Please note that Jeremy Griffith’s 2016 book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition is the definitive presentation of his breakthrough biological treatise on the human condition, and along with THE Interview and Transform Your Life And Save The World, is the recommended access to these understandings that save the world. Jeremy Griffith’s book Freedom Expanded presents the expanded, comprehensive account of his insights, which means it will eventually incorporate the content of all his books and writings, including the publication below.

The Human Condition documentary proposal

In 2004 WTM Publishing and Communications began distributing a proposal to make a documentary for mainstream television about the human condition. The proposal was written by Jeremy Griffith.

Human Condition Documentary Proposal cover
Human Condition Documentary Proposal cover

Marvellous commendations have been received for The Human Condition Documentary Proposal, from, amongst many others, physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureate Charles Townes.
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What we have learnt since distributing this proposal in 2004 is that presenting the biology of the human condition alone is not enough — the problem of confronting the human condition has to be addressed, as does the problem of coping with the exposure of our less-than-ideal condition that understanding of the human condition brings. To cover these additional aspects, in 2008 the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT began production of the Introductory Video and video library on the breakthrough understanding of the human condition and the TRANSFORMED life for humans that it makes possible. It is planned that these videos will be upgraded and eventually launched as a documentary series for mainstream television. Watch Introductory Videos.

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Details Of The Human Condition Documentary Proposal

WTM Publishing and Communications (WTM P&C) is coordinating an extremely exciting proposal to make a 4-part documentary series about the biology of the human condition, humans’ capacity for both ‘good’ and ‘evil’. The human condition is the underlying issue in all human affairs, the stalling point in human progress and the subject that science must now address.

WTM P&C is an Australian-based organisation specifically established to bring scientific and public attention to the issue of the human condition. It seeks to achieve this through publishing and communicating information about the human condition. See the WTM P&C website for more information

The Documentary Proposal

Scientists, philosophers, psychologists, theologians and documentary filmmakers around the world have been sent a proposal written by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith, and coordinated by Tim Macartney-Snape AM OAM, seeking their interest and support for the making of this impasse-breaking documentary.

The Proposed Series

The Human Condition

God: The Question of God, Meaning and Purpose — and The Human Condition

Soul: The Question of the Existence of Moral Instincts in Humans — and The Human Condition

Consciousness: The Question of Consciousness, What Is It and How Did It Emerge — and The Human Condition

The Human Condition: The Question of How to Reconcile and Ameliorate Our Estranged, Alienated Human Condition

The Proposal

The Human Condition Documentary Proposal contains substantial Synopses summarising each of the proposed parts of the series.

DVD Pilot Presentation Of Part 2 And Transcript

To illustrate the potential of the proposed series, a ‘rough-cut’ pilot presentation has been made of Part 2, Soul: The biological question of the existence of moral instincts in humans — and the human condition.

If you would like to see the rough cut pilot video in order to help generate support for the making of this documentary series, you can watch the Pilot Presentation below or read/print the Transcript.

Scientists And Thinker Endorse The Documentary Proposal

Over 100 Leading Scientists and Thinkers have responded positively to the Documentary Proposal, including physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureate Charles Townes.

Funding And Production Support

Funding support is underway and offers to help with production of the documentary have been received.

Documentary Suggestions

If you would like to suggest scientists, philosophers, psychologists, theologians, documentary filmmakers or potential sponsors who you think might be interested in receiving a copy of this proposal, please submit their details for consideration to [email protected].