WTM FAQ 3.13  Is there an unhealthy focus on Jeremy Griffith within the WTM?


The focus of all the work undertaken by the World Transformation Movement is not on Jeremy Griffith but the urgently needed biological explanation of the human condition that he puts forward. In fact, rather than venerating Jeremy (or any other personality), the WTM’s work is entirely logic-based and actually obsoletes the need for any adherence to faith and dogma and worship and egocentricity. Indeed, the fundamental premise of Jeremy’s first-principle-based biological explanation confirms and emphasises the equal goodness of all people, so to infer that someone is more important than another is to totally misrepresent Jeremy’s explanation. Furthermore, with regard to himself, Jeremy writes and says on many occasions that he is the person least deserving of accolades because he was fortunate enough in his infancy and childhood to avoid the extreme exposure to the human condition that most people have had to heroically endure.

For instance in par 1279 of FREEDOM Jeremy writes: ‘The point here is that it is true that exceptional innocence has had a crucial concluding role to play in humanity’s journey but, most importantly, such an innocent is no more special or worthy or wonderful than any other human. If anything, they are less worthy because they haven’t been involved in humanity’s heroic battle as much as everyone else; but, in any case, viewing those who have been more involved in the battle as more worthy is not accurate either, because no one could choose where they were going to be born/​positioned on that battlefield. Yes, the fundamental insight that understanding of the human condition gives us is that in the epic battle to defeat ignorance that the human race has been waging for some 2 million years, there was going to be a vast spectrum of exhaustion/alienation but in this great army of warriors ALL HUMANS ARE EQUALLY GOOD, SPECIAL AND WONDERFUL.’

It is natural that references are occasionally made to Jeremy because the background to where these understandings are coming from is important, but that is all, and there’s nothing in any of Jeremy’s publications or in the work of the WTM to suggest there is any other motivation.

Jeremy fully explains that he was able to solve the human condition by being exceptionally free of hurt and its alienation from our ‘soul’, and consequently having a relatively uncorrupted access to his (and our species’) original cooperative and loving instinctive self or soul, which is an amazing realisation given how rare that state is. And so it is completely natural that when someone who is appreciative of Jeremy’s achievement in solving the human condition expresses amazement about Jeremy’s wonderful access to his/​our soul and all the truth it has access to, that does not mean they are revering or worshipping Jeremy as some sort of deity or god or fantastic supernatural being, it just means they are amazed, and they absolutely should be able to say that they are amazed if they are. There’s a big difference between being amazed about and loving Jeremy’s relatively uncorrupted soul and worshipping Jeremy in some personality ‘cυlt’ way.

The following exchange, starting with a message to Jeremy from Michael Manolis, from the well-known Australian indigenous band, Kuckles (they created the acclaimed musical Bran Nue Day), is instructive about the lack of ego and lack of personality veneration in recognising Jeremy’s extraordinary access to his soul. Michael sent a message to Jeremy saying that a neighbour of his has watched THE Interview and said about Jeremy that ‘you’re a wonderful guy🙂. Jeremy responded to Mick that ‘I’m just a shit kicker like you and everyone else Mick but I do have a wonderful soul, I’m in awe of the fucking thing, it looks after me and it’ll look after the whole world. That’s a super duper soul for you that’s for sure…Lots of love from us all to your neighbour too Mr mighty Mick.’

WTM founding member Genevieve Salter then made the comment that Jeremy’s deference to his soul is very like Christ saying, ‘By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me [I am not a resigned, insecure, egocentric person, rather someone who follows what his Integrative-Meaning-acknowledging, soul-guided, truthful mind says is right](John 5:30).

WTM founding member Susan Armstrong then responded that ‘I’m in complete dissolving awe too of Jeremy’s soul, you could cry forever at how pure beautiful and wondrous it is, looking after us all and the whole world times a million, “leading us to so much sunshine, home indeed” as it says in the last Newsletter. It’s just way too much and surreal sometimes that Jeremy’s soul even exists, and survived this whole 2 million year journey, but thank the heavens and all the stars that it does! It’s the only thing standing between terminal alienation and humanity’s freedom!’

The more you digest the explanation of the human condition, the more you realise that the whole purpose of Jeremy’s writing is to explain our soul and how we are all variously corrupted from it (see for example, FAQ 1.26 ‘What is soul?’)remove all the supernatural misunderstanding, mysticism, mystery and superstition, and also to remove any notion of some people being superior or inferior in the sense of their goodness or worthiness.

All this is variously explained in FAQ 3.12 ‘Is the WTM a cυlt?’ and FAQ 6.1 ‘Is this a religion?’