WTM FAQ 3.14  Does Jeremy Griffith regard himself as the ‘second coming’ and as the ‘messiah’ that are talked about in the Bible?


Jeremy Griffith’s response:

A ‘messiah’ is ‘a saviour or liberator of a group of people’, and the ‘second coming’ is a Christian and Islamic belief that ‘Jesus…​will return to fulfill the messianic prophecies’ of the ‘defeat [of] the false Messiah’ and ‘the ushering in of a Messianic Age of global universal peace’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messiah; accessed 4 Dec. 2021). Since the biological understanding of the human condition allows us to demystify all mythologies, we can now fully demystify these concepts of the ‘messiah’ and the ‘second coming’.

As is explained in paragraphs 744746 of FREEDOM, and also in Freedom Essay 39, Christ is the ‘son of God’ in that he was an exceptionally uncorrupted expression of our species’ original all-loving and all-sensitive instinctive self or soul. And as explained in pars 296, 1147 and 1278 of FREEDOM, the real ‘messiah’ or liberator of humanity is science because it found the understandings of the difference in the way genes and nerves process information that made explanation of the human condition possible. And as is also explained in par. 1278 of FREEDOM and F. Essay 39, the ‘second coming’ of exceptional Christ-like innocence refers to the need for a denial-free, truthful-thinking ‘prophet’ (a ‘prophet’ being an exceptionally unresigned thinker) to assemble from science’s hard won insights about the nature of our world (particularly the just mentioned insights into the ways genes and nerves work) the redeeming explanation of the human condition, which is what I have done assisted by Sir Laurens van der Post and in fact all thinkers in history.

What I emphasise in pars 12781279 of FREEDOM is that innocence is just one end of the inevitable spectrum of alienation that resulted from humanity’s heroic search for knowledge, and therefore no more special or worthy or wonderful than any other position on the spectrum. I wrote (with the emphasis included) that “If anything, they [the exceptionally innocent] are less worthy because they haven’t been involved in humanity’s heroic battle as much as everyone else; but, in any case, viewing those who have been more involved in the battle as more worthy is not accurate either, because no one could choose where they were going to be born/​positioned on that battlefield. Yes, the fundamental insight that understanding of the human condition gives us is that in the epic battle to defeat ignorance that the human race has been waging for some 2 million years, there was going to be a vast spectrum of exhaustion/​alienation but in this great army of warriors ALL HUMANS ARE EQUALLY GOOD, SPECIAL AND WONDERFUL.”

I went on to emphasise that “Since upset resulted from fighting humanity’s battle against ignorance, upset, exhausted alienation is a heroic state, not a bad, inferior or lesser state, and, by the same logic, relatively alienation-free innocence that resulted from having escaped encounter with all the upset on that battlefield is not in any way better, or in some way more special or more deserving or more wonderful than the overly upset, embattled, alienated state. The differentiation where some people are viewed as bad and others as good has gone forever from our discourse; it doesn’t exist anymore; it has no basis of truth or fact. Understanding of the human condition completely and permanently eliminates the concept of ‘good and evil’. Again, while instinct and intellect had particular concluding roles to play (the soul/​instinct had to synthesise the explanation of the human condition from the insights into the workings of our world that science/​knowledge/​intellect had to first find), the truth is that it is the human race as a whole, all the efforts of every human who has ever lived, that has liberated our species from the horror of the human condition. Understanding the human condition allows us to know that we are all absolutely wonderful, utterly sublime, completely lovable, and that having all fully contributed to humanity’s successful battle against ignorance we are all fabulous heroes of the story of life on Earth. So now we, THE HUMAN RACE AS A WHOLE, should give ourselves the biggest party ever. ”

It is the solving of the human condition that finally allows ‘the false messiah’ of pseudo idealism to be exposed (see Death by Dogma), and the ‘ushering in of a Messianic Age of global universal peace’.