WTM FAQ 6.1  Is this some sort of religion?


No. As is explained in Part 3 of biologist Jeremy Griffith’s booklet Transform Your Life And Save The World, while it is true that the Transformed Way of Living is similar to a religion in that it involves completely letting go of or transcending our human-condition-embattled, upset self and deferring to another way of living, in every other respect it is very different.

Unlike religions, which are based on faith or dogma, the understanding of the human condition, and the Transformed Way of Living it brings about, is based on rational, first-principle-based biology; it is knowledge-drivenknowledge that, after a few generations, has the ability to eliminate all the upset state of the human condition in humans. So while religions were an incredibly effective means of containing the upset in humans while the search for understanding of that upset condition was being carried out, the Transformed Way of Living, and the World Transformation Movement that promotes it, is, in complete contrast, concerned with what happens after that liberating understanding of the human condition is found, which is the advancement of the human race from a human-condition-afflicted state to a state completely free of that terrible affliction. Put simply, religions were human condition-relieving, but the Transformed Way of Living is human condition-resolving.

Another immense difference between the Transformed Way of Living and a religion is that in the Transformed Way of Living there is no deity involved, or deference to any one personality; in fact, there is no worship of any kind. And best of all, unlike religion, there is no involvement or emphasis on guilt, because guiltand the whole notion of ‘good and evil’has been eliminated forever with the reconciling understanding of the human condition (that is presented in Video/​Freedom Essay 3).


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Read much more of Jeremy’s explanation of why the Transformed Way of Living is not another religion in chapter 9:5 of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.