11. Critical Theory’s dangerous derivatives of Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory


So that is the explanation of what’s so very wrong and dangerous about Critical Theory, which, as I will now describe, means its offshoots of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Critical Gender Theoryand their manifestations of ‘Identity Politics’, ‘Woke’ ideology, ‘Cancel Culture’, and the ‘Great Reset’ of societyare also very wrong and very dangerous.


The question that arises is how was Critical Theorythat so dangerously decided we have no choice other than to artificially impose cooperative and loving behaviour on science’s supposed finding that we are naturally selfish creatures living in a naturally competitive and selfish worldactually going to be implemented? The answer to this question is that once it was decided we had to stop looking to science for guidance, we were free to assert whatever we liked, and that’s exactly what happened.


To impose a new world of love and kindness between ethnic groups or races, it was simply asserted that it was philosophically sound to claim that there is no difference between races; and further that any contention that there were differences was just a dishonest, manipulative, racist, artificially invented device used to oppress and ill-treat certain races. Essentially, there was no recognition at all that humans are involved in a grand project that has inevitably resulted in everyone and every related group of humans being differently upset by their inevitable different encounters with that upsetting grand project (see F. Essay 28). No human condition to find understanding of, just dogmatically ‘change’ our behaviour, as Marx said. The product of this thinking was CRITICAL RACE THEORY (CRT) which is described as an ‘intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of colour. Critical Race Theorists hold that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans’ (https://www.britannica.com/topic/critical-race-theory; accessed 19 Jul. 2021).


And furthermore, while feminism tried to impose equality between the sexes by in effect denying that any real differences existed between them, Critical Theory sought to reinforce that idea by inventing a philosophy that supposedly firmly established that there weren’t any meaningful differences. To do this it was asserted that while there are physical differences between the sexes there is no significant psychological differences between them; and it was asserted that any argument that there was, was simply a dishonest, manipulative, sexist device used to oppress and ill-treat one or other of the genders, but women particularly. Basically, any suggestion was denied that in the human journey a different role for men would have inevitably resulted from men being the group protectors and as a result being most responsible for taking on the immensely upsetting human-race-defending job of defying our condemning instincts in the all-important search for knowledgeand that a different role for women would have inevitably resulted from women being the bearers of offspring and not as responsible as men for the immensely upsetting human-race-defending job of defying our condemning instincts, with their focus having to be on the next generation, of giving birth to them, suckling them, sheltering them from upset as much as they could, and nurturing them with as much upset-free, unconditional love as they can manage in an extremely upset world (see F. Essay 27). Different roles for men and women, and the different psychological effects those roles have, and the different psychological strategies that men and women could adopt to cope with the potentially extreme agonies of their situations, were all denied. The product of this thinking was CRITICAL GENDER THEORY, where ‘critical gender theorists attack the assumption that every human being naturally belongs to one of two discrete gender categories (masculine or feminine), which is determined by biologically-given sexual characteristics (male and female). Rather, according to critical gender theory, there is no necessary connection between biological sex and a person’s gender presentation. The ways in which men and women present themselves as gendered individuals are social constructs, learned performance, and “a social accomplishment.” Biology has no causal influence on gender…​According to critical gender theory, while one may be born a sexed being, one is not born gendered. One must learn gender presentation’ (Terry S. Kogan, ‘Transsexuals and Critical Gender Theory’, Hastings Law Journal, 1997).


Since a completely sound philosophical foundation had supposedly been established for these critical theories, any deviation from them was supposedly illegitimate and thus to be admonished and shut down, cancelled or eliminated or removed, which is what is referred to as CANCEL CULTURE. Further, since these critical theories were supposedly based on solid philosophical foundations, if you didn’t subscribe to them, you were in effect still ‘asleep’ living in an obsolete paradigm; you weren’t WOKE and part of the great awakening to a cooperative and loving new world; you weren’t part of the supposed GREAT RESET of humanity from living in a competitive and aggressive condition to BUILDING BACK BETTER to living in a cooperative and loving one that was free of that supposedly immensely divisive and wrong behaviour. And IDENTITY POLITICS developed where those suffering most from the great battle humanity has actually been waging to find understanding of the human condition could supposedly legitimately demand ‘equity’ of recognition, ‘inclusion’ in material prosperity and ‘diversity’ of representation. There was no recognition of the human race’s great project to find the knowledge that would actually liberate us from our corrupted condition, and how involvement in that great project unavoidably created various states of upset and functionalitywhere, for example, those presently most functional under the duress of the human condition, and the gender most responsible for searching for knowledge, namely white males, had to and have succeeded in finding the liberating understanding of the human condition, as all the great thinkers mentioned in this book evidence. So it has not been a case of unfair white privilege, especially unjust WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE as critical theorists are teaching, but rather a case of fulfilled white male responsibility. The ‘pale, stale males’ are actually the heroes, legends and saviours! (See F. Essay 28 and chapters 8:16E-F of FREEDOM for an explanation of the differences in alienation between races whichnow that the redeeming explanation of the human condition has been foundis able to be safely and responsibly acknowledged.) Instead of such truthful analysis of our situation, there’s just been Marxism’s dogmatic and deluded demand that everyone behave cooperatively and lovinglysuch that, supposedly, as is being said by its advocates, ‘You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.’ What an outrageously dishonest fraud! How could we possibly ‘be happy’ living without the psychologically redeeming, reconciling and healing understanding of our 2-million-year corrupted condition that our minds have so desperately needed and have so heroically sought! What deluded madness to claim that our world is being made better when in fact the human race is being taken headlong to a state of terminal denial/​alienation/​psychosis and extinction!