WTM FAQ 1.45  ‘Don’t you think such-and-such a person’s ideas, or these ideas of mine, make more sense than Jeremy Griffith’s?’ / What about other accounts of the human condition? / Have you considered all the latest theories?


We do receive feedback from the public about many aspects of Jeremy Griffith’s work, and there is a broad range of opinions, criticisms, ideas and suggestions submitted to us, and we do endeavour to give some consideration and a response to these submissions. However, being a still small, largely self-funded and self-sufficient organisation with the immensely difficult pioneering task of holding at bay the whole entrenched, all-dominating, human-condition-avoiding, mechanistic scientific paradigm (see THE Interview), we are not in a position to properly evaluate all these different submissions. What we suggest is that, since we live in a largely free market place for ideas, that you seek support for the ideas you are advocating there, just as Jeremy has had to do.

We do emphasise that in his various publications Jeremy has sought to describe and evaluate all the widely recognised relevant scientific and philosophical argumentsand continues to do so as new theories become popular, such as he has done in his analysis of ‘multilevel selection’ and ‘self-domestication’ in his definitive 2016 book FREEDOM, and in his analysis of Critical Theory in his 2022 book Death by Dogma.