WTM FAQ 7.5  What, if any, justification does the right-wing have for existing? / Shouldn’t all right-wing parties be voted out because they are brutal and lacking in compassion? / What is a brief description of the difference between the left and right-wing philosophies in politics? / What is the danger of the Left’s philosophy?


Following Australia’s federal election in May 2022, which saw the conservative, right-wing ‘Liberal’ party thrown out of office, an absolutely appalling article by Richard Flanagan denouncing right-wing politics was published on 26 May 2022 in The Sydney Morning Herald, one of the country’s leading newspapers (see link below). This article prompted Jeremy Griffith to write the following response, which is a brilliantly concise summary of the difference between the left and right-wing philosophies and the extreme danger posed by the Left.


Jeremy Griffith’s response:

A horrible, horrible article appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald about the right-wing being voted out of office here in Australia last weekend. With the outrageously deluded title ‘Howard era ended with Morrison’s downfall on the night Australia escaped its heart of darkness’ (the online version, which had a shorter title, can be viewed at https://www.smh.com.au/national/morrison-government-s-fall-marks-end-of-howard-era-ascendancy-20220525-p5aod6.html), the article shows how, when we haven’t been able to admit humans once lived in a cooperative and loving innocent state (rather than as competitive and aggressive, must-reproduce-your-genes ‘savages’ as we’ve been taught) which we then corrupted and the human journey since then has been to search for understanding of why we corrupted ourselves, and instead dishonestly maintained we have unchangeable savage instincts that we have no choice but to dogmatically impose cooperative and loving ideal/politically correct behaviour on, it can be argued there’s no justification for the right-wingthat John Howard (Australia’s legendary former right-wing Prime Minister) and company are just brutal monsters from hell!!!

What incredible delusion, dangerous madness in the extreme; dangerous because the left-wing’s dogmatic imposition of ideal behaviour stifled the all-important corrupting search for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, the rehabilitating understanding of ourselves that was needed to bring about a genuinely loving, peaceful worldwhich is unlike the right-wing that allowed the search for that all-important understanding to continue by tolerating a degree of competitive and selfish materialistic individualism.

Yes, now that we can at last explain that we humans have been involved in an immensely upsetting but critically important heroic project to find understanding of ourselves, we can finally explain from first principle biology what is fundamentally wrong with the culture of the Left and fundamentally correct about the culture of the Right.

Until now the only excuse the Right have had to justify their tolerance of a degree of competitive and selfish behaviour was to say, like Ayn Rand and Jordan Peterson have done (see paragraph 102 of Death by Dogma), that since we supposedly have savage instincts everyone needs the motivation of winning some power, fame, fortune and glory if they are to participate in the supposed dominance hierarchy, law-of-the-jungle, survival-of-the-fittest, competitive individualistic world that we supposedly live inthat socialism doesn’t work because it unrealistically kills people’s incentive to be successful in, and thus actively participate in, a supposed competitive world.

What an immense improvement it is to finally be able to explain the real reason for our competitive nature of the upsetting battle to find understanding of ourselveswhich has finally been won, thus bringing about a reconciled and rehabilitated, truly peaceful world for humans. It’s the Left that has been leading us into the ‘heart of darkness’, NOT the Right!

The moral high ground, feel-good relief the article’s author is deriving from slamming the Right as evil monsters is palpable. There is no interest in the possible merits of the Right, no interest in the human condition, no interest in the fundamental question of whether the divisive behaviour of the human race might be good and not bad after all.

You can read more about the paradoxical extreme danger of the pseudo idealism of the Left in my free book Death by Dogma.