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This is Freedom Essay 41


Is science’s scorn of religion legitimate?


Written by Jeremy Griffith, 2017


Many scientists scorn religion. But as the three previous Freedom Essays (38, 39 & 40) showed, now that we have the scientific explanation of the human condition (see Video/​F. Essay 3), we can see how extraordinarily insightful some religious metaphors are.

For example, now that we understand that our angry, egocentric and alienated state was the result of a clash between our emerging consciousness (see F. Essay 24) and our pre-established, loving instincts (see F. Essay 21), we can appreciate just how accurate the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, Moses’s 3,500-year-old, pre-scientific description of the human condition, is.


Painting of Adam and Eve by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Adam and Eve
by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1526

Lithograph of Adam and Eve being cast out of Paradise, c.1880

Adam and Eve cast out of Paradise, from Old Testament Stories, pub. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, c.1880


The book of Genesis story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden describes the primary situation involved in our human condition of the psychologically upsetting battle that emerged between our instincts and our conscious intellect’s search for knowledge. It says Adam and Eve/​we were ‘created…​in the image of God’ (Genesis 1:27), obviously meaning we once lived in a pre-human-condition-afflicted state of original innocence where we were perfectly instinctively orientated to the cooperative, selfless, loving, integrative, ‘Godly’ ideals of life (‘God’ being explained in F. Essay 23 as being the integrative meaning of life). The Genesis story then says that Adam and Eve were ‘disobedient’ (the term widely used in descriptions of Gen. 3) and ate the ‘fruit’ (Gen. 3:3) ‘from the tree of knowledge of good and evil’ (Gen. 2:9, 17) because it was ‘desirable for gaining wisdom’ (Gen. 3:6). In other words, we developed a conscious mind and free will. The story then says Adam and Eve (i.e. we fully conscious humans) then became perpetrators of ‘sin’ (Gen. 4:7) and were regarded as ‘evil’ (Gen. 3:22), and as a result were ‘banished…​from the Garden of Eden’ (Gen. 3:23) of our species’ original Edenic state of innocence (the dictionary definition of ‘Edenic’ being ‘the first home of Adam and Eve…​a state of innocence, bliss, or ultimate happiness’ (The Free Dictionary)). So the story recognised that our ‘fallen’ (derived from the title of Gen. 3, ‘The Fall of Man’), corrupted angry, egocentric and alienated, psychologically upset, human-condition-stricken state developed, which then, through ‘gaining wisdom’, had to be understood in order for us to become ‘like God, knowing good and evil’ (Gen. 3:3), a state of psychologically relieving and rehabilitating understanding that has now arrived and is presented in FREEDOM.

We can see that Moses’s account of the origins or ‘Genesis’ of the human condition recognises the elements of an original instinctive orientation which then came into conflict with a conscious mind. All Moses lacked to fully explain the human condition was the scientific explanation of the difference between genes and nerves, which defends our ‘disobedience’. It is this explanation that is presented in FREEDOM (and Video/​F. Essay 3) that finally allows us to understand that even though we became immensely psychologically upset sufferers of anger, egocentricity and alienation for participating in humanity’s search for knowledge, we weren’t ‘evil’; in fact, we are the heroes of the story of life on Earth! However, this redeeming insight, that Moses lacked the scientific knowledge to be able to explain, was to take a further 3,500 years to discover!

It is of some significance that while Moses’s account is perhaps the most widely recognised, virtually all religions contain a metaphor about the rise of consciousness corrupting an innocent stateas the author Richard Heinberg notes in his book Memories & Visions of Paradise (see F. Essay 53 for more from Heinberg, along with examples from mythology):


Every religion begins with the recognition that human consciousness has been separated from the divine Source, that a former sense of oneness…​has been lost…​everywhere in religion and myth there is an acknowledgment that we have departed from an original…​innocence and can return to it only through the resolution of some profound inner discord…​the cause of the Fall is described variously as disobedience, as the eating of a forbidden fruit [from the tree of knowledge], and as spiritual amnesia [forgetting, blocking out, alienation/​psychosis].


So despite the scorn prominent mechanistic scientists have been pouring on religion recentlyfor example (and you can read more in the previous F. Essay 40), evolutionary biologist, and famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, has said ‘faith seems to me to qualify as a kind of mental illness’ (The Selfish Gene, new edition, 1989, p.330 of 352), and ‘Faith is one of the world’s great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus, but harder to eradicate. The whole subject of God is a bore”…​those who teach religion to small children are guilty of “child abuse”’ (see par. 938 of FREEDOM); and the founder of sociobiology, E.O. Wilson, has said ‘What’s dragging us down is religious faith…​I would say that for the sake of human progress, the best thing we could possibly do would be to diminish, to the point of eliminating, religious faith’ (see par. 938 of FREEDOM)it turns out that the scientific explanation of the human condition, now that it has arrived, is in accord with the religious one. Which should come as no surprise really, because as the Nobel prize-winning physicist Charles H. Townes said,


They [science and religion] both represent man’s efforts to understand his universe and must ultimately be dealing with the same substance. As we understand more in each realm, the two must grow together…​converge they must. (See par. 327 of FREEDOM)


Charles H. Townes

Charles H. Townes

Sir James Darling

Sir James Darling


My headmaster at Geelong Grammar School and great denial-free thinking prophet (see F. Essay 39 for an explanation of prophets), Sir James Darling, similarly spoke the truth when he said that,


The scientist can no more deny or devaluate the truths of spiritual experience than the theologian can neglect the truths of science: and the two truths must be reconcilable, and it must be of importance to each of us that they should be reconciled. (See par. 327 of FREEDOM)


How right Townes and Darling were. Now that we have the true, human-condition-confronting scientific explanation of the human condition we can appreciate just how profound religious descriptions of the human condition were, as all four of these ‘Religion deciphered’ essays (F. Essays 38, 39, 40 & 41) evidence.

Finally, it should be pointed out that not only ancient thinkers like Moses recognised the true ‘instinct vs intellect’ elements involved in the human condition, but also many contemporary thinkers, whose work you can read about in F. Essay 53.


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Watch Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough redeeming explanation of the human condition in Video/​F. Essay 3, or read chapter 1 of FREEDOM. You can also read more about the relationship between science and religion while the journey to find understanding was underway in chapter 4 of FREEDOM, specifically paragraphs 326-328.


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  • Annabelle West on April 21, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    The symmetry between it is amazing, simple and clear. Without these understandings people really are in the dark.
    I read an article last weekend about a woman trying to raise her kids and remembered how she described Richard Dawkins as being a ‘pit-bull atheist’ which confirms what you’ve written about him in the blog. Here’s the link if it’s any interest to anyone.
    6 days ago … Nikki Gemmell. Columnist. Sydney … That pit-bull atheist, Richard Dawkins, says raising children as Christians is a form of child abuse.

  • Armand on April 22, 2017 at 4:05 am

    I started being interested in the ideas propagated by but after having read the following statement “They [science and religion] both represent man’s efforts to understand his universe and must ultimately be dealing with the same substance. As we understand more in each realm, the two must grow together…converge they must.” (See par. 327 of FREEDOM )” I can only conclude that this site is yet another attempt to confuse us all by merging two ideas which are mutually exclusive namely “science” and “religion”. These 2 ideas can NOT be both true at the same time. As from now I will no longer visit (nor affiliated sites) and I have unsubscribed myself from its mailing list. To those choosing to be no longer deluded I advise to do the same.

  • jazz82 on April 22, 2017 at 8:29 am

    In Griffith we have a biologist who is bringing scientific understanding to religious metaphors, and yet, simply for the fact that he is doing that, he is branded by some as un-scientific. What about the brilliant demystification of the Adam and Eve Story in the post in question? Doesn’t that show that the scientific explanation of the human condition and the religious explanation were both saying the same thing?

  • Parsimony on April 22, 2017 at 8:35 am

    As one of the resident mechanists on this forum, I do enjoy the rigour with which Mr Griffith approaches all subjects including religious. And upon reflection, when thinking about the Adam and Eve myth or metaphor, it does appear to me, with the benefit of Mr Griffith’s thinking, that whoever wrote it, was indeed describing the emergence of consciousness, and how it contributed to the human condition.

  • RJ on April 26, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Gosh I don’t relate to Armand’s comments above at all, as to me, it makes infinite sense that the two disciplines of science and religion should, or “must”, ultimately be reconciled — as indeed they are now by Jeremy Griffith’s understanding. And as for Dawkins and EO Wilson quoted above I find their comments abhorrent! So I am definitely in agreeance with the other three comments above.
    Understanding religion was one of the things that gave me the greatest relief when I came across this information. Even as a school girl, I felt very unreconciled in my views of religion. Christianity (in my case) seemed to uphold all the feelings I held so dear like love and morality but then I was interested too in science’s explanatory powers. It has been absolutely wonderful, in fact liberating, for me to finally be able to understand and make sense of the Bible like the example of the Garden of Eden given above. These accounts of our once innocent state are incredibly beautiful now that I can understand them free of dogma (great comment jazz82). And then to be able to answer the ultimate question, of ‘what is God?’ is simply mindblowing.
    Frankly, as to the title question of this post, I’m just glad we have this new paradigm of knowledge to bridge all these numerous unreconciled and poles-apart views that cause so much pain between people, the chasm between science and religion being only one. Our prejudices and defences have been legitimate up until now but this biological understanding changes everything. Finally we have the ‘manual to life’!

  • Gil Pahlow on April 27, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    I grew up with the teaching that “There was only one God”, but over the years that belief has mellowed to ” There is only one God but different peoples have given Him a different name.” Like there is only one Sun shining in the Sky….different peoples have different names for the Sun.

    This was not a problem in our world till we became advanced enough to Communicate widely and began to argue with other peoples about God’s name and the way we believed He required us to honour him. And the better our communication got the more we argue about this subject.

    The above naturally insures that these different peoples have different rules. It is unfortunate that we have taken upon ourselves the belief that we should convert those who believe something that better reflects our own.

    • Robert Urlich on July 14, 2017 at 7:57 pm

      Surely argument over names is an issue of ego and perhaps insecurity.
      The questions we should keep in our minds are: ‘What if I am wrong?” and “What shall I do if that is proven?”

  • Michael on May 20, 2017 at 2:11 am

    Armand’s and RJ’s comments are IMO highlighting a central issue in e-mail nr. 28, namely if science and religion can/should be reconciled and should “converge” and be seen as dealing with “the same substance”, or if they still are mutually exclusive in spite of Jeremy’s findings… Given that the World Transformation Movement is heavily relying on a new understanding of the temporal dimension in the human condition, a dimension with a whole lot of different temporal levels, issues and personal considerations, it is my opinion that these two cognitive areas, religion and science, are still two mutually exclusive areas which nowadays, thanks to Jeremy Griffith, can be juggled back and forth by way of a third intermediary area, which to my mind best can be described as the “temporal area”… Science and Religion can thus both be viewed compared to Time… preferrably the geological timescale, on which at least I have become aware of three “impasse’s”… two of which Jeremy Griffith has identified and described, and one third “impasse”, one which Jeremy has not mentioned and perhaps not even realized… yet…:)

  • Kenneth on June 23, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    Religion is brainwashing,just as most science is too,
    Adam and Eve is childish nonsense,
    For the illiterate, to me ,it has no sense what ever,even symbolically,
    Like the Big Bang,an explanation,
    For the unknowable ,
    The quantum mechanics, of the old testament,

    • George C on June 24, 2017 at 9:49 am

      Science is knowledge.
      Religion and mythology hold the great truths of mankind’s journey through ignorance to enlightenment.
      To throw away both makes no sense to me whatsoever.
      Our choice is to live in a cave or to exit into a sunlight existence.
      I know what I’d prefer and I feel for those that have to endure the darkness and horror when it’s no longer necessary..! Habituation and fear of change seem to cripple man’s potential.
      Love to all that are tuning in to this incredible information and momentous movement. : )

  • George C on June 24, 2017 at 9:58 am

    Indeed it is a beautiful symmetry. Thank you for shedding further light!

  • Victor Gaw on July 7, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    Of course. What alternative does religion offers, but nothing but religious delusions based on no evidence but faith? It not acceptable as rational evidence. It’s totally unverifiable. It’s unfalsifiable. Meaning it can not be proven false. When something can not be proven false is logically impossible.

    A classic example is Christianity’s claims that it is the only true religion and rejects all other religions. How do they know? They will cite some verses in their holy books to back their claims as proof. it’s nothing more than Christian hypocrisy that claims that Christian holy book is the latest incarnation of g0d’s law that supersedes the Judean Talmud. Did g0d’s law (Yahweh, the monotheistic, omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, Eternal, All Caring and Loving deity g0d, the Alpha and the Omega) got modified to become a Trinity g0d during the Pagan Roman conversion to Christianity since then? Please more realistic. Think of what the Roman Catholics did to the (g0d’s law) The Ten Commandments, handed down directly by G0d to Moses? Isn’t is blasphemy? Think of it!. Shalom. May Allah bless you.

    I would welcome anyone to respond to my objections.

    • Robert Urlich on July 14, 2017 at 7:49 pm

      Shalom Victor
      At some point of existence there is only potential energy without mass or form.
      Is this not the beginning of creation? Is it scientific or is it just mythology?
      In my culture every opinion has some validity related to the life essence of the holder.
      As I read scripture, Jehoshua, Jeshua, Issa, Jesus or what other name is preferred is one person; born of the line of David, therefore Jewish; he cautioned, ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’
      The issue is this: ‘All judgments tend close the mind thereby blocking out further possibilities.
      God as El, Allah and many other names, I believe, wishes that we humans keep open our hearts and minds.
      Kia tau te rangimarie me nga manaaki o te runga rawa ki a koe.
      (May the peace and the blessings of the highest be upon you)

  • richard on July 8, 2017 at 8:44 am

    I am not a religious person, but you may be missing the point of the email. The point seems to me to be that religion can now be seen to have been a precious repository of truth about the human condition, albeit in metaphorical terms. The email is not saying that anything in religious texts is literally true. The example given in the email about how the story of Adam and Eve parallels the scientific explanation of the human condition which is that when our species became conscious our consciousness came into conflict with our pre-established instincts, with the result being the psychologically upset state of the human condition, is a case in point. I find that remarkable. Obviously when people take the bible literally they are losing the real meaning of it all, but that is another issue to what is being put forward in this email.

  • Robert Urlich on July 14, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Clear as crystal to me.
    The most effective agent in catalyzing the drawing together science and religion is modern communication technology. The inter-net was designed to exchange information between a select few at high academic level. Exchange of information using this technology is now available to the masses not just the dizzy heights of academia,
    In Christian religious terms this means that people individually and collectively are equally images of God.
    Equals relate without disadvantage or threat of losing status or authority.
    Surely if there is nothing to contest then Eden must be nearby.
    I would attach a label reading, Truly just.

  • Tommy on July 15, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    I’ve been flicking through the commendations for Jeremy Griffith’s work and these from Professor John Morton are of relevance and interest to this discussion, as he is so eminently qualified being a Lay Canon of Holy Trinity Cathedral and Fellow St. John’s Theological College as well as Emeritus Professor of Zoology

  • R. I. Parijs on December 22, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    I already thought a long time ago, that Adam and Eve didn’t sin. They had to eat from the fruit of knowledge.
    Since “God ” gave man free wil, he had to give them knowledge and copiousness also. Free will meaning to be able to choose, for that you need to be conscious and know the effect, result of your choices.
    I to think that Religion, any Religion, have some truth in them, bu the moment a religion is taken literally or say to be THE TRUTH and nothing els but the truth, and all other religions are not, then i get suspicious, by what force do they know that. One Islamic scholar said, no Religion holds the truth, rather the truth is shared. I look at it this way. It is impossible to map the Earth on a flat peace of paper without distortion, since a sphere cannot be flattened! So it is with religion, each religion looks at the truth in an other angle!

  • Roland Parijs on December 24, 2017 at 4:19 am

    According to what I understood, matter organizes itself from low to ever increasing higher complexity, ending in us the most complex form of matter we know.
    But it also has been shown that the universe is espanding expnentialy, and that in the end it will ripp it self appart, destraoying all that organized matter until there is nothing left then fotons flying around. Al that was will therefore end in to oblivioun.
    So how does WTM reconsile this? (Maybe it is already been addresed, still reading the book)

    • WTM Admin on December 25, 2017 at 8:46 am

      Hi Roland,
      Jeremy addresses this issue (within the context of explaining how God is the embodiment of Negative Entropy) in one of his earlier books ‘A Species In Denial’. You will find it in the chapter ‘The Demystification of God’, under the subheading ‘If negative entropy ends with the ‘heat death’ or ‘big crunch’ end of the universe, where does that leave God?’
      This is a quote from that section: “As has been mentioned, physicist Stephen Hawking said ‘I would use the term God as the embodiment of the laws of physics.’ The point is God is not only the law of negative entropy, but all of the laws of physics. In fact as Davies says, ‘you can stand outside of the spacetimescape as a whole and that can be something with meaning.’ The whole phenomenon of the existence of the universe, and even its potential demise, is meaningful.”
      However, the section ends by saying how the key issue is that humans will no longer be oppressed by negative entropy once they are free of the agony of the human condition, “Once free of the agony of the human condition humans will view themselves as part of a universe that is influenced by various forces and subject to various laws, each of which has to be lived with, however humans won’t be condemned and oppressed by any particular force or law, as they have been for 2 million years by negative entropy.”
      I recommend you read the whole section (in conjunction with chapter 4 of FREEDOM) because the issue of Integrative Meaning and God and Negative Entropy are obviously very profound and require a lot of thought to bottom out on.
      p.s. it is also worth adding the following passage from The Great Exodus, Part 12 ‘Integrative Meaning and our necessary denial of it’: “Incidentally the universe may not be a closed system either — thus the possibilities of maximum entropy, the possible so-called ‘heat death of the universe’, is not yet determined.”
      I hope that is of help Roland.

  • elizabeth on December 30, 2017 at 10:52 am

    I know where you coming from with this and science does play a big role in our survival now in this time day and age as we come through ages of time an learnt to talk our words against each other is what’s holding us back from improving further into gods wisdom words tracks , at this time in our lives we have to balance out the weather, and clouds formations, we create with our words anger tension thoughts, and actions over time the answer are all in bible I found it was easier for me to understand by breaking down our words, into alphabet and numerology and checking it with the verse of the bible, each culture represents a part in bible thus far of family trees of where we have corrected past mistakes in time, and what puts us onto a different levels from others but all level important as they all have a place in time ,write it all down of what comes in on one understand the wisdom of it then send it out to next level to improve on or understand nursery rhymes and old time songs all part of our make up, nursery rhymes has an adult meaning to them and all involves the weather patterns,

  • Allan Lamothe on February 23, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Thank you for this site. Most interesting and challenging.

  • DANIEL RONALD JULIENNE on March 12, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    Dear sir ; Madamma ,Adam and Eve was cast out of Paradise, from Old Testament Stories am still dont understood till today , because am just looking out of todays way of leaving.

  • Nicholas Nelsen Rackham on May 11, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    Humankind has quite awhile to go prior identifying homo sapiens realistic, being specific reason humankind exists. Love.

  • Winston Le Roux on June 25, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    There is a huge difference between religion and spirituality and spiritual knowledge, and the application and reality of it.

    Religion – which is based on paganism, superstition and church dogma is at all times a waste of effort and has been responsible for some of the worst atrocities in the history of earth.

    However science as we have it as yet, is still in a pitifully primitive state. They cannot define life or even make a pumpkin or a blade of grass or anything with basic life of its own sustaining it, or basic to sustain basic life. All their efforts are based on the application of billions and billions of dollars of money and without money everything falls flat.

    So until such time as they acknowledge the knowledge, power and reality of the magnificent spiritual powers that sustains our whole existence and honor and respect it enough to incorporate it into their science they will remain pitifully powerless, and slaves to their god mammon.

  • Dave Martin on July 8, 2018 at 12:18 am

    The “human condition” has been debated since the dawn of humanity. ALL religions; Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam etc, have dealt with the question. But these are all somewhat regional and their differing interpretations of the question have left us where we are today. Science is universal and tries to answer the question for the benefit of all humans.

  • Sandra stapleton on September 24, 2018 at 7:22 pm

    Very helpful and interesting ok NG thank u

  • Cesar Caballos Cabrera on November 17, 2018 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for everything, I hope it gets to everyone in the word , it would be very helpful. Thanks again .

  • Szilvia on April 5, 2019 at 7:49 pm

    The west needs to stop the confusion of calling Buddism a “religion”, as its no such thing. Buddism is a spiritual way of life based on personal investigations of the self and collective. Buddism does not tell you to believe what they teach, therefore there is no dogma involved. They rather urge you to investigate and discover it all yourself. Moreover Buddism does not oppose science, rather try to teach them what they learned during the last few thousand years. Buddism is called the science of the East. The Dalai Lama for example is really interested in quantum mechanics and frequently meets up with scientists from all over the world. I appreciate your book, your work and I believe it’s a wonderful movement. But I urge everyone to please stop referring to Buddism as a religion. Until you investigated and confirmed for yourself, one should not make such statements. Wikipedia doesn’t do it. I believe that what’s been said its true. All religions started with great potential to help people find the “inner light”, “true self”, “pure soul” etc and discover our true nature which is as you say gentle, loving, kind etc. The problem was that all have been exploited later on and been twisted by people who’s only goal was money and power. Its apparent, and clear as a sky. One more note on stories from the bible. Many have been taken from the sumerians, slightly changed and implemented into the bible. For example the “Noah story” has been found on sumerian tablets and its accuracy maches the big flood happening long before the bible was born. “The Sumerian flood myth found in the Deluge tablet was the epic of Ziusudra, who heard the gods’ plan to destroy humanity, in response to which he constructed a vessel that delivered him from great waters.”
    Also note that there are more of these stories from the area about the same time as the sumerians wrote their story. Interestingly all have one hero saving his family from a great flood… the problem with the “Noah story” is that the timeline doesn’t add up as there where no big flood at that time. Whereas in the case of the other stories there where written at the exact time of a great flooding of the area. Investigate, question everything and you’ll find the truth.

    • RJ on April 6, 2019 at 11:19 am

      Many websites (including wiki actually) do define Buddhism as a religion and I have to say I agree with them seeing as traditional Buddhism does in fact have many deities, doctrines, and rituals, as well as sacred texts, ordained priests, ethics, sectarian developments, all which are generally associated with a religion. I found this description of buddhism in Freedom very enlightening: “…since God is representative of the cooperative ideals and ‘his’ presence, in effect, stands in judgment of humans’ non-ideal state, religions, such as Buddhism, that didn’t emphasise God, sin and guilt, and instead focused on extinguishing the mental trauma of upset through austere practices like meditation and recital of mantras, became increasingly popular in the latter stages of the last 200 years when upset became extreme. As one convert said of Buddhism, it’s ‘non-judgmental, there’s no notion of sin, there’s no notion of good and evil, you don’t embrace negativity’ … (While the thrust of this comment is true, to say there is no notion of good and evil in Buddhism is not entirely correct because Buddhism does recognise a sense of ‘karmic’ heaven and hell.) The problem, however, with focusing on ways, such as meditation, to extinguish the mental trauma of the upset, human-condition-afflicted state was that they undermined the essential responsibility of being a conscious being, which is to think and understand, ultimately to find understanding of the human condition…” (para 1069).
      Anyway the point for me is that we have all looked forward to a time where we can biologically understand ourselves, and demystify and make sense of our world and all the myths and philosophies and religions that have helped us to this point – and with Freedom this time has arrived. Obviously people are welcome to their more literal views but the logic for me is undeniable and personally fulfilling and even liberating such as essay 38 on Noah’s Ark and the following one on Christ.

  • Frank on September 19, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    A pretty thought provoking essay here by the WTM that I’m sure will conjure up a lot of discussion. For me having been born and educated in more modern times religion was often scrutinised (as can be seen from the comments above) however, this essay allowed me to see the overwhelming importance of religion as science without religion is often blind and vise versa. Your only looking at the problem of the human condition with half the answers and totally blocking out the spiritual side of our development and history. After all, as this essay suggests it is this part of us that we have lost touch with and only this reconciling understanding can hope to reach that profound inner discord.
    Indeed both studies have been treated as separate, totally unrelated to one another, that they can’t be brought together in order to form a holistic understanding of mans efforts to understand his universe and yet this essay here has turned all that on it’s head. The spiritual and intellectual have been reconciled to bring us the ultimate knowledge of mankind’s origins. This is quite an extraordinary event in our history and even an exciting one as it deepens our knowledge of ourselves.
    The quotes from Charles Townes and James Darling just blow a mere mortal like myself away.
    Overall, an mind opener of an essay! Thank you!

  • Hameed on December 10, 2020 at 8:46 am

    A very interesting and enlightening statements of many past and present great thinkers, who were and are, in fact, prophets. Both the past and the present prophets stating that science and religion are reconcilable. The human condition as proved scientifically by Jeremy showed clearly what Albert Einstein said, that Science without religion is Lame and Religion wihout science is Blind.
    Now that we understand Human Condition thoroughly through the book Freedom my Jeremy, the concept of and many remarkable statements in the Bible are easily reconcilable with scientific explanations by Jeremy