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Freedom: Expanded Book 2Affirmations of the Transformed Lifeforce State

Section 3:9 Neil Duns (recorded September 2010)

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My name is Neil Duns and I am here to give my affirmation as to the power and potential of this explanation of the human condition.

The way I live my life now is really very simple. My resolve comes from the efforts of all the humans who have ever lived; Inspiration from the children of the future who will one day be born into a world of understanding; And strength and courage from a boy’s visionthat ‘Soon from one end of the horizon to the other, an army will appear in its millions to do battle with human suffering and its weapon will be understanding.’ (This is a phrase that has always summarised Jeremy Griffith’s vision. He has stated it in every one of his books going back to his first book, Free: The End Of The Human Condition which was published in January 1988, where the quote appears on pages 37 and 40.)

That’s what I draw strength from now.

That’s what I call upon.

What talents I’ve got are aligned to that.

What frailties I’ve got are taken care of by this information. And what frailties I’ve got, I get enough understanding of to enable me to be as functional and able as I could wish to be for the new world that has begun.

I am no one special or unique. I am a 29 year old male who has stumbled upon this and seen it for what it really is and acted upon that. I am from a regional city in rural NSW in Australia. I grew up in a middle class family. Mum was a teacher and Dad ran a small business. I went to a public school and then went to Sydney University (Neil was elected Senior Student of Wesley College) and completed a science degree. I played rugby, had a few girlfriends and travelled the world. I started and was involved with a charity for a developing country, and when I finished studying I went off to work in a developing country in a private enterprise. That’s just a brief background which may or may not be relevantmaybe you’ll relate to me, maybe you won’t.

I am not here to give a profound outlook on the state of the world. Or to debate the issue of whether the glass is half full or half emptyI am not seeking to resolve that philosophical argument. To me the state of the world is serious and the current human state, the human condition no less, is well worth investigating. In fact, it’s the most serious of issues we must now face. There is a deep psychological sickness in us all which needs addressing if we are to overcome the world’s problems. And we can only do that now thanks to where science and the accumulation of knowledge has brought us to, but most importantly due to the soundness of an unresigned mind and its holistic approach to piecing together the full picture that Jeremy Griffith has had the capacity to achieve.

I, and I think all of us, come at this variously sceptical and dubious about the claims, or offended at the audacity of what this seeks to resolve and overcome. We, (and I’m talking about my generation here) live with such deep cynicism and for me, prior to embracing this information, an actual resistance and fear that there is an all encompassing truth. In fact there is even a movement in my generation embracing the belief that there is no deeper truth or reason to life, that existence is meaningless and random, and that we’re selfish due to our genesthat we should just get on with life, not look too deeply into the meaning of life. As long as we have good food, wine and coffee and are surrounded by good friends and family, then that’s it, that is as good as it getsjust enjoy life. That’s where we have got to and in fact that’s where I lived. But this is just living with the blinkers on, it’s living in the dark, not living in the true context of our time. And we just need to wake up and see this time for what it truly is. If we can actually see that the time we are in is the start of a new world where humans live through understanding, not under mysticism, faith, dogma, enforced ideality, or in the nothingness of post modernist deconstruction, then overnight everything changes. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said ‘The Truth has to only appear once…for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze’ (Let Me Explain, 1966; trs René Hague & others, 1970, p.159 of 189).

This is the most serious and important of subjects which we are dealing with but I know that there is the most exciting of outcomes as a result of penetrating the impenetrable. That’s what I want to talk about.

I am here to talk today about the relief, excitement, pure joy and freedom that is on offer for everyone now, regardless of who we are, where we’re from and what we’ve done. For me, for men, for women, for children, for all humans now. We’re all equal in this. For the older generations, for the younger generations, for the future of the whole human race. THIS IS BIG!! But this is the time we have arrived atand isn’t it just incredible!!

It’s the start of the new world.

I want to talk about that relief, excitement and freedom because that’s what I know and have experienced and it makes sense for me to talk about this and share this as my affirmation. Because my affirmation should be about how this information, this biological understanding of the human condition, has changed my life, and it’s through the initial investigation, the subsequent support and, more recently, the embracing of this information that I have been able to experience what I will describe.

The relief we can now experience as we let this information dignify and ameliorate what we know and refer to as our upset or our afflicted state, is like feeling the sun’s warm rays for the first time. Imagine spending, in fact we have spent, a lifetime living in the dark and now we are feeling the warmth shine upon us. And not only are we feeling the warmth, which is the love and ameliorating understanding which this information delivers, but we are now seeing clearly for the first time that this information has shed light upon a whole landscape, the whole world. Just like Genevieve Salter’s Sun picture below.



Painting by Genevieve Salter © Fedmex Pty Ltd 1998



I love that because it also shows just how big this is compared to us individually. So we now experience relief from being loveable, which is the sun’s warmth; relief from seeing clearly for the first time a world of understanding; and relief in just how much we are a part of something so much bigger than us and our small livesthe scale of this compared to us. Getting out of our selfish preoccupied lives is an ENORMOUS relief. This is a drenching of meaning, compassion and enlightening understanding on our world, our place in it, each other and ourselves.

For me personally that relief was about letting go of the need to feel good about myself. You see this information explains that we are fundamentally goodin fact that we are an amazing species!! Letting the need to feel good be fulfilled through letting my pain and upset state be taken care of as dealt with by this information is an enormous relief in that this insatiable appetite, this futile quest for an unreachable goal, is now over.

That need to feel good about myself was insatiable and was simply a result of an underlying insecurity of self I lived with since Resignation and that has defined how I lived my life ever since. We all share this insecurity to various degrees. This became a full time preoccupation for me as an adult as it does for everyone, and in my early to mid 20’s I set off into life seeking to overcome that feeling and expressed that urge in its extreme. I’d sleep with as many women as I could, I set myself up in the most difficult and challenging work environment in which to conquer and state my claim, I went to the extreme of satisfying the urge my ego was crying out for and have experienced the emptiness and the loneliness of that state. I now live relieved of that feeling, that burden to overcome, and that relieved feeling is standing with my arms in the air, embracing the sun which has risen on the horizon and feeling that warmth, being able to see for the first time and being humbled by my size compared to this.

The excitement that opens up when we allow our preoccupied, upset state to be taken care of by this information, to be now living relieved of that upset state, well the excitement that opens up is just incomparable. It is just like Jeremy’s depiction in The Abyss of Depression and the Sunshine Highway to Freedom drawing of the state humans experience when they take the Sunshine Highway (which is the embracing and supporting of this information) over the depression of the unconfrontable truths that this information inevitably brings up, and run towards freedom with open arms. The excitement shown in that drawing is real.


The Abyss of Depression and the Sunshine Highway to Freedom


It’s the highest of highs no drug could deliver and is like electricity running through your veins when you see and feel this. And it lasts and it stays with us unlike the feeling from any drug or sex or win or indulgence or embellishment. This is the most exciting time humans have ever experienced. THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING TIME HUMANS HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!

And Freedom. Freedom’s like a destination we’ve been travelling towards for an eternity, for so long we’ve forgotten where we’re going, what we’re doing. We’ve been striving for something just out of grasp. Well, we have reached true freedom now. Think about how incredible that is!! How ethereal and out of reach it’s been, but nonetheless we’ve held hope we’d one day reach it. This information now sets us free‘The Truth will set you free’ like they say. Freedom that is like nothing before, which no humans have until now experienced, freedom from our afflictions, insecurities and preoccupations, which liberates us and allows us to truly live now and experience life in a totally new framework. Freedom to participate in a new world. Jeremy’s first book in 1988 was called Free: The End of the Human Condition and that’s what this delivers and this is the time we are now in. I should clarify that while this is the end of the human condition, our generation will not become free of the human condition, but we are in a Transformed Lifeforce Statewe are energised and share a common cause as a conduit generation to get these understandings to a fresh generation who’ll one day be born free of the human condition. That’s the common goal we all now share.

As Jeremy explained in Section 1:13, ‘This Exhilarated, Ecstatic, Enthralled-with-Existence aspect is the “Life” in “Lifeforce”; and the Empowered, World-Transforming aspect is the “force” in “Lifeforce”, so Lifeforce covers the personal benefit and the benefit to the world in one word.’ This is a perfect description of what we can now live with and is the relief, excitement and freedom that I am talking about.

As I said earlier, we all approach this variously sceptical and dubious, or even offended at the claims as to the power of this information. But I do ask you to stay open to the possibility that there is a world that you don’t yet know about, a life that is bliss that you haven’t yet experienced, and a future that awaits that is incredibly exciting and that you haven’t seen coming.

Each one of us is standing at the door to something so easily obtainable, incredibly exciting and offering unlimited potential. This fixes all the worlds problems because it deals with the source of the problems, which is US.

The responsibility is there but don’t act on responsibility, be drawn by what’s on offer. It’s unbeatable and I urge everyone to open their eyes to this and see the time we are now in for what it is.

Thank you.