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Freedom Expanded: Book 2––Affirmations of the Transformed Lifeforce State

Section 3:19 Polly Watson (recorded December 2009)


Polly Watson giving her Transformation Affirmation


I’m Polly, I’m 30 [at the time of filming] and I have been living in Sydney for about four years, looking closer into the work of Jeremy Griffith and the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (FHA), now known as the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT (WTM). I have put this information to the test every day since knowing about it and it has proved to me over and over again that it is in fact the naked but dignifying truth about humans, and therefore about me, and that it will save our species if we let it. I have explored these ideas and discovered that what is explained does make sense of the crazy world we live in and there are no doubts in my mind that this is the key to the future and therefore I am dedicating my life to supporting it. [See Video/​F. Essay 3 for the explanation of the human condition.]

I know that nobody wants to admit or talk about our alienation: ‘Why am I so insecure and fragile?’ ‘Why am I selfish?’ ‘Why am I so competitive?’ ‘Why is everyone getting cancer?’ ‘Why are children not being loved properly by their parents?’ ‘Why are so many people dreadfully unhappy, depressed, suicidal and lonely?’ Up until I found these understandings I couldn’t even begin to think about those questions because the answers were superficialor not there at all. We are habituated to blocking out and denial, which has enabled us to survive, but that all ends now [Video/​F. Essay 11 discusses humanity’s historic denial of the human condition].

Because the human condition is the cause of all the pain on Earth, and the human condition exists in all of us, I am as capable as the next person to perform the most brutal atrocity on the planet if placed in the right circumstances; and I am as responsible as the next person to do what I can to fix that when a solution arrives. And now, thank God, the real solution has arrived. The answer to absolutely everything is here, not only the cure for our human condition, but the prevention of it for the future.

I know there are a lot of weird movements in the world claiming to be ‘the one’ and we all have a right to be sceptical of the huge claims being made about these understandings, but I urge anyone new to this to just consider the possibility that it is true. You have a responsibility to question it and listen to what Jeremy explains about our denial. Consider what it means to go through Resignation [as is explained in F. Essay 30 and chapter 2:2 of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition] and put the effort into putting these ideas to the test.

Before I looked into these understandings I wasn’t walking around looking for answers. I had resigned myself to a life in denial and I had my simple life planned out in order to allow me to get on with that. But I could not abandon this information once I knew about it because I discovered that it was true and I know so strongly in my gut, more than anything else, that this is right. What I discovered when I looked into the explanation that Jeremy Griffith has written about was that for the first time in my life I could look honestly around the world and into myself and with these understandings I could now logically and rationally understand it all. This information is tangible, it’s not dogma or beliefit’s understanding, and that, I couldn’t ignore. I understand the pain, I understand that every fibre of my being is etched with the result of two million years of the human condition in my heritage. I can accept that because I know why it has occurred, I can live in honesty about that predicament in myself and in the world and I can dedicate my time and energy to ensuring the rest of the world gets that opportunity. With the WTM as a vehicle for these understandings the pain and suffering can stop here and that will be a transformed world.

If everyone on the planet can be secure in their alienation, be secure in their insecurity, be honest about our state then it will allow the preoccupation to subside enough to look beyond the needs of ourselves to the needs of the planet, and the world will instantly be a different place. That is what being a Transformed Lifeforce allows you to do. I can transform my life from an insular, insecure, self-proving, pain-reproducing existence, to a Lifeforce that can look around the world and live with knowledge about it, be secure in my alienation, let go the preoccupation with proving my self worth and put a stop to the pain. The second I realised that the future suddenly looked promising, the relief came flooding out of me and the potential for a bright future for the world became possible. And seeing that difference was what really confirmed for me how this understanding can actually save the world. That is the beauty of the WTMnot only do I get the gift of being able to understand myself and the world around me but I get the opportunity and the great privilege to participate in the solution to it all. And that is available to all humans now. How lucky are we?! I get to look pain and suffering in the eye and know that to contribute to putting an end to all of it, all I have to do is support this by living like it is true and participate in the fight for every human on the planet to have the opportunity to realise that potential. And that is the most wonderful gift any human could have, a beautifully free way to live. To live like that means that today is meaningful, and tomorrow is glorious.

So to finish I would just like to refer to Jeremy’s proposition slide [see next image; these propositions are introduced in Part 2:5 of Freedom Expanded: Book 1] and tell you from my experience what these understandings will achieve:


1st PropositionThis understanding will transform the world for its complete betterment [ticks the box].


2nd PropositionThat this understanding will bring complete hope to what can seem hopeless [ticks the box].


3rd PropositionThat this understanding does give rise to a movement that will sweep the world [ticks the box].


4th PropositionThat this understanding will introduce a new paradigm of understanding around which all knowledge can be integrated [ticks the box].


5th PropositionThat this understanding will reconcile all the opposites in the human situation [ticks the box].


The propositions of the information presented by the WTM with red ticks applied


That is my experience with this information and why I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than right here as a very thankful and proud member of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT!