WTM FAQ 3.6  How do I establish a WTM Centre?


Establishing a WTM Centre requires an appreciative understanding and love of these reconciling understandings of the human condition, which can take time to develop. So we do recommend as a first step that you explore all the materials on our website, including reading the two introductory texts, THE Interview and Transform Your Life And Save The World, as well as the Freedom Essays (see below about subscribing to our mailing list), and Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s definitive presentation on the subject, his 2016 book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition. All these publications are freely available to download from our homepage, as are all of Jeremy’s previous works. There is also a wealth of audio and visual presentations, including the 14-part Introductory Video Series, that can be found on the homepage.

Subscribing to our mailing list is another important step. As a subscriber you will be notified of free, interactive, live events with Jeremy Griffith and others that are hosted on our website and on Facebook that you can watch and even participate in. Each week you will also receive a Freedom Essay as part of a series that covers the main subjects in FREEDOM, providing you with an easy way to learn about these ideas and their ability to transform every human and thus the world. We also encourage you to participate in the interactive activity on our website and in our Facebook Group.

The next natural step for people who are gaining an appreciation of these ideas is to become a WTM member. Membership offers a personalised platform for interaction and participation as we support each other to build a community of appreciative people around the world and, from there, establish further WTM Centres.

If it would be of assistance during this digestion time to have a video call to discuss your interest in the WTM’s work and your enthusiasm to establish a WTM Centre, then please contact us and we will coordinate a time.