WTM FAQ 4.3  Will every human take up the Transformed State?


Biologist Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition liberates you, and all other humans, from an underlying insecurity and resulting psychosis that all humans have suffered from since we became a fully conscious species some 2 million years ago.

This underlying insecurity and psychosis that exists within every human is the product of a very deep anxiety, an uncertainty, of not knowing why, when the ideals of life are so obviously to be cooperative, loving and selfless, are humans so competitive, aggressive and selfish.

The explanation of the human condition (which is briefly provided in Video/​Freedom Essay 3) is the understanding and insight that is able to end the underlying insecurity and resulting psychosis of everyone’s condition and, through doing so, transform every human into a new, human-condition-free person!


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For further explanation of the Transformed State see Freedom Essay 15, or for a more comprehensive treatment, read Part 3 of the booklet Transform Your Life And Save The World. You can also watch Jeremy explain how the Transformed Way of Living is adopted in Freedom Essay 33.