WTM FAQ 3.1  What is the World Transformation Movement (WTM)?


Founded in Sydney in 1983, the WTM is a global not-for-profit movement dedicated to transforming the individual, the human race and thus our world through bringing psychologically relieving biological understanding to the underlying problem in all human affairs of the human condition, humans’ extraordinary capacity for what has been referred to as ‘good and evil’.

In particular, the WTM recognises the breakthrough redeeming and reconciling biological explanation of the human condition put forward by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith in his various publications, especially his 2016 book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition. (A condensation of the explanation appears in Video/​Freedom Essay 3.)

The WTM works tirelessly to promote this explanation of the human condition to ensure its now desperately needed psychologically liberating and transforming effects reach every human. Indeed, it is called the World Transformation Movement because the most marvellous effect of having understanding of the human condition is that all our species’ psychologically upset angry, egocentric and alienated behaviour can now, immediately, be put aside, and eventually, over a few generations, completely disappear, thus bringing about the complete rehabilitation and transformation of the human race and thus of our planet. Read about the creation of WTM Centres around the world here.

The WTM is represented in cities and regions all around the world by not-for-profit organisations including the World Transformation Movement (Australia), the World Transformation Movement, Inc. (USA), and the WTM Centres founded by people who have developed a deep appreciation of the reconciling understanding of the human condition put forward by the WTM. See WTM Organisations.

Read more about the WTM here, and more about its history here.