WTM FAQ 1.40  Aren’t the problems of the world too overwhelming to ever be fixed? / Isn’t it too late to save the world? / How can you hope to transform the world? In particular, how are you going to change the behaviour of the rich and powerful? / How are you going to reach the bastions of power? / Won’t the greedy and power-hungry simply ignore this?


The short answer:

As is explained in Freedom Essay 15, the finding of the biological explanation of the human condition makes possible the immediate transformation of every human’s life from a human-condition-stricken existence to a human-condition-free life of unimaginable happiness and excitement. Once people begin taking up this Transformed Way of Living it will spread like wildfire because what it offers every human will be irresistible. Even those who were most committed to defensively seeking validation through gaining power and material goods, including those entrenched in positions of power, will quickly realise how empty and obsolete that strategy is now that we have the fully accountable, psychosis-addressing-and-solving, real biological explanation of the human condition that proves our worth at the most fundamental level.

The exceptional denial-free thinking prophet Teilhard de Chardin understood how the truth about the human condition when it arrived would spread like wildfire when he wrote, ‘The Truth has to only appear once…for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze’. And there’s already a growing momentum of support building around the world, reflected by new World Transformation Movement Centres that are continually opening across all corners of the globe to promote Jeremy Griffith’s work (see here), our rapidly growing Facebook Group, and the ecstatic responses THE Interview receives daily, which feature at the top of our homepage!

Indeed, in every major document Jeremy has written he has included a phrase that has always summarised this vision of the effects of the arrival of the redeeming understanding of the human condition, which is that ‘soon from one end of the horizon to the other will appear an army in its millions to do battle with human suffering and its weapon will be understanding’.


The elaboration:

As the fully accountable, psychosis-addressing-and-solving biological explanation of the human condition (that is presented in THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3) reveals, when we humans became fully conscious some two million years ago a battle for the management of our lives unavoidably broke out between our already established gene-based, naturally-selected instinctive orientations and our newly emerged nerve-based, understanding-dependent, self-adjusting, fully conscious mind. Unable to explain and understand why we had to challenge our instincts, we became psychologically retaliatory, defensive and insecureupset sufferers of the angry, egocentric and alienated human condition who sought relief through the acquisition of power, fame, fortune and glory.

HOWEVER, having now finally found the explanation for why we had to challenge our instincts, all the retaliatory, defensive and insecure upset anger, egocentricity and alienation can subside and heal. Understanding relieves and replaces the need to be retaliatory, defensive and insecure.

As Jeremy Griffith explains in chapter 9 of his definitive book FREEDOM, it is this fact that there is no longer any reason to keep living out the battle to champion the ego that has the potential now to transform the world so rapidly from one of conflict and suffering to a world of peace and happiness. And this is not a revolution dogmatically imposed by others upon us, as has pretty much been the case with revolutions in the past; no, this is a revolution based on logic, on understanding, on knowledge, on information. Once someone is given this information there is really only one outcome, and that is that they take up the Transformed Way of Living.

Of course, while it is the power of the redeeming, reconciling and rehabilitating logic, the rationale, that makes the Transformed Way of Living irresistible, the adoption of this way of living is also made irresistible by the absolutely wonderful transforming effect it has on people. Indeed, before long those still living in the old embattled, have-to-prove-your-worth way of living will feel like they have been caught wearing last year’s fashions! There is such a stark difference between the free, expansive, enthralled-with-life, transformed existence and the old embattled egocentric existence where your mind is narrowly focused and preoccupied working all the angles every second of every day, defensively seeking validation, reinforcement, a ‘win’, that those living in the old way, in the past, will seem like a different species. Compared to the new expansive, all-exciting, free, Transformed State, those still stuck in the old embattled paradigm will be like sad, forgotten ghosts trapped in an obsoleted state. (pars 12061207)

And the more this understanding and associated transformation catches on, the easier it will be for people to move from the old insecure, ego-centric way of living to the new, secure, ego-less way of living. The egocentric way of living has had such a powerful hold on humans because without understanding of the human condition all that we had was the superficial reinforcement we gained from seeking power, fame, fortune and glory, but now that relieving understanding has been found then that old egocentric way of living will quickly lose its powerso quickly, in fact, that everyone will be amazed by how swiftly their need for and attachment to the old artificial forms of reinforcement falls away. (par. 1232)

As Jeremy elaborates, while we had no other form of reinforcement other than materialism, we built it up in our mind to be something wonderful, but the truth has always been that materialism really offers nothing; it is a desperately sad, shallow and unsatisfactory way of livinga very poor substitute for our lack of spiritualism. With understanding of the human condition finally found, however, what is on sale now is nothing less than heaven on Earth, a way of living that is incredibly exciting and happy. Between the materialistic way of living and the Transformed Lifeforce life there is just no contest, NONE AT ALL. The way forward now is back to our soul’s true world. The gates have been flung open to paradise. Materialism and greed are old baggage now, discarded rubbish to be left on the garbage tip. No one is going to buy them anymore. Their power to seduce is gone because the most magnificent alternative has arrived to transport everyone to a world of soul, real love, real meaning, real togetherness and real happiness. Everyone, every Peruvian, every Kenyan, every Chinese person, every Indian, every American, every European, all people on Earth, can now join the great exodus from the, in truth, terrible human-condition-afflicted, materialistic, greedy, selfish existence. NO ONE WILL WANT THAT ANYMORE WHEN THE TRUTH GETS OUT ABOUT WHAT IS ON OFFER NOW! (par. 1253)

Certainly, this project initially has a slow start because of the historic resistance people have to hearing discussion of the previously off-limits subject of the human condition (see FAQ 1.16); and for some there can also be an initial stage of procrastination, what we in the WTM call the ‘Mexican Standoff’ (see FAQ 1.23), where people deliberate over the choice that is in front of them, because they don’t want to deny the truth and transforming potential of the explanations, but they also don’t want to let go of their old, now-obsoleted, resigned power, fame, fortune and glory-seeking way of living that they have become habituated to living in. There is also the problem of what we call ‘Pocketing The Win’, where people misuse the information’s ability to make sense of the world and everyone around them to become more effective winners of power, fame, fortune and glory. BUT despite these challenges and procrastinations, all the logic and thus power lies with the new Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living, and since the transformation is so fabulously relieving and wonderful, the expectation is that support and enthusiasm for the Transformed Way of Living will eventually reach a critical mass, at which point a tidal wave of support for this information and the Transformed State it makes possible will sweep the world. (par. 1210)


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The following excerpt from WTM founding member John Biggs’s Transformation Affirmation (which you can watch or read in full here) illustrates how everyone, even those most committed to a life of pursuing power, fame, fortune and glory, will want to take up the Transformed Way of Living.


John Biggs’s Transformation Affirmation:

“My background is truly irrelevant in the scheme of things but it’s as good an example as any for the purpose of this discussion. Because of the particular circumstances of my upbringing, I became what we describe in the WTM as a ‘power addict’. I had a particularly extreme desperation for power, fame, glory and fortunelike a big proportion of the men of my generation. While on the surface I try to give the impression of being a happy, relaxed good bloke‘let’s have a few beers’, ‘let’s go down to the beach’the truth is that psychologically I am actually like the characters depicted by Blake, Goya, Bacon or Steadman (see below).

Beneath the surface, I am this intense, super competitive, winning-is-everything, angry, insecure maniac. These pictures represent that part of us, of me. The hollow-eyed lizard in Ralph Steadman’s The Lizard Lounge drawing is of a ‘power addict’. These are true representations of what humans arehonest depictions of the human condition. I am not some centred, sound, secure, happy person. I am this extremely embattled, angry, hurt, alienated maniac. Realising that and accepting that is the springboard to changing it. Again, I stress that it’s not that I am trying to condemn anybody or to make us feel bad by highlighting such terribly confronting drawings of what it is to be human. I am highlighting them because we can now face our condition and through doing so, change our state of mind in a way which has never been possible before. That is what I am trying to help us appreciate.


Collage of images depicting the horror of the human condition

Clockwise from top left: Blake’s Cringing in Terror c.1794-96;
Goya’s The Pilgrimage of St. Isidro (detail) 1821-23; Bacon’s Study
for self-portrait
(detail) 1976; Steadman’s The Lizard Lounge (detail) 1971


And as I got older, like all humans do, I became more and more embattled and the human condition compounded and compounded in me. Underneath, I became more selfish, more egocentric, more angry and more insecure about my state. On the surface, I was working overtime trying to keep up a polite, happy, easy-going demeanour like everybody does but underneath the reality was that I was becoming more and more of an egomaniac.

I continued living out my resigned strategy for a long time until one day almost four years ago now, I came across Tony Gowing (who is also a founding member of the WTM), when he had recently taken up the Transformed Lifeforce State [see Transformation Affirmation 7 for Tony’s affirmation]. I had known Tony for about a decade before then and he is a very talented individual but, like all of us, he too was usually completely preoccupied with his own situation. A remarkable change had come over him. Suddenly, he had this amazing freedom and relaxedness. The change in his mindset was stunning. Whereas, just a month or two earlier he had been battling through life like everyone else, all of a sudden Tony was talkinghe was raving reallywith excitement about the potential of living for this information rather than through his resigned strategy. After watching him go about his life for a few weeks, I thought to myself: ‘Well Jοhno why don’t you have a go at that? I mean, where you’re going and what you’ve been doing for 20 years of your life since you resigned, if you’re honest with yourself, isn’t getting any better.’ I thought ‘Well why don’t I just try doing what he’s doing?’ So I tried it.

Essentially, once you realise that this information is true and accept that you are resigned, you can very simply change your life by changing your strategy. You can effectively just ‘put down’ your old resigned strategyyou can metaphorically put all the psychosis and the pain of your life into a little boxand obtain all your meaning and purpose through supporting this information. You use the information as the true explanation of your self worth and you live in support of it. You simply let go your now redundant resigned strategy. That’s it! I know that sounds almost absurdly simple, but it works. In fact, it works brilliantly! It works because the information does what you were ultimately dedicated to achieving in your resigned Adam Stork state, that being to validate your self worth.


Image of a very small girl with arms raised standing in front of a massive rising sun.


This is WTM member Genevieve Salter’s drawing that she drew more than ten years ago now, of the Transformed State [see Transformation Affirmation 4 for Genevieve’s affirmation]. The scale of the sun coming over the horizon gives you some insight into how wonderful life is in the Transformed State. It’s wonderful because it liberates you from that mad, crazy, intense, never-ending cycle of anger and insecurity that the human condition is. The Transformed State allows you to effectively leave behind the embattled state that Adam Stork lives in. It works because fundamentally what you take up when you resign is a lie. Through your resigned strategy you are trying to prove that you are worthwhile artificiallyby scoring points or making money or whatever it is and, fundamentally, those things are not the true reason that humans are good. The true reasons that humans are good are explained by Jeremy in first principle biology in chapter 1 of FREEDOM. Our resigned strategies are now mad tangents that we no longer have to live out. Before this understanding was available, we had to take up and live through these artificial strategies. We don’t have to do that anymore. And the way that we get ourselves out of those mad resigned strategies is by living through our support of this information.

The ‘trick’ to making this work is to internally let go of your old resigned strategy and take up supporting this information as the meaning and purpose of your life. It works because it’s the right thing to do, it’s the honest thing to do and it’s grounded in rationale. If you try to do what I did for a very long time after knowing that this information was true, which was to persist with my resigned strategy, you won’t succeed. No matter how talented you are. In fact, for the individuals involved, resigned strategies never worked. No matter how many tin cups you win, how much money you make you can’t prove that you are worthwhile that way. Thank God that old way is now redundant. Instead, we now need to let the truth in, to let go of the elaborate edifices of lies that we’ve built up around ourselves and in its place take up the true reason for our goodness and use it as our defence.

Once you make this commitment inside yourself, the excitement is indescribable! An incredible excitement and inspiration comes over you and in that moment you can see how the Transformed State works. You can see how it works in yourself and you can see how it will work in everybody else. You can see in that moment how the world can and will change. You can’t see it the moment before you make that decision but you can see it the moment after and it is inspiring beyond words. In that moment you are instantly Liberated from that endless day-in and day-out struggle to validate yourself. You don’t care about who you are, where you came from, how much shit that you have been through or how much pain and unhappiness you have suffered. That is all irrelevant. You are just ecstatic about being part of the Sunshine Army on the Sunshine Highway to the World in Sunshinenamely to a world of Freedom. You’re instantly freed from the psychological agony of your position. I know that is a huge claim to make but that is what happens when you let go of your resigned strategy and put your faith in and live through this information. (I should mention that I am not using the word ‘faith’ in its religious sense, because you can verify for yourself and thus know that this information is true. I am using ‘faith’ in the sense that you can put faith in the safety of a bridge that you use to walk across a chasm: if you can satisfy yourself that the bridge has been built properly and won’t collapse, then even though you haven’t built it yourself, you can trust in it.) You live through what this information can do for the world. The feeling of relief and freedom is incredible and then all you want to do thereafter is to get this information out into the world and to stop all the suffering on the planet. You can access an incredible, profound compassion for humans and for yourself. We can all be a part of this now. United and together at last!”


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You can watch other WTM members describing their transformation, and witness the ‘change of heart’ that is now possible, on our Transformation page.