WTM FAQ 1.7  What scientific support does Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition have?


While the mechanistic scientific establishment as a whole has studiously avoided the true, psychological nature of the human condition (read why in FAQ 1.10, Freedom Essay 40 and in chapter 2:4 of FREEDOM), biologist Jeremy Griffith’s ideas have attracted the support of eminent scientists including former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association Professor Harry Prosen, Australia’s Templeton Prize-winning biologist Professor Charles Birch, and New Zealand’s then foremost zoologist Professor John Morton, as well as other distinguished thinkers such as Sir Laurens van der Post.

Jeremy’s 2004 Human Condition Documentary Proposal that puts forward his explanation of the human condition generated marvelous endorsements from over 100 of the world’s leading scientists and thinkers, including Professor Stephen Hawking (Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge University, world-leading physicist), who, responding through his secretary because he suffers from motor neurone disease, ‘is most interested in your impressive proposal’; Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (former chair, Department of Psychology, University of Chicago), who replied: ‘it might help bring about a paradigm shift in the self-image of humanityan outcome that in the past only the great world religions have achieved’; and Professor Patricia Glazebrook (Chair of Philosophy, Dalhousie University) who said: ‘Frankly, I am ‘blown away’ as the saying goes​…The ground-breaking significance of this work is tremendous.’


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