‘FREEDOM’—Chapter 4  The Meaning of Life

Chapter 4:6 Negative Entropy found a way to form the Specie Individual


In conclusion, while elaborating the sexually reproducing individual does allow greater order of matter to be developed, it doesn’t achieve the next level of integration, which is the coming together or integration of sexually reproducing individual members of a species to form the Specie Individual or whole. The question, therefore, is, could Negative Entropy or God find a way to overcome the impasse of integrating sexually reproducing members of a species into a Specie Individualor had the limit to the amount of order of matter that could be developed on Earth finally been reached?


As will be fully explained in the next chapter, the reason I have written in this chapter that it is not ‘normally’ possible to integrate sexually reproducing individuals is because Negative Entropy or God did find one way to integrate sexually reproducing members of a species to form the Specie Individual, which was through the nurturing of offspringand it was this device that our ape ancestors employed to achieve the fully integrated state, the instinctive memory of which is our unconditionally selfless, genuinely altruistic, all-loving moral instinctive self or soul.



(A more complete description of the integration of matter and the meaning of life can be found in Freedom Expanded at <www.humancondition.com/​freedom-expanded-integrative-meaning>.)