WTM FAQ 2.2  Who are some thinkers that Jeremy Griffith admires?


Biologist Jeremy Griffith’s work is founded on, and inspired by, a long history of profound or ‘denial-free’ thinking on the human condition dating back to Moses, Socrates, Plato and Christ, through to more contemporary thinkers such as Charles Darwin, Teilhard de Chardin and Sir Laurens van der Post.


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See, for example, Video/​Freedom Essay 4 or chapter 2:7 of Jeremy’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, in which evidence from some of history’s most profound thinkers is provided for the three fundamental elements involved in the explanation of the human condition: that our conscious mind caused our upset state to emerge; that the human condition is a psychological state, not an instinctive one; and that our species’ original instinctive orientation was to living in a psychosis-free, peaceful and harmonious state of cooperation, love and selflessness.