Chapter 8


The Greatest, Most Heroic Story
Ever Told: Humanity’s Journey
from Ignorance to Enlightenment


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of life as three valleys, with an Edenic childhood, a scorched adolescence and a sunny adulthood



Chapter 8:1 Summary

702With the desperately needed answers to the great outstanding mysteries facing the human race of the human condition, of the meaning of our existence, and of the origins of our unconditionally selfless moral instincts and conscious mind, now presented in this book, the full story of life on Earth can at last be told. In particular, we can finally explain where all species appear on the ‘ladder’ of integration of matter, and why, thus far, it is only the human race that has managed to progress to the ‘rung’ of integrating the members of our species into the Specie Individual. Indeed, it was that unique achievement that led to the emergence of our conscious mind that then had to search for knowledge, ultimately self-knowledgethe result of which was the breakdown of the integrated Specie Individual into the divisive, human-condition-afflicted state. But with the human condition now understood, humanity is finally in a position to return to the fully integrated Specie Individual situation once more, but this time in a knowing or understanding positionas the exceptionally denial-free, effective-thinking prophet Moses predicted, we can finally become ‘like God [the integrated state], knowing’ (Bible, Gen. 3:5).

703What remains to be presented in this book is a description of the actual stages that our conscious mind progressed through from ignorance to enlightenment of our human condition, and with that understanding now found, to the transformation of the human race into the ‘knowing’ or enlightened form of the integrated Specie Individual. Yes, we can now explain and describe the entire psychological journey our species has been onand since that psychological journey is the real journey we fully conscious, human-condition-afflicted humans have been on, and since it has never before been able to be presented, this chapter provides the first ever true description of our species’ development. While there have been libraries of books written about human origins, this is the first denial-free, truthful description of our species’ emergence from our ape ancestors. And, since the main dishonest denial that has been maintained by mechanistic science was that our distant ancestors were controlled by competitive, selfish, brutish instincts that our conscious mind had to try to restrain, when, in fact, the true story is the absolute opposite of this accountthat our ape ancestors were actually loving and gentle and that it was with the emergence of our conscious mind that we became competitive and selfish bruteswhat is going to be presented is the completely new, never before told story of the human race!

704Yes, what follows is the most amazing and epic journey of any species to have existed on Earthand it’s our own story, the story of the incredibly, phenomenally brave and heroic human race!