscious thinking self’s need to search for knowledge posed a threat to humanity, it was men in their historic role of group protector who took on the role of resisting that threat, leaving women out of the upsetting battle to preserve as much upset-free, loving innocence as possible to nurture the next generation. This meant that when this upsetting battle against our instincts began after the emergence of consciousness some 2 million years ago, the nurturing matriarchal or female-centric priority that created our altruistic moral instincts and a cooperative humanity (see Freedom Essay 21), was superseded in importance by a patriarchal world.

The immense problem this role differentiation gave rise to, however, was that in not being responsible for, or directly participating in, the terrible battle to overthrow ignorance, women were naive or unaware of the ramifications of fighting the battle, and, as a result, were unsympathetic to both the battle and the frustrated upset anger and power, fame, fortune and glory-seeking egocentricity it produced in mena situation that placed men in the awful predicament of being misunderstood and unjustly condemned by women. Women could understand the search for knowledge, but not what the battle involved.

Without the ability to explain the all-important role that men were having to play, and thus defend themselves against women’s lack of appreciation of that role, men were left in an untenable situation. They couldn’t just stand there and accept women’s unjust condemnation of their behaviourthey had to do something to defend themselves. So, what men, in their anger, frustration and desperation, did was oppress women (see Freedom Essay 27).

While men had an impossible fight on their hands, at least they had the advantage of intuitively understanding that battle. To be a victim of a victim, as women have been, is an almost insufferable situation, because while a primary victim knows what the primary source offence is, a victim of a victim does not.

Thank goodness with the battle to defeat the ignorance of our instinctive moral soul now won, the horror of both men’s and women’s existence can end, and this dreamed-of-time where society will be neither matriarchal or patriarchal, but gender-neutral and at peace, can begin. For 2 million years women have stood by and supported their men, just as for 8 million years prior to that when nurturing was developing our cooperative soul, men supported their women. With understanding of the human condition now found, men and women can at last understand one another, and stand side by side.


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Freedom Essay 26 explains how understanding of the human condition reconciles the sexes; while Freedom Essay 27 explains how humanity’s upsetting battle to solve the human condition impacted upon the sexual relationship between men and women. Chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM provides the definitive account of the relationship between men and women under the duress of the human condition.

And for testimonials from women on the power of this information to bring peace to the war between the sexes, we recommend watching/reading the presentations from Dr Anna Fitzgerald in Video/​Freedom Essay 9, Stacy Rodger in Transformation Affirmation 3, and Roz Bachl talking about how FREEDOM transformed her life here.