Freedom Expanded: Book 2—Questions & Answers

Section 1:15 How can I become involved?

QUESTION: If I was to get involved, and that’s just an ‘if’ at this stage, what would I need to do? I don’t think anyone has ever heard of your organisation where I live and they probably don’t even know what the human condition is, so I haven’t got the fellowship and support like you’ve got there in Sydney. And how do you get into this TRANSFORMED STATE anyway?


ANSWER: Listen to me, in all of human history there has never been a more exciting time to be alive than right now, when all the effort of all the humans who have ever lived finally delivers the dreamed of, hoped for, and prayed for, breakthrough understanding of the human conditionand the awesome TRANSFORMATION of the human race begins.

We are freewe, the human race is free at last to ‘shake off the ancient chains of our tomb’ (that Cat Stevens/​Yusuf Islam sang about) where we have been imprisoned in terrible fear and insecurity about our meaning and worth as a speciesbut no longer, because we have found the liberating, redeeming, ALL-TRANSFORMING understanding of ourselves.

It’s onthe great breakout of the human race from the, in truth, unbearably agonising life of suffering under the duress of the human condition. What were Jim Morrison’s words‘At the first flash of Eden, we race down to the sea. Standing there on freedom’s shore, waiting, waiting for the sun’. Yes, when liberating enlightenment of the human condition finally arrives, ‘race down’ to ‘freedom’s shore’ and get hold of that ‘freedom’ with both hands! There will be nothing more exciting than when that ‘peace train’ that’s been ‘waiting out on the edge of darkness’ finally arrives to ‘take’ us ‘home again’, that Cat Stevens sang ofso, do as Bono said, ‘when love [the truth] comes to town…jump that train’!

WE ARE OUT OF HERE, leaving this spent, exhausted, dead world behind FOREVER! LET’S GO is the great battle cry that will begin as a tiny voice among a few and then catch on and spread to become a roar of excitement that will be heard across the worldlike a hundred thousand horses appearing from horizon to horizon galloping to a fabulous futurewhat did the prophet Joel say: ‘Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, such as never was…before’.

And all of nature will be absolutely cheering for us because this is that greatest of greatest victories for all of life on Earthbecause we humans were the ones who were given the task of championing nature’s greatest invention, the fully conscious, thinking, self-adjusting brain. We humans were given this amazing computer, but we weren’t given the program for it and instead were left to wander in a terrible wilderness of ignorance in search of understanding of our meaning and worth as a speciesan understanding we have NOW FINALLY FOUND.

Everywhere there is going to be joy, more joy and excitement than we tired, worn out and weary human warriors are capable of imaginingagain, as Beethoven’s symphony anticipated, ‘Joy’, ‘Joyful, as a hero to victory!’, ‘Join in our jubilation!’, ‘We enter, drunk with fire, into your sanctuary…Your magic reunites…All men become brothers…All good, all bad…Be embraced, millions! This kiss for the whole world!’

We are out of here, the great breakout is on. The human race is breaking free of the shackles of our tomb that we have been forced to live in for so long we hardly know of another existencebut we do know of another existence, another fabulous place ‘high on a desert plain where the streets have no name’, that Bono sang of, otherwise why would we have fought so hard and for so long. For two million long years we have fought for the arrival of this day.

Sure, as with any new potential, this new frontier has to be pioneered, and because we are familiar with the old, the old always resists the newthe initial resistance can even be ferocious; in our case, as the Persecution of the WTM for Exposing the Human Condition section on our website documents (<www.humancondition.com/persecution>), during this initial extreme resistance stage we had to endure people saying and doing despicable things. Thankfully, however, that stage has mostly passed. The point is we humans tend to procrastinate. Change is difficult for us‘the shock of the new’and there is no greater paradigm shift than this one of moving from a world of extreme egotism, great self-obsessed hunger for power, fame, fortune and glory, and a life of terrible denial, lies, evasion and escapism that we had to employ to cope with what we weren’t able to confront, to now a world that is full of truth and light, free of all that agony arising from the insecurity of the human condition. We are moving to a whole new place ‘high on a desert plain’ where, as Bono said, ‘there will be no toil or sorrow…no time of pain’.

Change is difficult, but that is also the marvellous challengeto be a pioneer, to set out for a fabulous new world. And yes, I’m fully aware that this vision of a new world for humans has been horribly discredited with the litany of dishonest false starts that have occurred regularly throughout history, but for anyone reading Freedom Expanded: Books 1 & 2 it’s not hard to recognise that this is the real event, the liberating explanation of the human condition.

Pioneering a new frontier has always been a challenge because initially there is little support for something newwell, if it’s new then by definition it is yet to gain popularitybut don’t forget that the life of a pioneer has always been the most exciting life. If you ask someone what they would most like to have been a part of in history they will likely tell you they would like to have been with Lewis and Clark on their great pioneer expedition exploring native America; or with Jacques Cousteau when he was pioneering the exploration of the ocean depths; or with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle when they were laying the foundations of Western civilisation; or with Christ when Christianity was being pioneered; or with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they took those first steps on the moonand where this breakthrough understanding takes humanity is like a new planet. Honestly, this greatest of all adventure where humanity takes its freedom from the horror of the human condition is so exciting our bodies aren’t designed to cope with so much excitement. It is that exciting!

Everyone has the opportunity now to be part of the most amazing time in human history. Yes, you will have to live without much of a support base to begin with, and you will have to be innovative and proactive in interesting others in this great journey to our species’ freedom from the human conditionbut we here will help you as much as we can, share with you all that we have learnt about how to propagate these ideas and interest others in them, and how to build a base group of interest and support in your areaanother WORLD TRANSFORMATION CENTRE for the exhausted human race to meet and support the emergence of a new TRANSFORMED world. Come on, LET’S GO, LET’S GET OUT OF THIS DEAD PLACE WE HAVE IN TRUTH ALL BEEN LIVING IN, AND LET’S FIX THE WORLD UPLET’S GO!

As for getting the TRANSFORMED STATE, it really isn’t that difficult. You simply need to allow your mind to see the opportunity clearlysee how dead the old world really is and how incredibly exciting letting all that go and living for the new world is. Notice how popular songs focused on the exciting potential of the human race, not on the extent of the devastation within us and around us, and they did that because it was the future of the human-condition-ameliorated world alone that was worth dreaming of and living for. Well that’s what the TRANSFORMED WAY OF LIVING does, it lives for the true world, not the old dead world, but the big difference now is that that true world has arrivedwe’re no longer just focusing forward on the dream of a fabulous future, but focusing forward on bringing that fabulous future into existence because it has now arrived, it is all now possible. With understanding of the human condition found and all our upsets defended, our dreams suddenly become reality. It is an astonishing situation, but it’s all true. When, in his Affirmation (see Section 3:4), Doug Lobban spoke of fixing the shower curtain ring he was seeing, and living for, what is possible now, doing things for the love of all that is possible now, rather than for his sad, now-finished-with, redundant, done-its-job, had-its-day, old, effectively-dead, ego-embattled, have-to-prove-your-worth way of living. You could see how a whole world had suddenly opened up for Doug when he moved on from the old world to the new. He just let it go, because that’s what we can do nowjust leave the old world behind as finished with. As Bob Dylan anticipated, this is ‘The hour that the ship comes in…and the morning will be a-breaking’, when ‘the present now will later be past…for the times they are a-changin’’; and of the time Cat Stevens sang of when ‘Yesterday has past, now let’s all start the living for the one that’s going to last’; and Bono, ‘I’ve conquered my past, the future is here at last. I stand at the entrance to a new world I can see. The ruins to the right of me, will soon have lost sight of me.’ WE ARE OUT OF HERE.

Let’s go, let’s go, that’s the way we live now. Come out of the dead state we have all been living in. Being liberated from the human condition and personally TRANSFORMED, and fixing the world is a reality now, it really, really is. It’s no fraud. The finding of understanding of the human condition defends us at the fundamental level, so we no longer have to prove our worth. Our worth is established now. Proving our worth is an obsolete occupationinstead, we can live for humankind and all that’s now possible. We are genuinely and truly free to do that. The old world has had it, it’s done its job and it’s now dead, useless, finished with, overlost all its meaning, relevance and power.

The bottom line is we really do have THE MEANS NOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD, so let’s do it! It’s on, the human race is coming home to a true world of ego-satisfied peace, kindness, consideration and happiness. In a duet with Bing Crosby for a Christmas broadcast in 1977, David Bowie sang these wonderful words of anticipation of humanity’s liberation from the human condition: ‘Peace on Earth, can it be?, years from now, perhaps we’ll see, see the day of glory, see the day when men of good will, live in peace, live in peace again…I pray my wish will come true, for my child and your child too’ (Peace on Earth, L. Grossman, I. Fraser, B. Kohan, 1977). Yes, we have lived in hope of the arrival of this day, and with the old world teetering on the brink of collapse, that ‘day of glory’ when ‘peace’ comes to ‘Earth’ has arrived at the absolute last minute. Just as Homer foresaw in his 2,900 BF (BF standing for Before now when humanity won its Freedom) Greek legend about humanity’s great ‘odyssey’, which we had to undertake away from our soulful true self in order to find understanding of ourselves, humanity, as represented by heroic Odysseus, very nearly didn’t make it back home again to our soulful true state, which his beautiful wife Penelope represented.

So what this critically important, fabulous new potential and frontier now needs is YOUR interest, YOUR support, YOUR participation and YOUR strength. This is a call to action to everyone. Please step out, get involved and help change the world because at last we really can. Ask questions, see what you can do to help, find out what others are doing, and let’s get out of this spent, exhausted, end-play state where the human race has been stalled for far too long waiting for these redeeming, ALL-TRANSFORMING answers.

(I want to add to this transcript a further emphasis to this ‘call to action’. Make no mistake, we in the WTM, and in fact the whole human race, is involved in a war that is far more serious than any war that has ever been waged beforea war to bring these understandings to a world that is now so deeply buried in denial that it finds it almost impossible to take in or ‘hear’ these world-saving understandings of the human condition. And, as described in the Persecution of the WTM for Exposing the Human Condition section on our website, when a few do begin to hear it a proportion can become so defensive of their old strategy of living in denial of the human condition that they try to attack and destroy the emerging understandings. A sympathetic article about our work at the WTM, written and published on the internet by a person identified only as ‘Fitzy’, sensed the ‘criminal’ danger of the world being so overwhelmed with escapist superficiality‘with hideous noise’ as he describes itthat these all-precious understandings that liberate ‘our true potential’ might never be heard when he wrote that ‘We have a lot of competing noise for our attention these days, and it would be criminal to let that overwhelm our true potential, by masking useful information with hideous noise’ (Humanitus Interruptus – Great Minds of Today, accessed 24 Oct. 2011 see <www.wtmsources.com/106>).)

Watch the videos and read the Freedom Essays and also FREEDOM and the booklet Transform Your Life that are all freely available on our website at <www.humancondition.com/>, satisfy yourself that these understandings that are being presented really have explained the human condition, and then get on board, become a MEMBER OF THE WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT (<www.humancondition.com/member>) and LET’S GO! LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!

I know this all might sound preposterous, but it’s not, it’s real, it’s on, you can join the Sunshine Army on the Sunshine Highway to the World in Sunshine. Become a MEMBER AND SUPPORTER OF THE WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT. This finally is the birth of The Kingdom of Light and The Empire of the Sun in The World of the Free. After such a terrifyingly long journey and struggle through the cavernous world of darkness into this new world of light, the whole human race deserves, and is going to have, such a big celebration and party now that it will go on for generations. Everywhere we are going to be hoppin’ and boppin’, rompin’ and stompin’, hollerin’ and howlin’, movin’ and groovin’, rollickin’ and rollin’, hootin’ and tootin’, jumping and jiving, jolting and somersaulting, skipping and skating, shaking and shimmering, hugging and laughing, embracing and gyrating, twisting and shouting, dancing and singing, slipping and sliding, jamming and slamming, ripping and roaring, whirling and twirling and reelin’ and rockin’.

Now, we’ve got someone here in the audience who’s got some amazing moves, even though he’s 6 foot 8 inches tall or something he can really dance. Dunsy, can you come up here, come on don’t be shy. This is Neil Duns. Polly can you play that music I gave you (Bo Diddley’s I Love You So, Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally, and Jerry Lee Lewis’ Hound Dog from his 1964 performance at the Star Club in Hamburg). Come on Neil, show us that great dance you do! (At this point in the presentation, Neil Duns and Jeremy Griffith dance.)