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This is Freedom Essay 52


Jeremy’s children’s book, A Perfect Life!


When Franklin Mukakanga, Stefan Rössler and Sam Akritidis were here in Sydney in February 2017 launching their respective WTM Centres, a number of recordings were made of discussions between them and Sydney WTM members, which you can view on our website under the heading, ‘Candid discussions that took place during the visit from the Zambian, Austrian and Melbourne WTM Centres’.

You will see there that the concluding video is a brief, entertaining talk, in which Jeremy describes a little book he’s designed for children titled A Perfect Life, which you can view here:


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A Perfect Life is a humorous take on the thought-provoking question of how did our distant innocent, all-cooperative and all-loving forebears cope with all the brutal must-reproduce-your-genes, natural-selection-derived competition and aggression in the natural world around them? Jeremy provides the answer to this question in paragraph 840 of FREEDOM. Referring to ‘Mr Crocodile’, dressed in ‘armour’ and with a mouthful of ferocious teeth designed to kill, Jeremy explains that ‘In more innocent times, we were magnanimous towards the sometimes divisive behaviour that occurs in nature, such as in our animal friends, because we could feel and see the greater truth that love is universal; that it is the one fabulously wonderful, great force in the world. Again, this was before the upset state of the human condition became so developed that our shame killed off this awareness.’

Freedom Essay 53 contains many marvellous mythological and historical descriptions of our species’ past time in innocence.

For more of Jeremy’s ‘John Lennon-like’, wonderfully imaginative drawings and artwork, including the drawings of A Perfect Life, go to


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Watch Jeremy Griffith present the breakthrough redeeming explanation of the human condition in Video/​F. Essay 3, or read chapter 1 of FREEDOM. You can also read about Jeremy’s life in F. Essay 49.


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