Chapter 3


The Human-Race-Transforming, Real Explanation of The Human Condition


The painting, Albion Arose by William Blake, of a naked figure raising his arms in joy standing in front of a bursting sun.

William Blake’s Albion Arose, c.1794-96;
this 1991 coloured impression is by Carol Marando



Chapter 3:1 Summary

234What will now be presented is the human-race-liberating-and-transforming, psychosis-addressing-and-solving, fully accountable, REAL biological explanation of the human condition that was introduced in chapter 1. This is the understanding that the human race has been working tirelessly towards since humans first became fully conscious beings some 2 million years ago and our deeply psychologically troubled, conflicted state of the human condition emerged.

235And given the just described extreme threat of terminal alienation and extinction of the human race from mechanistic science’s entrenched denial of the psychological nature of the human condition, this is the psychologically redeeming understanding of the human condition that is now desperately needed to bring about a new world for humans that is free of the human condition, a world in which we all stand liberated from Plato’s terribly lonely, dark, bat-filled cave of alienation and magnificently transformedthe FREEDOM Blake so wonderfully anticipated in his above picture.