WTM FAQ 1.10  Is this theory testable?


For a hypothesis to become accepted as true, the scientific method dictates that it must first be tested, and in the case of a hypothesis about the human condition the ultimate test is how accountable it is of our own lives. That greatest of all physicists, Albert Einstein, once said that ‘truth is what stands the test of experience’ (Out of My Later Years, 1950). So, fantastic a claim as it may seem, what is being presented here is the long-sought-after, desperately needed, psychosis-addressing-and-resolving, human race-transforming explanation of the human condition. And the reason you will know that this is that breakthrough explanation is because once you understand the explanation and begin to apply it, you will discover it is so able to make sense of human behaviour it makes it transparent. This transparency of ourselves and our worldfor example, the exposure of all our falsenessthat this understanding of the human condition brings, is the ultimate ‘test of experience’ that confirms that the understanding being presented here is the long-sought explanation of the human condition. In this particular scientific studythe biological analysis of the human conditionwe humans are the subjects, which means we can experience, feel and know the truthfulness or otherwise of the explanations being put forward.


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Watch biologist Jeremy Griffith present first-principle-based biological explanation of the human condition in Video/​Freedom Essay 3, or read chapter 1 of his definitive presentation on the subject, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.