The future holds a free world for children

I’ve always loved Tim Macartney-Snape’s Speech Day Address at Geelong Grammar School because I love the idea of children being told the truth about the world. I imagine the school hall full of eager, questioning minds searching for answers and about to embark on the journey into adulthood, their lives before them. Instead of a lecture about ‘doing your best’, ‘challenging yourself’ and ‘conquering the world’ these young adults were given a wonderful gift – the gift of knowledge and the encouragement to make a true difference to the world. 

Children should only live with truth, honesty and love but instead we have necessarily had to grow up under the duress of the human condition. Our hands are dealt and our personalities accordingly manifest into our various psychoses and neuroses. We are pre-occupied with our pain and our personal lives, so void of the room and free-ness in ourselves to honestly consider the plight of the world. So understandably distressed and destroyed, selfish and self-obsessed we have no psychological ability or know-how to be able to consider how to make a real difference…

Then imagine a world where children are told the truth. They are not judged, coerced and forced to fight for love. They are loved and they love. They are told the truth about the reality and burden of the human condition. They are told of our history so they understand why the world is the way it is. They don’t blame themselves, they are secure and happy and loving and they care for the world as if they were at one with it. As Jeremy says in Part 9 of Freedom: Expanded Book 1:


“If children and pre-resigned adolescents can access these understandings they won’t have to resign themselves to a life of living in denial of the human condition as their only means of coping with it. Not having to grow up with all the dishonesties, denials, delusions, artificialities and superficialities that present generations have had to endure, they will be like a new species of beings. They will have a freedom that is almost unimaginable to those who grew up without understanding of the human condition.” 


When children are told the truth they will have a freedom that is almost unimaginable


That is what the future holdsand that is what drives me everyday in getting these explanations about ourselves to the world. What an utter gift humans now have. For all the humans that have been before uslived and survived, explored and examined, sought knowledge and science and everything in-betweento now when it’s all over. What an amazing story, life on Earth. Now is the time for us all to help write the final chapter so we can close the book on the human condition and it can be known as the greatest story ever told.


This Blog Post was written by Tess on February 26, 2013


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