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This is Freedom Essay 56


Why there have been ferocious
attacks on the WTM



Firstly, it is important to emphasise that while vilification of the WTM’s work of bringing understanding to the human condition has occurred, it is by no means the typical response, as the following illustrate:


Support from world-leading scientists


Over the years biologist Jeremy Griffith’s work has generated interest and acclaim from a wide cross-section of the scientific and literary world.

Commendations from scientists for Jeremy’s most recent book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, which was launched in 2016 at the Royal Geographical Society in London, include:




  • ‘Nothing Dr. Prosen has said about the immense importance of this book is an exaggeration. This is the book all humans need to read for our collective wellbeing.’ Dr Scott D. Churchill, Professor and former Chair, Psychology Department, University of Dallas



  • ‘The sequence of discussion in FREEDOM is so logical and sensible, providing the necessary breakthrough in the critical issue of needing to understand ourselves.’ Dr David Chivers, University of Cambridge anthropologist and former President of the Primate Society of Great Britain


Professor Harry Prosen 2007

© 2007 Fedmex Pty Ltd

Prof. Harry Prosen

Stephen Hawking

Prof. Stephen Hawking (1942–2018)


Jeremy’s earlier works have also attracted praise and support from eminent scientists and philosophers:


  • [Professor Hawking] is most interested in your impressive proposal.’ Dr Stephen Hawking, world-leading physicist



  • ‘Frankly, I am “blown away” as the saying goes…​The ground breaking significance of this work is tremendous.’ Dr Patricia Glazebrook, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Dalhousie University



  • ‘It might help bring about a paradigm shift in the self-image of humanityan outcome that in the past only the great world religions have achieved.’ Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Professor of Psychology, Claremont Graduate University



  • ‘a superb book… [that] brings out the truth of a new and wider frontier for humankind, a forward view of a world of humans no longer in naked competition amongst ourselves.’ Dr John Morton, former Professor of Zoology, University of Auckland


You can read much more praise from scientists and thought leaders on the WTM website.





Professor Patricia Glazebrook

Prof. Patricia Glazebrook

Photograph of Professor John Morton seated reading a book

Prof. John Morton (1924–2011)


Appreciation from the general public


Furthermore, there has been an extraordinary range of deeply appreciative feedback (see this link for sources) to Jeremy’s treatise from people of all walks of life from all across the worldincluding:


  • Freedom is the most enlightening and informative book I have ever read. It offers to us in depth insight into the reasons behind our dual natured personas and the psychological complexity of the human being.’




  • ‘The smartest author I have read in the past decade (and I place him ahead of Illich, Monbiot, Martenson, Aristotle, Plato, and Chomsky) is an Australian scientist and philosopher Jeremy Griffith…​Reading Griffith is like reading another languageyou know its English, you can understand the words, but the concepts are so basic and so different that they are almost incomprehensibleit’s a paradigm shift of a read. Awesome.’



  • ‘In his book he defines a number of issues that confront Humanity, he then goes on to demonstrate how they are symptomatic of a deeper malaise. The cause of the malaise is exposed, remedied and the reader is left with at the very least an understanding of themselves, and for me something of an optimism for the future.’



  • ‘What’s radically different about this, is that it makes an explicit link between biological-psychological evolution, particularly instincts vs conscious thinking, and the answer it gives is radically different to anything so far. This idea or explanation has not been given so far, it is new. Although there have been many discussions about instinct vs conscious thought trying to understand them, the level of clarity about this has yet not be proposed this way…​This is a radically new insight about this phenomenon.’



  • ‘This book hits hard in areas of truth that we are afraid to learn for ourselves…​I can’t thank Jeremy enough for his hard work and concern for a problem that has been unsolved since ancient times. This book is a true life changer and much needed mind opener.’



  • ‘There are all sorts of philosophy books out there that try and explain the human condition, or at least how to live with it. This is the only book I have ever read that categorically gets to the bottom of it all. It scientifically explains the human condition, and with that explained, all the questions about our behavior just unlock before your eyes. I don’t care what question you have, this book will answer it. Extraordinary.’



  • ‘If Plato and Aristotle were alive and read Griffith, they would die happy men.’


Affirmations from personal experience with the work of the WTM


For examples of the direct experience people have had with the work of the WTM there are many affirmations that can be watched and/or read on the WTM website. Again, these responses could hardly be more considered, supportive or enthusiastic.


So why has there been vilification?


The problem is that while the subject of the human condition is by far the most important of all subjects for the human race to address and solve, it is also the most confrontingfor some even terrifyingof subjects. This means that when human-condition-addressing-not-avoiding, and thus effectively penetrating, fully accountable and solving analysis of the human condition finally appears, a great crisis in the human journey occurs where extreme prejudice threatens to destroy the desperately needed ameliorating enlightenment of our species’ now terminally angry, egocentric and alienated condition. Basically our species’ step to freedom from the human condition is jeopardised by a terrible loss of nerve and retreat back into darknesswhich would, before long, result in the death of the human race from unthinkably horrendous levels of psychosis.

The fact that has to be faced is that only by understanding and solving the human condition can we save ourselves from the now rapidly escalating effects of it. So we either continue to fearfully resist and persecute truthful analysis and insight into the human condition, or we tolerate the work and by so doing avoid a fast approaching horrific dystopia of humans everywhere suffering from unbearable psychosisthe terrifying end-play zombie apocalypse so many of our movies, young adult novels, and even zombie street parades, are anticipating (see paragraph 1059 of FREEDOM)!


A group of menacing and demonic zombies approaching.

A popular online depiction of the imminent zombie apocalypse,
which is the arrival of terminal levels of psychosis/alienation.


The renowned Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson recognised the absolutely critical, human-race-saving importance of finding the reconciling, rehabilitating and solving understanding of the human condition when he wrote that ‘The human condition is the most important frontier of the natural sciences’ (Consilience, 1998, p.298 of 374), and in another of his books, ‘There is no grail more elusive or precious in the life of the mind than the key to understanding the human condition’ (The Social Conquest of Earth, 2012, p.1). But again, while ‘understanding the human condition’ is the holy ‘grail’ of ‘science’, it is, as will now be evidenced, the most confronting and thus contentious of all subjects, dealing as it does with the underlying subjective dimension to life of the issue of ‘self’which is why solving it has been so ‘elusive’. Indeed, it has taken the minds of some of the world’s greatest philosophers to even articulate the fear of engaging with it.


Soren Kierkegaard, Nikolai Berdyaev, Gerard Manley Hopkins

Søren Kierkegaard (1813–1855), Nikolai Berdyaev (1874–1948), Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)


The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s ‘analysis on the nature of despair is one of the best accounts on the subject’ (Wikipedia; see the ‘nature of despair’ being as close as the reviewer could go in referring to the worse-than-death, suicidal depression that the subject of the human condition has historically caused humans, but which Kierkegaard managed to give such an honest account of in his aptly titled 1849 book, The Sickness Unto Death: ‘the torment of despair is precisely the inability to die [and end the torture of our previously unexplained human condition]…​that despair is the sickness unto death, this tormenting contradiction [of our ‘good and evil’, human condition-afflicted lives], this sickness in the self; eternally to die, to die and yet not to die’ (tr. A. Hannay, 1989, p.48 of 179).

It follows then that to confront the until now unexplained human condition has been an impossible ask for most peopleas another great philosopher, Nikolai Berdyaev, acknowledged: ‘Knowledge requires great daring. It means victory over ancient, primeval terror…​it must also be said of knowledge that it is bitter, and there is no escaping that bitterness…​Particularly bitter is moral knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil. But the bitterness is due to the fallen state of the world…​There is a deadly pain in the very distinction of good and evil, of the valuable and the worthless’ (The Destiny of Man, 1931; tr. N. Duddington, 1960, pp.14-15 of 310).

In his appropriately titled poem No Worst, There Is None, the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins similarly wrote, ‘O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall, frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed’, articulating how fearfully confronting and depressing the previously un-‘fathomed’ issue of the human condition has been for virtually all humans.


R.D. Laing

R. D. Laing (1927–1989)

Sculpture of Plato circa 428- 248 B.C.

Plato (c.428–348 BC)


No wonder then that the great psychoanalyst R.D. Laing wrote that while the ‘desperately urgently required project for our time[is] to explore the inner space and time of consciousness…​We are so out of touch with this realm [living in such fearful denial in our conscious mind of the issue of the human condition] that many people can now argue seriously that it does not exist. It is very small wonder that it is perilous indeed to explore such a lost realm’! (The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise, 1967, p.105 of 156; also, see more of this quote from Laing in F. Essay 48).

Indeed, writing specifically about the all-important, human-race-saving challenge of ‘the enlightenment or ignorance of our human condition’, the great Greek philosopher Plato long ago warned that when someone tries to take us out of the dark ‘cave’ where he said we’ve had to ‘take refuge’ from the ‘painful’ ‘light’ that makes ‘visible’ ‘the imperfections of human life’, that we ‘would much object’even predicting that some ‘would say that his [the person who attempts to deliver understanding to the human condition] visit to the upper world had ruined his sight [they would treat him as mad], and that the ascent [out of the cave] was not worth even attempting. And if anyone tried to release them and lead them up, they would kill him if they could lay hands on him’! (The Republic, c.360 BC; tr. H.D.P. Lee, 1955, or see the relevant section with quotes highlighted at


A group of people stuck and despairing in a dark cave of denial.

Plato’s dark ‘cave’ where the human race has been hiding in ever-increasing fearful
denial (psychosis/alienation) of its ever-increasing corrupted condition, a progression that only
reconciling, redeeming and relieving understanding of the origin of our corrupted condition can end.


And sure enough the vilifying, try to ‘kill him’, attacks began in the form of highly defamatory publications which we responsibly met by successfully suing the vilifiers in court for defamation


Thankfully, we live in more civilised times, but Plato’s point is clear: the temptation to ferociously vilify, maliciously misrepresent and wilfully fabricate evidence against carefully considered, argued, evidenced and authoritatively supported scientific analysis of that most ‘precious in the life of the mind’ holy ‘grail’ of ‘science’ of ‘understanding the human condition’ (as Wilson described it) produces a crisis point in the human journey where extreme prejudice and persecution does threaten to shut down crucial enquiry and progresswhich clearly has to be resisted.

Certainly, during the 1990s and early 2000s, the WTM and its supporters, in particular its founding directors, Jeremy and the twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient, mountaineer and biologist Tim Macartney-Snape AM OAM, were the subject of several highly defamatory media attacks orchestrated by a fundamentalist minister of the Uniting Church. As pointed out, this vilification had to be, and was, strongly resisted, and in the civilised way our society prescribes, namely through the law courts in what was then the biggest defamation case in Australia’s history against two of Australia’s biggest media institutions, including the national public broadcaster.

When an absurd cυlt accusation and litany of outrageously dishonest fabrications and misrepresentation of us and our work were publicly broadcast across Australia in 1995, the World Transformation Movement (then called the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood) and its founding directors Jeremy and Tim successfully sued the publishers for defamation, resulting in a public apology and a payout of $700,000 plus costs. The most revealing part of the final 2010 judgment, in terms of what Plato predicted, was the following, in which the NSW Court of Appeal, led by his Honour Justice David Hodgson, unanimously overturned an earlier lower Court finding about Jeremy’s scientific synthesis on the basis that it did ‘not adequately consider’ ‘the nature and scale of its subject matter’ or that ‘aspects of Mr Griffith’s work are apt to make those who do take the trouble to grapple with it uncomfortable. It involves reflections upon subject-matter including the purpose of human existence which may, of its nature, cause an adverse reaction as it touches upon issues which some would regard as threatening to their ideals, values or even world views’.


2010 Court of Appeal findings advertisement

See our full-page advertisement in Australia’s national newspaper, The Australian,
containing Tim Macartney-Snape’s commentary on this momentous ruling


Yes, ‘reflections upon’ the human condition can be extremely ‘threatening’ for some people, but that doesn’t justify malicious misrepresentation and persecution of a rigorously argued and evidenced scientific analysis of that most ‘precious in the life of the mind’ holy ‘grail’ of ‘science’ of ‘understanding the human condition’.

It is worth noting that Justice Hodgson, who wrote the unanimous Court of Appeal decision referred to in the above paragraph, was a Rhodes Scholar, a published philosopher and was, according to a former Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, ‘one of the finest judges who ever graced a court in this country’ ( Indeed, in his 4 September 2012 obituary in The Sydney Morning Herald, Justice Hodgson was described ‘from an early age’ as having ‘been fascinated by what went on inside the head that gave rise to conscious experience’, and that he was said to be blessed with ‘flawless logic’ and to ‘fit the description of Plato’s “philosopher king”’ (see


Justice David Hodgson with Order of Australia insignia

Justice David Hodgson with his Order of Australia insignia


So the WTM has been through that ‘boiling oil’ test of extreme persecution and then scrutiny and was completely vindicated. Further malicious attacks, which do still occur, are just going over what has already been tested and found to be baseless and unjustifiedso they are extremely unfair and, given the desperate need to find the reconciling, redeeming and psychologically healing, human-race-saving understanding of the human condition, profoundly irresponsible.

John Stuart Mill, in his seminal 1859 essay On Libertya document considered a philosophical pillar of Western civilisationemphasised this irresponsibility when he wrote, ‘the dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution is one of those pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into commonplaces, but which all experience refutes. History teems with instances of truth put down by persecution.’


Engraving of John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill (1806–1873)


This is mindful scientific enquiry into the human condition the very opposite situation of mindless cυlts


As mentioned, some retaliatory, angry vilification and even outrageously dishonest misrepresentation and fabrication of the WTM still occursincluding the suggestion or implication that the WTM is a cυlt.

Cυlts are basically where people give up trying to make sense of reality and its dilemmas and instead defer to some person and/or dogma-based belief system. In contrast, the WTM is concerned with providing self-empowering scientific understanding of the dilemmas of life, in particular of the ultimate dilemma of our ‘good and evil’-conflicted human condition. So, the truthas the court judgment essentially foundis that the work of the WTM is the complete opposite of a cυlt, but again, as has been described, such thinking can be unbearable for some people and result in angry, defensive vilification. Moreover, this is why, in all our publications, we particularly caution people with a history of psychological instability or mental illness to be careful to avoid overly studying and confronting analysis of the human condition. Such people are advised to study it only sufficiently to be able to understand and verify its accountability or otherwise, and, if satisfied that it does explain the human condition, to preoccupy themselves supporting it rather than studying it further.

As the Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan advised in his song about the arrival of understanding of the human condition, The Times They Are A-Changin’, ‘your old road is rapidly agein’, please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand [support this new paradigm] (see paragraph 1186 of FREEDOM). Christ was actually making the same point when he anticipated the time when ‘the meek [the more innocent/sound/less psychologically upset]…​inherit the earth’ (Bible, Matt. 5:5), and when ‘many who are first [the intellectually able] will be last, and many who are last [the psychologically innocent/sound but overly trusting and easily victimised] will be first’ (Matt. 19:30, 20:16; Mark 10:31; Luke 13:30), because the implication is that the more sound have to lead the way to a human-condition-free world. It makes sense; in the old human-condition-stricken world the more intelligent led because we had to find understanding, but in the new human-condition-understood world the more sound lead the way home to the new human-condition-free/sound state. There’s a change of emphasis from IQ [Intelligence Quotient] to EQ [Emotional Quotient]as Dylan said, ‘the times they are a’changin’’.

(See more on why the WTM is the very opposite of a cυlt in WTM FAQ 3:12: Is the World Transformation Movement a cυlt?)


Be your own judge


The WTM is a completely open and transparent organisation with a comprehensive website at where there is a great range of books, publications and audio-visual material available to be viewed or downloaded that we encourage everyone to explore so as to reach your own conclusions about the veracity and importance of the work of the WTM.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

For further reading about the outrageous, reverse-of-the-truth lie that the WTM is a cυlt, and our successful vindication in the courts, see the Persecution of the WTM section on our website. Another relevant WTM essay is Crisis Point in the Human Journey. Also, as has been mentioned, WTM FAQ 3:12: Is the World Transformation Movement a cυlt? is particularly relevant.


Chapter 9:3 of FREEDOM and Freedom Essay 40, which are about the arrival of truth day or exposure day or ‘Judgment Day’, are also extremely relevant in terms of understanding why there has been persecution of the WTM.


And finally, we also recommend reading Chapter 9:7 of FREEDOM about the more upset having to support rather than study understanding of the human condition when it arrives, and Freedom Essay 15 on how to become transformed and free of the human condition.


Discussion or comment on this essay is welcomedsee below.




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  • Jim on March 11, 2018 at 11:17 am

    I’m very inspired by the WTM holding its ground against the persecution it has been subject to. For some reason it makes be think of a time nearly 40 years ago when I was about 8 years old- I remember thinking about what I’d heard about Christ. It seemed that we had made such a mistake in killing Christ since now (2000 years later) his message was or seemed easily recognised as so important. I thought about how Christ was supposed to ‘return’ one day (see essay 39 – Christ explained, and Freedom par1278). I had the impression that when that happened, what a celebration it would be because basically we all recognised now that he was ‘good’ or ‘right’, I suppose, and this time we’d be ready to receive whatever it was we apparently needed to be told. Obviously at that age I didn’t appreciate the adult world of the Human Condition or that Christ wasn’t thought of as a normal person from our normal world. Of course in our adult world, for every authentic product there’s a thousand fakes or wannabe’s, for every prophet there’s a thousand false prophets. Everyone is confused and insecure and cynical. The authorities cater to confusion, insecurity and cynicism. Thank god for the comprehensiveness of Jeremy Griffith’s work in explaining the human condition and the sheer blood and guts commitment to keeping it alive and available in the face of sometimes horrible persecution. The presentation is there for anyone to be able to establish the truth/value or otherwise of the claimed world saving information. There’s no question I regard it as exactly that – world saving information.

  • Conrad on March 21, 2018 at 11:23 am

    It’s incredible reading about the resistance and persecution that Griffith and the WTM have been subjected to over the years. Particularly when all they’re trying to do is stop human suffering through disseminating the explanation of the human condition!! I love this sentence: “The truth is the WTM is a bold, strong, healthy, thoughtful, dogma-free, responsible, transparent, sound and selfless organisation, the absolute opposite of a cult-like organisation”. John Stuart Mill’s quote is really good too. Thanks for the essay, it’s an interesting(?) insight into the journey that Griffith and the WTM have been on.

  • Roger on March 28, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    I can only guess and admire the amount of strength it would require to withstand that kind of attack, but I can understand why it was so vicious, because this information is so revealing of our upset human condition.
    The viciousness of the attack must have been almost as profound as Griffith’s answer.
    To present your information so publicly, putting every aspect up for discussion or debate, encouraging people to establish the logic for them self … is exactly the kind of behaviour I would have expected from someone who had explained the most profound question … literally in human history.

  • Willow on April 1, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    What an incredible journey the World Transformation Movement has been on; what terrible persecution it has endured to ensure a future for humanity that is free of the horrors of the human condition. To think that this organisation is just trying to bring about a better world for humans and it gets condemned for doing so – the deaf effect is so real and the resigned mind is so ruthlessly preoccupied with proving itself that it can’t see the full compassionate truth that provides the defence it is seeking when it arrives and fights against it instead of welcoming it with open arms and the celebration it deserves. Thank goodness there are people like Justice Hodgson who can recognise the significance of Jeremy Griffith’s work and that of the WTM and hopefully that will encourage others to put down their prejudices and give this information the attention it deserves and see for yourself if it isn’t what it says it is. I’m glad I did.

  • Alison Hartley on April 11, 2018 at 9:39 pm

    Is the World Transformation movement information available in a book?
    I would truly like to have these essays to read when my heart is discouraged
    Many thanks
    Alison Hartley.

    • WTM Admin on April 13, 2018 at 9:47 am

      Hi Alison, Thank you for your enquiry. We are hoping to provide a facility on our website soon that shows people how to make their own book from the wonderful Freedom Essays. Meanwhile the quickest way to access and evaluate Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation of the human condition is to read the very short booklet Transform Your Life and Save The World (TYL), which is a summary of Jeremy’s definitive presentation, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition. Both books are freely available to download from our homepage and hard copies can be purchased through

  • Robert Fong-Jean on April 12, 2018 at 6:08 am

    Thank you for your intention of encouraging collective altruistic presence. As we proceed I surmise the evolution of assistance that sustains and supports mapping that is inclusive and not factional. War of any sort distances cosmic harmony and invites fate. The human “condition” is meant to be transformative and awakening for all in a nourishing way.

    • Susy on April 12, 2018 at 4:28 pm

      The WTM is all about bringing understanding to our ‘deeply psychologically troubled human condition’ to quote this essay. Finally being able to understand why we are divisively instead of cooperatively behaved, is the only thing that will bring about the peace and freedom we all desperately long for.

  • Masembe Nkata on April 19, 2018 at 1:10 am

    Significant, relevant and for me it’s timely.
    Welcome ATM!
    In recent past I have been struggling with ;
    WHAT IS it that about life, why, how and when do we live?
    Why do we live a prescribed life?
    Why do persecutors, glabbers, liars people who dislike integrity always take a centre stage, control well meaning people of integrity WHO mean and get passion of what they do from far DEEP…and decide to redicule them?
    I have struggled in finding FORUM where I can feel, hear of OBUNTU…RESONANCE….
    WTM makes me feel closer……
    I have landed on many in my position but lacking and yearning for an organised , sustainable and reputable Forum…..

    Challenge is the platform hope we won’t delude ourselves to use same platforms to outperform the powerful and loud mind controlling, INITIATIVE demonizing organs…
    But it’s time to CHERISH, expand awareness of the power of Reason…….this is a right timing….

  • John tembo on May 6, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    Morning pastor, me am fine this conversation is very greetful because its giving a lot of knowledge to people, like the book of jerremey human conditions and human race all this books brings good knowledge to me so thank u very mach for this

  • Melody Donovan on May 7, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    An excellent article. So true that fearful upset people who are terrified of change or examining society control and being in that rut will automatically fight back in anxiety.
    The good thing for me is that those who scream and shout and kick out the loudest are those who will come to know the truth. True that if and when anything bothers us and we feel niggled and uncomfortable then we are awake and aware to a large degree. Time then allows us to mull over and think, test all things for truth and then the veil from our eyes and the plug in our ears is lifted and we see….which really means….aha now I understand it all.

  • Richard Cerbo on June 13, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    There is a problem with freedom and liberation, even in a nation that citizens are taught they are free…There still exists what Tolstoy referred to as the societal lie….Our society imprisoned many with different institutions that most join out of fear….When faced with being creative in this life, most fall back on their coterie and credentials, as Saul Bellow once said…..But how do we gain a foot hold in the consciousness of a distracted society bent on more desire….tell me…

    • Tommy on June 14, 2018 at 5:07 pm

      Hi Richard, You are talking about the confines of life under the duress of the human condition, before the human condition was solved, before the ‘battle’ to champion ignorance was won, where fear and rules, insecurity and prejudice naturally ran rampant. Until the human condition was solved we, as a whole species, were distracted, massively preoccupied, and egocentric, bent on more desire. The only way humanity can move forward from this behaviour is by answering the fundamental question of WHY are we so egocentric and selfish when the ideals are to be loving and cooperative? Everything rests on that answer. And it is this longed-for breakthrough explanation of the human condition that biologist Jeremy Griffith has found. Jeremy’s explanation results in a colossal paradigm shift in the way we look at ourselves and the world. As Saul Bellow himself recognised ‘I cannot exceed what I see. I am bound, in other words, as the historian is bound by the period he writes about, by the situation I live in.’ A whole new era opens up for humanity now that the battle to find self-understanding has been won, we are no longer bound by the human condition, and true true freedom and liberation is finally available for all. This FAQ is brilliant Honestly Richard this is what you will discover the more you absorb this information, and not even the sky is the limit!

  • Robert Frood. on June 21, 2018 at 8:14 am

    As a geriatric but emerging student in studies of the human condition, and somewhat of a conditioned misanthrope ( retired from a police career ). I am hopeful in wishing to know more .

  • Zzantor on September 6, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    There’s a human need to be ‘right’ about what we know or believe. We resist anything that differs from what we believe and if we can’t dismiss it, then we attack it. It seems to me, that, a person has to be searching for an explanation to actually, let one in, otherwise, they may feel attacked themselves when presented or ‘confronted’ with another explanation. After all, who wants to rethink what they have already accepted as true? I mean, that would imply that they’re wrong, that their ‘truth’ is wrong, or, even a lie and many would feel as if they themselves were being attacked… Many people in sales take it personally when they hear the word ‘no’, even though it’s not about them, it’s about what they are selling. Maybe when another explanation for ‘how we are’ is presented, they perceive it as an attack on themselves and retaliate as if it was, without thinking. Most of us listen to reply, not to understand. I wish I had an answer, or, solution… Thank you WTM for what you do.:)

  • Terry Mills on October 16, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    I can Honestly say I Resonate totally with this incredible Harmonic, the benchmark for the resurrection of coherence in society that with the passing down to future generations will see the iradication of everyday unconscious behaviour responsible for what I see as the self destructive human error the Hindu Masters call.
    Yogasta Kuru Kurmani “ The mistake of the intellect” without the ability transcend and reach the level of least excitation ( silence in thought ) then it becomes virtually impossible to provide an escape route for the mental stress dissolve and provide the levels of intuitive awareness required for self referral states to establish themselves.
    Object referral states are a dangerous trend weave now witnessing in our youth, largely brought about by the technology we now have become addicted to.
    A mighty challenge indeed for WFM.

    • Tommy on October 17, 2018 at 10:39 am

      Hi Terry, I felt compelled to reply to your comment especially in regard to saying the intellect is or has a mistake in its behaviour. For me, the revolutionary breakthrough in the ideas the WTM are putting forward is that, despite all appearances, we can finally understand that the intellect was not a mistake in any way. In fact it’s the complete opposite, our intellect has been destructive for sure but it is now explained that it was all for an incredibly good reason, in fact it has been utterly heroic. We have eternally wrestled with why are we so destructive and selfish when the ideals are to be so loving and caring and this is what this biological understanding finally brings an answer to. That knowledge changes everything for humanity and is the only thing that will bring lasting change which is what we all desperately want. I really recommend everyone read the WTM’s 4th essay and the video there titled “The ‘instinct vs intellect’ is the obvious and real explanation of our condition, as all these great thinkers evidence”, it’s a very powerful essay.

  • Clay Kemper on September 23, 2020 at 3:49 am

    Suggestion:. Go to three 12th grade classes at different schools with broad diversity in your area and get permission to have students answer a simple question in one paragraph or less. The question:

    What is the human condition?

  • Ari on January 15, 2021 at 5:17 pm

    What a magnificent presentation. It really just makes such perfect sense that when the truth about this all fearful subject appears, the extreme denial of the subject, within humanities sub conscience would fight back.

    The paradox is that Jeremy’s biological and scientific explanations are the answers we all seek. The information defends our heroic ‘upset’ state, explains our human condition behaviour, and relieves of any guilt and shame associated with it.

    Great work WTM. You are the only truly ‘life-saving’ group on earth devoting yourselves to stopping the human suffering with understanding not false dogma or psuedo-idealism.