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This is Freedom Essay 60


The World-Destroying Crime Of
‘Ships At Sea’ ‘Pocketing The Win’


By Jeremy Griffith, 2018

(This essay also appears as FAQ 1.18)


In paragraph 594 of FREEDOM I described how the prophet Daniel said that ‘the people who know their God [those who can most easily cope with the truth about the human condition, which, as I explain in Freedom Essay 30, and par. 1209 of FREEDOM, are what I term unresigned ‘ships at sea’] will firmly resist [those who want to stay in Plato’s cave of denial]. And in paragraph 1186 of FREEDOM I refer to Christ’s similar statements that ‘the meek [the more innocent, especially the few who are secure enough to avoid Resignation, which are ‘ships at sea’]…​inherit the earth [they have to lead humanity home to the human-condition-free world](Matt. 5:5), and that ‘many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first’ (Matt. 19:30, 20:16; Mark 10:31; Luke 13:30), which also means that those who are most bewildered by the resigned world, which are unresigned, human-condition-confronting-not-avoiding ‘ships at sea’, have been ‘last’ in the sense of finding it hardest to cope with and operate in the crazy resigned world, but will now become ‘first’ in the sense of being the most easily able to ‘hear’ the denial-free truth that has arrived and as a result have to lead humanity home to the human-condition-understood-and-reconciled new world. To appreciate this inability of unresigned ‘ships at sea’ to fathom the mad dishonest, artificial and superficial resigned world, consider the following comments made by two such individuals, Stefan (the founder of WTM Austria) who said, ‘I thought I was living amongst aliens who had invaded the Earth’, and Roz (the founder of WTM UK) who similarly thought she ‘must be an alien’because they were both so bewildered by, and as a result relatively inoperable in, the resigned world.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of a young person scratching their head trying to understand the a deluded adult wearing a crown.


So it’s VERY clear from the words of these two extraordinarily denial-free, truthful, effective thinking prophets, Daniel and Christ, that the unresigned have an EXCEPTIONALLY important role to play in leading humanity homewhich basically means supporting the arrival of the truth about the human condition while all those who are resigned are still struggling to overcome the ‘deaf effect’ and are basically stuck in Plato’s cave of denial (see Video/​F. Essay 11). UNRESIGNED ‘SHIPS AT SEA’ HAVE TO INITIATE SUPPORT FOR THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HUMAN CONDITION. THAT IS THEIR ROLE, THEIR JOB, THEIR TASK, THEIR RESPONSIBILITY NOW.

The BIG problem, however, for unresigned ‘ships at sea’ is that they don’t realise how deaf almost everyone else is to this information and therefore how rare they are (that is the big shock for ‘ships at sea’, just how hard it is to get anybody else to ‘hear’ this information that they find so easy to hear), and the effect of not appreciating how rare they are is that they don’t see anything particularly wrong with ‘pocketing the win’‘pocketing the win’ being to use their ability to finally understand the world (which this information gives them) to enable them to be exceptionally operational and successful in the world around them. ‘Pocketing the win’ for male ‘ships at sea’ has been especially tempting because, as paragraphs 769770 of FREEDOM explain, men are more egocentric (and, as I will explain shortly, almost all ‘ships at sea’ are still variously insecure and therefore needing to egocentrically validate their self-worth), and so for male ‘ships at sea’ to suddenly discover how operational they can be now that they have this amazing insight into the world and are no longer bewildered and victimised by it, building up an ego castle for themselves is extremely tempting. But, as explained, that’s the OPPOSITE of what they are supposed to dothey are supposed to lead the way in supporting this information, not go off and exploit its insights to make themselves into an ‘old world’ operational winner!


‘Pocketing The Win’

Drawing by Jeremy Griffith © 2018 Fedmex Pty Ltd

WRONG response: ‘pocket the win’,
‘exploit its insights to make themselves
into an ‘old world’ operational winner’

Jeremy Griffith’s drawing of person supporting the information

Drawing by Jeremy Griffith © 2018 Fedmex Pty Ltd

RIGHT response: ‘lead the way
in supporting this information’


If ‘ships at sea’ appreciated just how rare they are, and from that awareness realised where their responsibility actually lies, they wouldn’t be so tempted to ‘pocket the win’. But that’s the trap and the problem: ‘ships at sea’ don’t realise that almost everyone else finds it extremely hard to ‘hear’ this information at firstthat while ‘ships at sea’ can typically read one of my books straight away, sometimes in just one night, resigned people initially struggle to read just one page, and as I said, the discovery of how deaf everyone else is to this information comes as a complete shock to them. (I might mention here that if you were straight away able to read one of my books with ease you are very probably a ‘ship at sea’. The only other people who don’t suffer from the ‘deaf effect’ and can read my books with ease are rare individuals who through having experienced an extreme trauma (such as a mother who lost her young son when he was hit by a car while riding his tricycle, or individuals who experienced extremely hurtful upbringings) have their ability to maintain a well-constructed block-out of the issue of the human condition shattered and through this ‘shattered defence’ they can access the analysis of the human condition in my books. The psychiatrist R.D. Laing was describing the ‘shattered defence’ access to truth of someone with an extremely hurt upbringing when he wrote that ‘the cracked mind of the schizophrenic may let in light which does not enter the intact mind of many sane people whose minds are closed’ (The Divided Self, 1960, p.27 of 218). You can read about the ‘shattered defence’ mind in pars 998-999 of FREEDOM, and also, in par. 1187 of FREEDOM, you can read about the danger for those who are extremely psychotic of immersing themselves too deeply in the all-exposing truth about the human condition in my books.)

THIS PROBLEM OF ‘SHIPS AT SEA’ ‘POCKETING THE WIN’ IS VERY SERIOUS FOR THIS PROJECT of bringing understanding to the human condition and saving the world, because the reality is that no matter how we present this information, and we are committing all the time, effort and resources we can to marketing it, almost the only people who can ‘hear’ it (in the initial stage of this project especially) are ‘ships at sea’. That’s just the realityas Plato said about the resigned cave prisoner, ‘he wouldn’t be able to see a single one of the things he was now told were real. Certainly not at first. Because he would need to grow accustomed to the light before he could see things in the world outside the cave’ (The Republic, 517).

There is another very serious dimension to this problem that many ‘ships at sea’ have of wanting to ‘pocket the win’ now that they understand the resigned world and are suddenly empowered and operational within it that also needs to be explained here.

Degrees of innocence naturally vary amongst ‘ships at sea’, with the more innocent finding it the easiest to avoid resignation to living in denial of the human condition because they have less upset within them to have to confront. However, since those who were exceptionally well nurtured in their upbringing and thus sound and secure enough to not need to resign have been extremely rare, the question this raises is how did those ‘ships at sea’ who were not innocent enough to avoid Resignation manage to do so? The answer is that on approaching the point where they should resign when they were about 14 or 15 years old (see F. Essay 30), they realised there was an opportunity to resist resigning and make themselves feel good for having done so. Basically, they realised they could counter the agony of confronting the human condition by focusing on the ‘win’ of having held out against Resignation. They made themselves feel they were more sound and secure than those who did resign and became artificial, superficial, soul-dead people; they, as we describe such self-deception, ‘sided with the angels’; they deluded themselves they are sound and secure innocents. Again, the reality is that while there is a spectrum of degrees of innocence amongst those who should have resigned but chose to ‘side with the angels’, almost none are innocent ‘angels’; they are almost all variously corrupted/​upset. Indeed, while many ‘ships at sea’ who were able to resist resigning when they should have resigned were relatively innocent and didn’t have a great deal of upset to have to confront, we have, over the years, seen quite a number of ‘ships at sea’ whose upbringing wasn’t at all ideal but who, because of various circumstances, decided to ‘side with the angels’ and avoid Resignation. One such example was a man who had built up such a deep hatred and defiance of the mean and, for him, brutally oppressive world of resigned adults that when, during adolescence, he was faced with having to ‘cave in’ and become part of that horrid world himself, he steadfastly refusedand having been so oppressed as a child his need for reinforcement as an adult has been enormous, making him an extremely egocentric ‘power addict’ (see chapter 8:16D of FREEDOM). So avoiding Resignation certainly doesn’t prove you are a free-of-upset, sound and secure ‘angel’and I should emphasise that upset, or lack of innocence, is now able to be understood as not a bad or inferior state but in fact an immensely meritorious, heroic state; and, further, that the new Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living completely obsoletes all the old upset ways of living; even obsoleting any need for recognition and description of them; we get the truth up and then we all move on to the redeemed and reconciled transformed new world (see F. Essays 5 & 15).


‘Side with the angels’

‘Siding with the angels’


The huge problem that those who managed to avoid Resignation by ‘siding with the angels’ pose to this project is that having variously deluded themselves they are exceptionally secure and sound (and me telling them they are unresigned only reinforces the ‘win’ they’re getting from being a ‘ship at sea’) they are amongst the least able to admit they are insecure and egocentric and thus unsound, ineffective thinkers, and as a result of that delusion they are amongst the least prepared to take leadership from the WTM. Deferring to the WTM would require them letting go of the strategy they have been living off of occupying the moral high ground because they are supposedly exceptionally sound, unresigned people.

So ‘ships at sea’, those who avoided Resignation and as a result can easily ‘hear’ and access the truthful understanding of the human condition, ARE extremely rare, and as a result DO have the responsibility of leading humanity home, BUT almost all of them are people who are, in fact, not free of upset and the insecure egocentricity it createsand therefore shouldn’t back themselves and think they don’t need to defer to the WTM. Indeed, the truth for almost all ‘ships at sea’ is that what they really need to do is take up the Transformed Way of Living (see F. Essays 5 & 15) because that is what will end their dangerous egocentric condition.

The danger is that the ‘ships at sea’ who can so easily ‘hear’ this information can be sorely tempted to avoid contacting us and getting involved and instead go on deluding themselves they are exceptionally sound and secure and able self-managers, and now doubly able because they can finally understand the resigned worldeven justifying their avoidance of the WTM by saying, ‘Look, I still need to verify that the information is true’; and ‘I’ve got all sorts of old world attachments and responsibilities I have to integrate with my interest in this before I get involved’; and ‘I want to have my own ego castle and not have to get caught up in, and have to be deferential to, Jeremy’s ego castle’, and an extension of this excuse, which is that ‘I know better than Jeremy what everyone in the WTM should be doing; basically I want to do things in the world my way, not the WTM’s way’which is all rubbish because being able to ‘hear’ the information so easily they can readily assess and therefore know the information is all true; and as for their old world attachments, there’s always a way to look after those responsibilities, including old world careers, while developing their interest in and support of the WTM (in the case of founders of WTM Centres, the Sydney Centre offers an abundance of material and support for Centres so there is little for a Centre founder to do if their time is limited); and as for not wanting to have to be deferential to Jeremy’s ego castle, that’s a classic projection of their egocentric state because I couldn’t have found any of these answers about the human condition if I was operating from a self-promoting, insecure, messed-up, can’t-see-what’s-true-and-right, I-need-to-get-a-win-out-of-this, driven-by-a-false-god, egocentric position. Basically, there is no justification for the argument that getting involved with the WTM compromises a person’s life; that is just the opposite of the truth, and ‘ships at sea’ actually know that’s true; they know how sound this information is because it’s saved their life and therefore they know how sound its source must beit’s just that they are trying to find an excuse to allow them to go on building their own ego castle. I am not driven by or interested in or thinking about building an ego castle. There is no evidence for me being egocentric anywhere, and all the evidence they could ever want that I’m not. (I should mention here that when a spouse struggles to cope with their partner’s appreciation and support of this critically important information, what helps the spouse the most is the change they see in their partner of him or her having become so calm, centred and strong from finally being able to understand the human condition, because that secure strength provides the spouse with the authoritative leadership they need to become at least tolerant, if not also appreciative and supportiveand our experience is those spouses often end up being amongst our best supporters. Of course, this change that the information brings is how all our supporters attract the support of others. This information that finally explains the human condition is true, important and powerful, so it is genuinely rehabilitating and aligning, which is so very different to the artificial reinforcement people derive from answerless, dogma-based, human-condition-avoiding, pseudo idealistic, new age or politically correct or religious movements (see Video/​F. Essay 14 and F. Essays 34, 35 & 36)which necessarily means their followers are living off the transparent, fragile, doesn’t-really-convince-anyone delusion that they have become sound and secure.)

Every time we encounter this problem of ‘ships at sea’ ‘pocketing the win’ we can easily see through all their excuses and can also easily see the real issue of their preference to build themselves an ego castleand how extremely familiar we are with the various responses is evidenced by the epithets we have come up with for them over the years of ‘deaf effect’, ‘ships at sea’, ‘pocketing the win’, ‘shattered defence’, ‘power addict’, ‘siding with the angels’, ‘pseudo idealist’ and ‘ego castle building’. Basically we get so disappointed we regularly end up saying, ‘Well, we just have to wait for the old world to begin to completely fall apart because only then will they realise that in the WTM they have the only thing that can save the world and that they’d better support it quick-smart’, but the problem with that scenario is their help could come too late (see F. Essay 55: Endgame for the human race), hence the need for this document, and the following drawing I have done to illustrate the problem.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of person ‘Pocketing The Win’


All that ‘ships at sea’ who are withholding their support have to do is imagine how much their support would boost the profile of our project, because then they will see how much damage they are doing by not getting involved and helping us. That the WTM still struggles to gain widespread appreciation and acceptance is because ‘ships at sea’ are ‘pocketing the win’. Basically, their blindness to how important they are to this project and thus the world, and their selfishness, is condemning humanity to extinction!

Of course, everything that has been said in this document also applies to any resigned person who has been able to overcome the ‘deaf effect’ and ‘hear’ this information. They too must obviously get involved with and help the WTM. And if the ‘ships at sea’ do their job and initiate support of the WTM, there will begin to emerge more resigned supporters of the WTM because they need the extra encouragement from people who have been able to access and appreciate these understandings if they are to persevere and ‘grow accustomed to the light’, as Plato said. The path for EVERYONE once they can access this information is to help the work of the WTM, and, on the personal front, to learn about and progress towards becoming transformed.

So PLEASE ‘ships at sea’, IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL, on behalf of the human race, do not fall for the ‘pocketing the win’ obscenity and instead get involved with the WTM and help us save the worldbecause you are very rare and have an extraordinary responsibility to get support of this understanding of the human condition underway!


What does getting involved entail?

To the question ‘What does getting involved entail?’just contact us, tell us about yourself, when and how you came across this understanding of the human condition and your particular experience with it and appreciation of it, etc, etc. Then someone from the WTM will reply and tell you about what’s been happening at the WTM and offer you what interaction and support we can.

If you haven’t already you should become a subscriber and receive bi-weekly Freedom Essays. You should also become a WTM member and benefit from that involvement by participating in WTM discussions about the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living, and learning about initiatives to support this project, including in your part of the world. Basically, there is a completely new awesomely exciting world on offer now for you to become involved in.

Yes, there is a whole world out there living in human-condition-stricken ignorance, confusion and horror that we have to get these relieving and transforming understandings to. We have the means to fix the world, so let’s do it, let’s go! To quote from paragraph 1166 of FREEDOM: “the excitement and relief of being effectively free of the human conditionthe joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities, self-preoccupations and devious strategising; the awesome meaning and power of finally being genuinely aligned with the truth and actually participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is comingCAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.”

And, by the way, you will never be asked for money, that has never happened in all the years since the WTM was formed in 1983. The more people appreciate and love these understandings the more they naturally want to become involved in the WTM and help in whatever way they canbecause there is absolutely nothing else in the world that can make a difference. So all our efforts at the WTM are focused on presenting the understandings more and more clearly, and to providing better and better support structures for building the fabulous human-condition-resolved new world. The understandings are what lead to people’s support, not any request or dictation by us. Humans need understanding for their mind, NOT imposed control. This is the end of imposed management and the beginning of being able to understand and self-manageit is the realisation of the ultimate dream for conscious humans of being able to effectively self-adjust. Just follow the understandings, which, as this essay points out, logically lead to your support of the WTM, NOT to ‘pocketing the win’. Staying in the old egocentric, power, fame, fortune and glory way of validating yourself is completely obsoleted; it is a totally dead way of living compared to the awesomely exciting transformed world on offer for every human now.

We, and a future for the human race, desperately need and utterly look forward to you contacting us.


Tony Gowing’s Addition (written in 2018 after Jeremy wrote the above)

Absolutely yes, the two problems we have to overcome if we are to get these understandings to the world and save humanity are the ‘deaf effect’ in the resigned mind and the temptation of ‘ships at sea’ to ‘pocket the win’.

As someone who has come from the resigned, deaf world, what I would like to share is just how incredibly exciting ‘being involved’ is.

What this project especially needs during this early very difficult ‘pioneer stage’ we are going through is momentum, and what I want to say is that this momentum will come easily from the excitement and fellowship that comes from ‘being involved’. You currently might be feeling relieved and happy to know about this information, but that isn’t the best part, not by a long shot. The best part is participating in fixing up the world, and building your understanding and appreciation of the new world, and of our soul’s world of Integrative Meaning (see F. Essay 23).

The old pre-human-condition-understood world that we come from is so dead that we have almost no ability to appreciate the spectacular wonder of the transformed new world. And so, until you come and participate in the new world and start to talk about it and hear about it and build it into your life properly in a totally new world way, you can’t know how good this new world is. And anybody can become involved and participateand everybody should, no matter who you are, what your situation is or where you live. Honestly, if you know this information solves the human condition then you should be participating in the new world at every chance you have.

Momentum is so easy to build, it simply requires new people who have discovered these understandings to take time out of their old world week to participate and grow the new world inside themselves, and in others. To create that momentum that will break the world free of the old dead power, fame, fortune and glory-seeking world, all those of you who have discovered these understandings need to do is to turn up, make the effort to commit to building your appreciation of the new world. Over the nearly 40 years that the WTM has existed we have time and time again seen people who can hear this information and know how wonderful it is not put aside some time to be involved and participate in WTM activities. If every single new person who can hear this information puts aside the old dead world for at least one hour a week for the rest of their lives, the new world would sweep the planet in a few months! And for that to happen all everyone who can hear these understandings need to do is remind themselves that enough is enough, 2 million years of human-condition-afflicted hell is enough for this planet and for the human race!

We can each bring more love to the human situation than we could ever imagine possible simply by participatingsuch as by attending online meetings, and you don’t have to say anything in these meetings, you don’t even need to show your face, but you need to listen and witness for yourself the wonder of the transformation of individuals, and hear people talking about the transformation of the world. And, once again it has to be emphasised that having understood this information you know full well that this is not another pseudo idealistic new age, politically correct or religious false start to a new world for humans, but the real human-condition-understood start to that dreamed of life. This is the real deal, absolutely the most exciting time for a human to exist on this planet, and while it can be difficult making the break from the old habituated life we’ve been living, all you need to do is make a tiny start. You will not regret it, and every human born from the day you decide to become involved will go down on their knees every day and thank you for helping to bring this peaceful, loving, compassionate and suffering-ending world into being.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As mentioned, you can read more about the ‘deaf effect’ in Video/​F. Essay 11, and more about Resignation and ‘ships at sea’ in F. Essay 30, and about the all-exciting Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living in F. Essays 5 & 15.


Discussion or comment on this essay is welcomedsee below.




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  • Stefan on March 30, 2019 at 9:51 am

    WOW!! I’m coming from the ‘ship at sea’ position and I just wanted to tell you how wonderfully relieving it was to read this essay and that it provides this last piece of information I was missing to understand my own equation to the extend where I can finally let go of being preoccupied with myself all the time.

    Understanding is the key, and as much as I’m getting out of all of Jeremy’s explanations about the human condition, Resignation, and The Transformed Way of Living, I needed to understand my own journey before I could really let go of it. After reading this essay I can finally appreciate what happened to me at the point of Resignation, and I can see how I was able to avoid it, not because I’m so sound and secure, but because I got a HUGE WIN out of it. It’s just as Jeremy describes it in this essay:

    ‘How did those “ships at sea” who were not innocent enough to avoid Resignation manage to do so? The answer is that on approaching the point where they should resign when they were about 14 or 15 years old (see F. Essay 30), they realised there was an opportunity to resist resigning and make themselves feel good for having done so. Basically, they realised they could counter the agony of confronting the human condition by focusing on the “win” of having held out against Resignation.’

    How wonderfully clear and honest is that!?! I mean, I remember sitting in my room as a teenager and coming to exactly that conclusion. I didn’t know that it was called Resignation and I had no understanding at all about the human condition, I was just distressed by it all and then I saw the chance to feel good about myself by trying to prove to everyone, the world, and especially myself that ‘I am better than this’. That has been my strategy to life ever since and I can now fully understand it and appreciate it for what it is/was and that it was absolutely necessary but it’s no longer necessary. ‘The truth will set you free’—and it does!!

    Thank you just so much for everything you’re doing in the WTM and for all the love and compassion and understanding you’re bringing to this world. All I want to do now is just support this project with everything I’ve got and get these explanations out there as fast as we can. LET’S GO!!

  • Chris on March 31, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Today was the first time i read Essay 59&60 and they are so icredibly powerful!!!! This is such a great stuff and describes me well too, as a memeber of generation snowflake. Damn good!!!! What a masterpiece! There are so many things in it! It is so true!

  • Sam on April 1, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    It’s so intriguing to appreciate the temptation of ‘Ships-at-sea’ pocketing the win, and the threat that it poses to our species given how fearful of the HC and thus deaf all the rest of us resigned people are, which prevents us from easy access to the relieving world saving understandings.
    I too hope ‘ships-at-sea’ can overcome the temptation of pocketing-the-win with the help of this amazingly acute essay and it’s swift and relieving message.
    A wonderful essay.

  • Parsimony on April 5, 2019 at 9:59 am

    Two points I want to make. Firstly, as a confirmed mechanist, this is a very interesting insight into the mindset of these societal outliers called here ‘ships at sea’. I had absolutely no idea. Secondly, although as far from a ship at sea as possible, this is a timely reminder for someone who perhaps hasn’t supported this project to the extent I could have. But logic is logic, and I pride myself on following its dictates, so I am resolving to make the necessary adjustments.
    Thank you for this reminder, and further great insight.

  • Roz on April 9, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    Jeremy’s analysis of the human condition continues to amaze and delight me. This essay pointed to some of my own behaviour that previously I was more than happy to ignore, don’t get me wrong I knew about them but was to frightened to deal with them! Being a ship at sea I saw myself as the ‘alien in the room’ and it did give me a sense of being above everyone else, being better than ‘them’, (the resigned world). I was detached and therefore more in tune, with how things should be, as I had the picture in my head of what the planet should be like and how people really were underneath, the underlying obviousness (to me) that people were good and not bad and that there was an obvious ‘plot’ somewhere that was keeping them ‘bad’ to gain control of the masses and gain financial reward from their constant spending as they tried to make themselves feel better! As I assumed this persona of an alien on earth I was not affected by ‘their’ very odd human behaviour, in fact it made me laugh to begin with. I got very good at putting on a human ‘skin” and joining in. Although I never really felt I fitted in! I ALWAYS felt alientated. I felt I was the only alien on this planet ,I was lonely for my own people, who were back on my home planet. This seemed a very good way to me, anyhow to avoid what I now know to be Resignation. However this plan of mine led to me have low esteem, always being the helper, being over sensitive and often hurt by people’s cruelty and taken advantage of and bullied, I also entered co dependant relationships, and a bit of a control freak! As unbeknown to me I suppose I was constantly looking for a ‘home’ but was met with other humans doing exactly the same and a lot of the time although some were kind, loving and caring most took advantage of ‘nice’ one boyfriend I had broke up with me as he said I was too nice and made him look bad! Jeremy’s phrase ‘siding with the angels’ really hit home I could go on, however since finding Jeremys work and knowing, not believing – knowing that there is a better world that has been waiting for all of us to ‘understand’ so we can access it, this ship at sea has finally found a home, a fellowship that has the most brilliant people in it, where you can be yourself, where you are accepted, where they all get what is was like before Jeremy solved the human condition, and how shite it was and how glorious it is now My frustration with the world (more often than not, I have to work at it) has turned into compassion for a species who are heroically hanging in there, to discover what we already have. There really is nothing else to do but support Jeremy, and the WTM, you could say I have a new mother ship! One based on truth and understanding and knowledge rather than fear!

  • Ari on May 14, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    I imagine this essay would be both confronting and exciting for those ships at sea who it refers too. From my perspective, as someone who took a million years to get over the deaf effect, what I love the most is the way that in this essay, Jeremy can be brutally honest and expose the lie (i.e. you’ve benefited from the information but supposedly can’t help the project) but do so with such liberating compassion.

    It’s like your first reaction is to take offense at being accused of ‘pocketing the win’ and then you realise that the truth can never be offensive. The truth is truth and that’s that. So you consider the ‘allegation’ and realise it’s absolutely true and then it’s like. OK SO THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING.

    What a fascinating predicament for the human race and Jeremy. To all of you hero’s and warriors at WTM Sydney head office and elsewhere – Keep it up guys. Keep moving forward. You have my unconditional support and God only knows I need yours.

  • GoldenRuler on May 15, 2019 at 2:27 am

    Essay 60: What a most wonderful gift in a most perfect storm!
    About 18 months ago, I discovered Jeremy’s work through a sponsored Facebook post with what is now video #3 on the WTM website homepage. The word “TRANSFORMATION” caught my eye. The ADAM STORK STORY rang true. Then Jeremy’s retelling of the ADAM & EVE was the Gnostic version of the story that I had already embraced as truth.
    I was so attracted to this content, as to a powerful magnet.
    At the time I was in the middle of another very long 1128 page book authored by a Russian philosopher, George Gurdjieff, “Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson”. I put that book down and dove into “FREEDOM” straight away. As I read through the pages of FREEDOM, I was blown away with the experience of page after page of information that all rang true. I came across nothing in there that did not deeply resonate with me (I am still discovering though much in the book that I skimmed over and ignored – things that make you go hmmmm ). I engaged with FREEDOM every morning at a local breakfast spot that I had fallen in love with. I was eager to reach out to the WTM folks but decided to complete FREEDOM first, figuring that the book was probably written for a reason, to provide (at least) a thorough introduction to the subject of THE HUMAN CONDITION.
    It took me a couple months to plod my way through FREEDOM. Each morning, I couldn’t wait to re-engage.
    When I finished FREEDOM, I had a brand new excitement in my strong feeling that the thing that I had been searching for; the singular truth that could shift everything back on track. I immediately reached out to the WTM and began my Dialog with Tone M.
    As I look back, and as I digest this most powerful, and critically important Essay 60, I’m not sure how I was able to hear this. I realize now that at that time, and even now that the reality of THE DEAF EFFECT has sunk in over time, especially as I experienced it in others who I tried to introduce this transformational TRUTH to, and as I began to discover the depth of this DEAF EFFECT still very much in me.
    But I digress. 
    To bring a much longer story to the point of just how critical this essay is, I know now that I was and still am only scratching the surface of my RESIGNED, well-trained, conditioned, habitualized, deaf-effected mind, giving more evidence and testament to just how deep the trauma of RESIGNATION is, and was for me. And, just how powerful a grip the habitual defensive mechanical thinking was and still is, to avoid, at almost all costs, the total and absolute FREEING TRUTH about me and all of us.
    So, I now am beginning to see, more and more, the layers of paradox in this HUMAN CONDITION of ours; layers upon layers of psychological obfuscation; layers upon layers of THE DEAF EFFECT.
    The first layers are those that we resigned folk are faced with to pierce and begin to dissolve our own DEAF EFFECT; to allow ourselves to lean into the natural discomfort as we begin to illuminate this false mental armory of psychological obfuscation; the CAVE WORLD of our minds.
    Now to why I am so grateful for the wisdom shared in this essay. Those of us who are able to pierce the DEAF EFFECT (ships at sea or shattered defenses), face a deeper layer; a most important layer for us to sustain the piercing through.
    This essay speaks to this absolutely critical phase of this movement! For me, the awareness and understanding of just how deep, deep, deep, the Soul abandoning HUMAN CONDITION is, is the key to how this movement evolves from these early pioneering phases to the coming perhaps “Ignition” Phase?”, and the eventual global embracing of this transformational understanding; our emergence into the next great phase on our evolutionary path; you know, heroes of the story of life on Earth! 
    I am so grateful for this essay because it offers me and all of us the foresight, the heads-up, to the historic opportunity to pierce this next and so critical layer of our DEAF-EFFECTED minds. It invites me to see this next layer of the blinding paradox, where because of the severity of the psychological REPRESSION associated with my RESIGNATION; my HUMAN CONDITION; my RESIGNED deeply conditioned and habituated UPSET and DEFENSIVE thinking apparatus; even with the increased elation I am experiencing, tempts me to POCKET THE WIN; to use this partial awakening to feed my deeply embedded psychosis; by using this still superficial but so powerful awakening to function better in the cave-world; to build up my BS castle ever higher. If this happens, rather than contributing to this wonderful global species-wide amazing shift forward, I’ll actually doing the opposite. I’ll be fueling the blinded HUMAN CONDITIONED runway-train, increasingly destructive species of mine. This is the stark line drawn in this essay and I am standing on my enthusiastic ovation of it!!!!! “For all who have eyes to see and ears to hear”!!!!!

  • Gert Kroucamp on May 15, 2019 at 5:55 am

    Good day/evening/night, in which ever part of the time cycle you find yourselves.
    Thank you again for the logical explanation. I do so enjoy the information provided.
    This food for the soul provide real stimulation.
    I now I normally do revision and provide some feed back.
    This time, I can just confirm the logic of the reality described.
    As with religion, the one way of forwarding and working towards the end goal, individual to family by individual to family until communities is reached.
    Thank you again.
    Be safe.

  • Reginald Khotshobe on May 19, 2019 at 11:34 pm

    Good Day

    It is through Facebook I came to know about your teachings.

    I am a 65 year old black male, the second of seven children.

    My father was a farm worker, and my mother a domestic worker on the same farm. We are of the Gqwashu clan, descendents of the Khoi people.

    My father however passed away when I was nine years old.

    I worked for several government departments, as a computer programmer/ project manager/IT manager/ deputy director IT. Now I am a farmer.

    Parallel to my formal career I also became. A Sangoma (a traditional/Indigenous healer), using herbs and rituals to heal my clients.

    To say the least: I found your teachings particularly relevant, and invaluable, and I’ll touch on some reasons why I say so.:

    1. The Gqwashu clan is also known as ,
    a) Izandlalangca, meaning “those who sleep on the grass”
    b) Amafelandawonye, meaning “those who will live and die together/in the same place”

    This is particularly interesting to me because many people, (to my knowledge) trace their ancestors to the Khoi-Sans, the bush people.

    2. I have, in my dreams, encountered ape like beings , that are black, just like Chimpanzees, but they are humans, and they even had an advice for me. Also the one I encounter more frequently, has reddish-brown, teddy bear like fur, all over her body.

    Lastly, I had a dream about a week ago , where it was advised that,
    1. we (humans) must produce all the food that we can, for very soon we going to need it,
    2. The WTM transformation teachings must be spread far and wide.

    How can I participate?

    • Susan on May 22, 2019 at 11:57 am

      Thank you very much Reginald for your interest and support in our work, it is very much appreciated. Growing a community of support and fellowship for this immensely important and incredibly exciting breakthrough in understanding is our number one objective and there is a great overview of how to get more involved in the WTM on the Transformation Page of our website at this link,

  • Joseph on May 20, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    This is a powerful revealing essay. After reading a few times I have come to appreciate more the meaning behind ‘ships at sea’. It is a great analogy. Though I am not sure how they eventuated I can understand the ‘SAS’ aspects within myself; an ability to read/see/hear and grow to understand the truth in everything that Jeremy presents and the WTM supports, then what is empathised absolutely in this essay about that ability; the greater responsibility to choose to join with that support. I know now there is no real importance in how I am able to see or hear the truth the benefit is just that I do and to support the project. I have come to learn that support can be as easy as sharing your story and with the combined experienced support of others adds value or weight to the momentum of the project. Retelling a SAS story may help another to join with the support and come into a safe harbour (WTM centres are developing worldwide). With the security from the compassion that Jeremy writes I can be honest about any confrontational truths I experience. At first the title itself was quite cutting which revealed the egocentricity in myself that Jeremy writes of in the essay. There is no denying the shock I had experienced when initially coming across the information that friends and others were deaf to these obvious truths. This essay also uncovered within the shock a subtle but ego centred want back then to be the first to bring the discovery to those around me. The danger of ‘pocketing the win’ then was in not being able to satisfy the want/win and being blind to the fact or in denial of it. Pocketing the win manifested as excuses and using the information for self benefit making myself feel good. There comes a time to realise part of the responsibility of a SAS is to move on from procrastination and the other great analogy of what Jeremy and the WTM call ‘the mexican stand-off’. Both very real stages of development when confronting the truths along the way but if or when you can see the truth there is no denying only a choice to accept it. The reason I may not of fully resigned in my adolescence somehow creating a ‘crack’ or a ‘hole’ in the process which allowed me to glimpse the truths presented by Jeremy is to now respond to that ability with as much support as I can muster. The alternative to helping is pocketing the win staying in denial which not only denies freedom to self but is a destructive choice towards others; the world – a World-Destroying Crime! I have learnt wither you are a SAS or a fully resigned person we all develop strategies to cope with the human condition. I am now able to honestly confront a strategy I have used to cope with living under the duress of the HC; one of distraction and escape. Before Freedom I lived a life of escapism and because I had no understanding of the HC bombarded my mental state with what I misread as pleasure escaping the inner torment by annihilating myself with ‘winning’ whatever ‘felt good’ and ‘pocketing the win’ by not being able to explain myself falsely believing and projecting that everything is fine and all good. Now I know that whole process was just a way of expressing my angry, egocentric, alienated personality. With some SAS character without care I could take that coping strategy and with the new understanding truth misread my behaviour as sweet sailing and pocket the treasure again where before without understanding was a coping mechanism, ‘pocketing the win’ now with understanding and responsibility is a world destroying crime! My old world reality of carrying a cargo load of upset as a ‘ship at sea’ without the compassionate understanding that is within Freedom was literally like a ship being tossed in turbulent waters of storm blown seas. Then at times floating believing all is swell egocentrically thinking that I am a deep person not even realising that I am just on the surface lost and afraid of what is actually at any real depth. I can see now how my degree of ship at sea carried the upset state into the ocean of the human condition reality and by not completely resigning was able to glimpse aspects of the truth when I came across Freedom. With time immersing in the understandings Jeremy synthesised and gifted the shock of confrontation transforms into a sense of urgency. Great responsibility is integrated with the truth. Jeremy and the WTM founding members are the perfect teaching living example of this. There is no safer place for a SAS (or anyone that can access the commonsense in Jeremys work) then by being in contact with the support of the WTM. If you are a ship at sea a ‘crack’ or a ‘hole’ with no understanding or support is a sinking feeling. Glimpsing the truth, which is the life-saving relief that patches the hole in your being, without continued support is just a patch, not a transformation or a transfiguration, just a patch over a hole in your old being. Which, like a pocket that is sown at both ends with gold (life-saving information) on the inside that no-one, not even your true self, can access, is a World-Destroying Crime! The urgency we can sense is an opportunity for freedom literally a SOS to all the SAS. Save our soul ships at sea come in to the safety of support and add your extraordinary ability to the new world creating World Transformation Movement.

  • John tembo on May 29, 2019 at 8:51 am

    Hi, thank you very March for this wonderful and interesting book ,and I want to promise that I sher never turn back to old world because I have suffered a lot and I want to work together with wtm because when I stated with this organization I had a choice because of suffering ,and very interesting and am happy ,we sher work together has a team

  • Kent on June 9, 2019 at 11:02 am

    Thanx for 60. I now understand myself much better and wish to assist in any way I can

  • Nancy S. on October 23, 2019 at 2:33 am

    Thanks again and I will continue to speak of the WTM to family and friends, whenever and wherever is possible.

  • Justine hankin on November 18, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    Hi I just wanted to say that I have read Jeremy’s essay about pocketing the win and ok I did that but life has been really busy the last few years. Although I pocketed the win some years back after reading Freedom I do appreciate the answers Jeremy gave me and I have recently identified another ship at sea and I a man trying to help him. I do want to be involved on some level but only got internet back after moving offgrid. I understand that ships at sea are on a continuum not sure where I fit on that continuum but the book was all truth and I do appreciate it. I can help and be involved but not sure what I should be doing. Just needed to confess that I pocketed the win but I am ready to be more involved.

    • Annie on November 19, 2020 at 5:22 pm

      How wonderful to hear from you Justine and thank you for your heartfelt feedback. The jouney with this profound understanding is so deep that it is important people find their own pace and it sounds like that is what you have been doing. The universal truth now for all humans, whether they are ships at sea, resigned or shattered defence, is that we no longer have to be burdened by the fundamental question of whether we are good or bad because our core goodness has been biologically established. We can know our upset was the price humans had to pay for searching for knowledge and that the human story presents the greatest, most heroic story ever told, so we can treat ourselves with great compassion and kindness.
      Also, as Jeremy explains in this essay, to be a ship at sea is extremely bewildering but now you can understand the silent resigned world you can make sense of all the confusion which brings enormous relief so it takes time to process all that. And, as Tony Gowing says, “the two problems we have to overcome if we are to get these understandings to the world and save humanity are the ‘deaf effect’ in the resigned mind and the temptation of ‘ships at sea’ to ‘pocket the win’” so to have your honest feedback about your own journey is a wonderful contribution.
      So yes get involved because as Tony also says the WTM is the most meaningful, worthwhile, and nourishing project you could hope to come across! We have such an exciting and authentic community growing daily which our Transformation page tells you all about. You can also see the different ways to join the WTM Community under the ecstatic responses to our latest presentation THE Interview.

  • Doreen May on January 2, 2021 at 6:30 am

    I have been reading with interest about the human condition throughout my journey of hope and faith and a wobbly trust that humans are basically good people trying to grow up and move above the noise and haste of broken hearts and broken systems through years of meditation practice, how difficult it is to communicate from the heart as intellect is unable to hear its language. Nearly 50 years of nursing I have been humbled by many people enduring great suffering opening up their hearts and sharing from that level where love is being listened to and understood. Mostly though I experience the (eye rolling effect) where communication is completely blocked and complete waffle then silence ensues as I find myself like the turtle pulling my head back in and feel stuck and stupid and as you say “All At Sea” It’s very funny and extremely exhausting all at once. Feeling like a beached whale right now in the flotsam and jetsam of the human condition . Somewhat wrecked 🐣👁👀
    Kind regards
    Doreen May

    • Monica Kodet on January 5, 2021 at 3:49 pm

      Thank you for your openness and sharing your thoughts Doreen. It is wonderful to have your interest. Honestly the more you absorb this profound understanding the more relief will flood your mind as its explanatory power unravels the seemingly impenetrable and insoluble confusion and suffering of human life. We can understand, and therefore have enormous compassion for, why resigned humans had to deny the human condition and become estranged from their all-sensitive soul (unable to hear its language and roll their eyes as you say) and why others became wrecked by the turbulent life of a ship at sea. Why so often the only time we can truly speak about love or anything real are in times of great suffering. But at last we can all be united and legitimately live in service for the good of humanity. As FAQ 1.4 summarises the finding of the biological explanation of the human condition makes possible the immediate transformation of your and every other human’s life from a human-condition-stricken state to a human-condition-free life of unimaginable happiness and excitement. We’d love to help you progress your interest Doreen so please email us anytime and join us on this all-meaningful beautiful journey of understanding and saving the world. (All the references in the above essay are excellent resources, especially F. Essay 30 about Resignation. Also you can watch Jeremy’s videos about resignation and ships at sea here.)

  • Eliz Brooks on January 11, 2021 at 10:41 am

    How can I help?
    I have been searching for this understanding since 1968! Joining fundamentalist churches of non-denominations to spirituality. I studied Transpersonal life coaching/ counselling read hundreds of self help books.
    Your book was so inspirational I believe a child of 7 would understand it. At the end of 2019 I committed myself to understand myself and devote time for meditation and to have love and compassion for myself and others. When Covid hit your book appeared and I want to thank you for your help and if I can help others I am willing to do that. God bless you. Many thanks.

  • Ari on January 17, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    Just listened to this podcast again after a couple of years. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you listen or read something from an unresigned, denial free, humanity loving person, ie Jeremy Griffiths. It fills you with calmness, truth and strength.
    Whilst I am not even close to a ‘ship at sea’ and come from a very resigned, power addict base, I can certainly attest to the part in this essay where Jeremy re-affirms the importance of supporting the WTM, and by extension dedicating yourself to the most important task on earth ‘stopping human suffering’.
    It catapults you’re life into the most meaningful and worthwhile existence and those resigned-world issues, dissipate into distance as they are truly irrelevant and obsolete.
    Ships at sea or not, once you realise this is the truth (in my case that took me many years) then the only thing to do is to support the WTM. The best way to do that is to take up the transformed living state and the rest is likely to happen without any effort at all.