A Species in Denial—10 year anniversary!

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Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the launch of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s bestselling book A Species In Denial. With a foreword by Templeton Prize winning biologist Professor Charles Birch and commendations from eminent scientists such as Professor John Morton, A Species In Denial is Griffith’s third and most definitive work at the time of publishing (2003) on the human condition after 30 years writing on the subject - since then Griffith has written and continues to write numerous works on this topic.

Launched at the Australian Museum in Sydney on 5 June 2003, the book has become a bestseller in Australia and New Zealand where it continues to sell well; in fact, its distributors describe it as one of those rare books, like dictionaries, that keeps selling. Through presenting the first-principled, biological explanation of the human condition, of why when universally accepted moral ideal is to be cooperative, loving and selfless, are we humans so competitive, aggressive and selfish, this revolutionary book provides unique explanations about aspects of our troubled human nature that we never thought could be understood. It’s four extraordinary essays look at:


Deciphering Plato’s Cave Allegoryan explanation of how a biological understanding of the human condition can liberate humanity from its ‘cave-like’ state of denial.


Resignationlooks at the most important psychological event in human life. If humans are living in a state of deep psychological denial, then the question arises: are we born with this denial, and if not, when and how do we adopt it? This essay explains how adolescents begin trying to understand the dilemma of the human condition, however, with humanity unableuntil nowto explain this deepest of issues, they eventually learn they have no choice but to resign themselves to a life of denial.


Bringing Peace To The War Between The Sexes and The Denial-Free History Of The Human Racesome of the deepest wounds in human life have been caused by the lack of understanding in the relationship between men and women. The bitterness, heartache, suffering and the damage to children has been immense. Through understanding the human condition, it is now possible to answer these questions and bring peace to the ‘war’ between the sexesand give a true account of human history.


The Demystification Of Religiona powerful demonstration of how understanding the human condition and the phenomenon of resignation demystifies previously impenetrable aspects of human life, in particular, the world of religious metaphysics and dogma.


 To find out more about A Species In Denial, including how to freely download or purchase a copy, click here.

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