WTM FAQ 3.4  How can I help the WTM?


As biologist Jeremy Griffith writes in Part 3 of his book Transform Your Life And Save The World, “all that really matters now is that this new paradigm of the reconciling and redeeming understanding of the human condition is appreciated and disseminated to the world’s population, because it alone can heal the human race and save the world. All everyone should do now is support the truth about the human condition and it will achieve everything everyone has ever dreamt of. If we look after this information it, in turn, will look after each of us and the world. That is the mantra of the new world that understanding of the human condition brings about.”

There are many ways you can help with this appreciation and dissemination, some of which are listed below.


Become involved

●  Join and participate in the WTM’s Facebook Community Group and attend our live events. We encourage you to share in the general discussion, interaction and support structure provided in our Facebook Group. We also encourage people to learn more about, share and discuss these insights into the human condition by subscribing to our mailing list. As a subscriber you will be notified of free, interactive, live events with Jeremy Griffith and others that are hosted on our website and on Facebook that you can watch and even participate in. Each week you will also receive a Freedom Essay as part of a series that covers the main subjects in Jeremy’s definitive book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, providing you with an easy way to learn about these ideas and their ability to transform every human and thus the world.


●  Contact your local WTM Centre. WTM Centres are located all around the world, with new Centres opening regularly. Contact your nearest centre and get to know the members there and see how you can help. (See FAQ 3.6 to learn what is required to establish a WTM centre.)


Disseminate the information

●  Approach thought leaders. Obtaining thought leader support for Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough explanation of the human condition is very important because people with great influence can make a huge impact in encouraging other people to seriously consider this information, and this is confirmed by the impact of the impressive commendations Jeremy’s work has already received, which you can read on our homepage at www.humancondition.com/#commendations.

This is why, in working tirelessly to promote this information, the WTM has sent copies of FREEDOM and other key books such as THE Interview, as well as other promotional material, to every thought leader we’ve been able to think of, and in many cases more than once. For example, WTM Patron Professor Prosen, approached many thought leaders prior to his death, and we here at the WTM are consistently making similar efforts.

However, even though a thought leader may have been contacted in the past, if people want to send copies of Jeremy’s books to anyone (THE Interview is the ideal introduction to Jeremy’s work), by all means please do. Even if they have already been sent copies by someone else (including the WTM), or if someone else already recommended our work to them, it’s often the case that it’s only when many people have recommended a certain work that they finally stop and take notice; also, sometimes their minders don’t pass on books or messages, until finally they’re prompted to by repeatedly receiving such material; also, sometimes they’re very busy and receive so many submissions that they can only look at some of them, which again can sometimes be overcome by sending repeat submissions, and happening to make one when they are receptive. So everyone please, by all means, make independent submissions to anyone and everyone you feel you would like to. Only by doing this will this all-important information finally gain the attention of some of these high profile thought leaders. We at the WTM never stop trying and if everyone that has recognised the importance of this information never stop trying, we will eventually break into their consciousness. (If you are in doubt about whether to approach someone, just ask us at the WTMyou can email us at [email protected])


If you would like to email a thought leader, rather than posting books, the following template may be useful:


Dear XX,

Aware of your [concern about/wonderful work about XYZ], I would like to draw your attention to the ground-breaking work of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith, whose solution to the riddle of the human condition our species’ psychologically troubled state is garnering significant attention around the world.

The esteemed ecologist Professor Stuart Hurlbert recently wrote, “I am stunned and honored to have lived to see the coming of ‘Darwin II’”; and the late Professor Harry Prosen, a former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, wrote that “I have no doubt Jeremy Griffith’s bookFREEDOM’ provides the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race. This is the book we have been waiting for, it is the book that saves the world.”

Since 2017, over 60 World Transformation Movement (WTM) Centres have been established internationally in support of Griffith’s world-saving ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation of the human condition, which you can learn about at www.humancondition.com. The website provides all of its material for free, including ‘THE Interview’, which presents the ideal, very short, introductory summary of Griffith’s definitive treatise on the human condition in his book ‘FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition’ (which is also freely available on the website to read or download).

I urge you, XX, to explore and learn about this most important of all biological breakthroughs. I think you will find it fascinating. 

Kind regards,



●  Share THE Interview. THE Interview provides the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s work, so please share the www.humancondition.com homepage (we think the homepage is the best place to send people for them to watch or read THE Interview, because that way they get the full context of the website). To share the homepage, simply click on the ‘share this page’ symbol at the bottom of the homepage.


●  Write reviews of Jeremy Griffith’s books. Posting informative reviews of Jeremy’s key books such as FREEDOM and THE Interview on sites such as Amazon and Goodreads is a great way to promote this breakthrough information; you can also submit reviews to some newspapers and magazines.

PLEASE NOTE: Building our online presence by reviewing/​posting/​commenting on WTM material online is a very important way to help our project but we would advise you to be careful. ONCE SOMETHING IS ON THE INTERNET IT IS OFTEN IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IT REMOVED SO IT’S EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL TO GET INVOLVED IN AN ARGUMENT OR ENGAGE WITH NEGATIVITY ONLINE. After many, many years of experience, we’ve found that doing this only gives the negativity oxygen and inevitably proves counter-productive. This is because at the point where someone is attacking this information they are no longer interested in rational conversation (FAQ 1.23 explains how some people can become so confronted with this information that they end up attacking it).


●  Submit articles to online publications and reputable sites. Submit articles and reviews to noteworthy, respectable websites (newspapers, science sites, reputable blogsNOT combative websites).


●  Post comments on websites around the internet. Look for relevant websites that allow comments on their articles (newspapers, science sites and reputable blogs), and where relevant, make an appropriate comment, with a link to the main WTM website (www.humancondition.com). Again, don’t be drawn into combative, negative online dialogue about the WTM.


●  Share pages/information/posts on social media. Share material from the WTM’s website or the WTM’s Facebook posts and retweet the WTM’s Twitter tweets, or write your own post on those platforms.


●  Post links to the WTM website on other individuals’ or organisations’ social media pages, posts and tweets. You might find relevant pages/posts/tweets about the human condition/philosophy/book clubs/authority figures/brands/newspapers etc which you can write a comment on, including a link to the main WTM website.


●  Join relevant Groups on Facebook. Facebook has public and closed Groups that you can join. For example, you might join a philosophy, science or book club group, or a group relevant to your location and contribute to that Group and then introduce them to the WTM.


●  Direct people to the WTM website by creating promotional paraphernaliacards, bumper stickers, badges, T-shirts (you can get ideas for material from the WTM’s Products page).


Make a donation

You can help the WTM by making a donation to one of our two registered charities to assist our wonderful team of members and supporters as we disseminate this all-important, human-race-saving information across the world.

The WTM has had to carry out our many decades of work developing understanding of the human condition in a totally self-sufficient way without any support at all from the all-dominant, human-condition-avoiding-and-denying, Plato’s-cave-hiding, mechanistic worldindeed at times we have had to cope with being viciously persecuted by that world. Yet, because this information is the only thing that can stop all the suffering in the world, all our books, videos and other information are made available for free on our www.humancondition.com website so that everyone can access this paradigm-shifting, old-science-defying-and-rectifying, absolutely-critically-important, new science. In recent years, to make the understanding even more widely accessible WTM members from around the world have been translating it into different languages, such as Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Greek and Afrikaans. But for all this generosity to continue, and for our project to keep growing, we urgently need people who have benefited from the information to donate funds to the WTM.

At base, growth of the WTM is about love spreading love, with the love we are spreading being the real love the world needs of understanding. As truthfully stated at the end of THE Interview, “Please support our World Transformation Movement that promotes this denial-free new science of the redeeming, reconciling and rehabilitating biological explanation of the human condition because all other projects are futile and only this project can save the world.”