WTM FAQ 1.24  What is your advice to people who are enthusiastically wanting to communicate to others Jeremy Griffith’s world-saving explanation of the human condition?


The World Transformation Movement (WTM), which was founded in 1983 by Jeremy Griffith, is the recognised sponsor, promoter and disseminator of his biological explanation of the human condition.

The WTM’s support for and promotion of Jeremy’s work, which in 2019 is based on some 50 years of experience, is carried out through a well-developed structure that includes WTM subscription and membership, through WTM Centres, and through Freedom Essays, FAQs, video courses, meetings, and personal interactions with WTM members who are highly experienced with, and knowledgeable about, Jeremy’s unique explanation of the human condition.

Further, consistent with the goal of creating a cooperative, selfless and loving new world for humans, the WTM is a non-profit movement that does not charge for subscription or membership and makes all the books, videos, essays and other materials about Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition available free of charge at www.humancondition.com.

So anyone who is enthusiastic about this ground breaking understanding of the human condition and wants to help promote and disseminate it to the world is strongly advised to do so by participating in this recognised, highly experienced, well developed and selfless WTM structure.

Of course, we live in a free society where people may say and do what they choose to, within the parameters of lawful and acceptable conduct. This means that, while we hope that people interested in promoting Jeremy’s understanding of the human condition will appreciate and want to participate within the WTM’s structure, people are free to use, promote, discuss and debate this explanation of the human condition in any reasonable and lawful way, which includes complying with our Terms of Use. In the case of those seeking to reproduce the WTM’s presentations, that does require approval from the WTM; and obviously a key consideration in granting such permission is whether the material is being faithfully reproduced in a way that ensures its meaning is not being distorted or misrepresented.

Anyone can, if they choose to, ‘old world the new world’ as we call it; attempt to find a lawful way to selfishly commercially benefit from the cooperation, selfless and love-producing understanding of the human condition, but the WTM does want to emphasise that when it comes to communicating Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition to those unfamiliar with it, it is important to do so in a careful and responsible way because the explanation is introducing a very new and highly complex paradigm of understanding for humans. Also, the human condition is, for most people, a very confronting subject.

While the fundamental biological explanation of the human condition is relatively straightforward to understand and appreciate the importance of, because it addresses the very profound subject of our troubled human condition and all its manifestations, it typically takes people many months or often years to become deeply familiar with and appreciative of all its details, nuances and transforming implications, and thus able to communicate the explanation in a competent, compassionate and fully contexted way. (See also FAQ 1.19 titled ‘A caution about the danger of over-exposure / Advice for people with mental health issues.’)

What this obviously means is that those who become enthusiastic about the importance of the explanation and want to promote it independently of the WTM, are prone to unintentionally misunderstand, misinterpret or misrepresent it to varying degrees. To ward against what may potentially be extremely damaging miscommunication we fervently ask, and very strongly advise, such individuals to always refer people to the source explanation of the human condition that is accurately and comprehensively presented on the WTM’s website at www.humancondition.com. This reference ensures people who are introduced to these ideas are always able to verify for themselves the fully contexted source exposition of this explanation and receive from there the best advice and answers to particular questions, issues and concerns they are each likely to have.

Also, people who want to significantly promote the explanation of the human condition independently of the WTM should always make it clear that they are not acting on behalf of the WTM and what they are doing doesn’t have the endorsement of the WTM.