Media Statement From Jeremy Griffith Friday 30 May 2003

We are truly relieved with today’s decision.

Tim, myself and others have been seriously stigmatised when the only thing we are guilty of is daring to think, and daring to think about the most important issue confronting the human race, the issue of the human condition.

Media bias amounts to dishonest reporting. When used by our national broadcaster, as is the case here, it is of even greater concern. It is up to our society to provide the impetus for the ABC to reform its culture and restore its ethical standards.

The best outcome of the last 8 years, other than the jury’s decision today, is that I have now completed a new book that greatly expands on the ideas that Four Corners misrepresented.

The book, A Species In Denial, will be launched next week.

A Species In Denial is a definitive account of why humans have had to live in denial of the reality of the human condition.

We believe it opens up a new landscape for human exploration that can bring an end to the insecurity and alienation of the human condition, the dimension of good and evil in the human make-up.

We are thrilled with this result and now want to engage in fair and productive debate of the ideas the Foundation supports.