WTM FAQ 1.48  What is Jeremy Griffith’s view of there being ancient lost civilisations around the world with highly advanced technologies (such as the ability to build precisely fitting polygonal walls, and cut and move massive stones) that Brian Foerster, Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock, Ryan Moorhen and others maintain must have existed?


Jeremy Griffith’s response:

I am aware of the discussions going on about possible lost ancient civilisations with highly advanced technologies, etc, that Graham Hancock and others are talking about. I am presently working on two other books, in particular one about therapy because that’s what is really needed with levels of psychosis and neurosis in the world so extreme now (see Therapy For The Human Condition), but when those books are finished I will put together my thoughts about lost civilisations and technologies, etc. Basically, I agree with Hancock’s description of us being ‘a species with amnesia’, but from a much more profound basis than us having forgotten earlier civilisations and technologies as Hancock focuses onthat more profound dimension being that we humans have been living in determined denial of our species’ original state of cooperative, selfless and loving innocence (the biological origins of which is explained in chapter 5 of FREEDOM, and in Freedom Essay 21). And once we are able to acknowledge that ‘amnesia’, which we now can since we can at last explain and defend our psychologically corrupted condition, we finally have the means to recognise and admit all the other manifestations of that lost state of innocence. In particular, we can at last acknowledge the extraordinary sensitivities and abilities that we once possessed but have now lost in our extreme, 2-million-years corrupted, alienated, human-condition-stricken state. We can finally make sense of so much of human history now that we can admit our species original all-sensitive and all-loving state of innocence.