Chapter 2


The Threat of Terminal Alienation
from Science’s Entrenched Denial
of The Human Condition



Detail from Michelangelo’s ‘The Last Judgment’ beside detail from William Blake’s ‘Cringing In Terror’



Chapter 2:1 Summary

98Since the instinct vs intellect explanation of the human condition (which was outlined in the previous chapter and is fully explained in chapter 3) is a reasonably obvious explanation, the question that arises is why was it not identified by science long before now? As will become clear in this chapter, the answer is that humans have been so afraid of the issue of the human condition that we haven’t been able to think truthfully and thus effectively about it. In fact, those charged with the task of finding understanding of human behaviour, namely biological scientists, have been so committed to living in fear-driven denial of the human condition that they not only failed to find the instinct vs intellect explanation, they built an immense edifice of human-condition-avoiding, dishonest ‘explanations’ to excuse our behaviourincluding completely false explanations for the human condition itself. Furthermore, this attachment to living in denial of the issue of the human condition is why the so-called mechanistic, scientific establishment has so determinedly failed to recogniseindeed, it has ignoredthis fully accountable, human-race-saving, instinct vs intellect explanation ever since it was first presented back in 1983. While we couldn’t truthfully explain the human condition, denial of it saved us from unbearable confrontation with the subject, but with the compassionate, redeeming, fully accountable, true explanation of the human condition now found, that practised, historical denial is not only unnecessary, it is blocking the way to humanity’s freedom from the human condition.

99Essentially, what has happened is that humans have become so habituated to living in Plato’s dark cave of denial that when finally given the means to exit the cave and stand in the warm, healing sunshine of self-understanding, we have refused to leave! And, most frighteningly, in choosing to stay there means denial and the alienation from our true self that results from that denial can only continue to increase, so that very soon the human race will succumb to horrific terminal alienation. Indeed, the recent flood of movies and documentaries based on zombie, apocalyptic, escape-to-another-planet, ‘we are being attacked by aliens [by our own alienation]’, doomsday-preparation, ‘we need a super hero to save the world’ and other judgment-day-and-anxious-Bible-related-epic themes reflect the fact that the end play state of terminal alienation for humans that Michelangelo and Blake so frighteningly depict is upon us. The epidemic levels we are now seeing of the extremely psychologically distressed states of psychopathic narcissism, manic depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and the ultimate completely-dissociated-from-the-world state of autism (states that will be explained later in chapters 8:16B, C and D) are similarly indicative of this state.

100So the great hope, indeed expectation, with FREEDOM is that by complementing the carefully argued and constructed presentation of the instinct vs intellect explanation of the human condition (and all the other insights that flow from it) with deaf-effect-eroding introductory videos and the opportunity to participate in interactive online discussions, support for this world-saving information and the fabulous life outside of Plato’s dark cave of denial it makes possible, will finally begin in earnest!



The just described inability to think truthfully, or to accept truthful thinking, and the associated problem of the deaf effect that was explained in the previous chapter, all reflect a truth that will be established in this chapter, which is that our species has suffered from an immense fear of the human condition. In fact, our fear has been so pervasive that almost all human behaviour has been affected byindeed, is a product of, even driven byit. What this means is that to truly understand our behaviourwhich is the purpose of this bookwe have to first truly understand our extreme historical fear of the human condition. As such, the main presentation in this book, which begins here in chapter 2, must start with an exposé on just how terrified we humans have been of the issue of the human condition, of our species’ upset state. The latter part of this chapter will then demonstrate how that extreme terror has dictated all of mechanistic science’s human-condition-avoiding, blind and extremely dishonest thinking about the biology of human behaviour, a process that will in itself dismantle the giant edifice of denial-based non-answers about human behaviour that has so determinedly been assembled.


Following that demolition, chapter 3 will present the detailed account of the truthful human-condition-confronting-not-avoiding, instinct vs intellect, real explanation of our species’ condition that was outlined in chapter 1, with subsequent chapters providing the truthful explanation, alongside the dishonest accounts, of all the other outstanding questions about human behaviourof the meaning of human existence (in chapter 4); of the origins of our altruistic moral nature (in chapters 5 and 6); of how and why humans became conscious when other species haven’t (in chapter 7); of the true story of our species’ journey from an original state of cooperative, loving innocence to our now immensely psychologically upset angry, egocentric and alienated condition (in chapter 8)and, finally, how this real understanding of the human condition liberates and transforms the human race (in chapter 9).