WTM FAQ 7.4  How can understanding the human condition inform my political perspective?


Clearly, as is explained in FAQ 7.1, in the new human-condition-understood world, politics, with its options of left and right-wing, is obsoleted and everyone will become socialistic. However, during the present interim periodwhen this understanding of the human condition is still to be understood by everyone and through that understanding the old angry, egocentric and alienated way of living has been universally abandoned and there’s no longer any politicseveryone who understands this information should consider the dangers of many in the Left’s increasingly dogmatic repression of free thought (see FAQ 7.2). Especially since freedom of expression in society is essential for support to grow for these often non-pseudo-idealistic, non-politically-correct insights that understanding of the human condition makes possible; such as that while everyone is equally good, worthwhile and lovable, there are psychological differences between individuals, between men and women, and between races (ethnic groups).